____Some of our friends:____

These are some of our non-RR doggy friends,.

Toby :

Wendy is my mother's Westie. Our first dog, Toby (also a Westie) unfortunatly died last january


Sheila :

this is Sheila, my father's dog, in her younger years. She is almost 15 years old now!

These are my friend Jeannette's dogs; dutch "schapendoezen", running with Kiku!

From left to right: Kiki, Akka, Else and Wobke
Wobke is Akka's mother, and Else and Kiki's grandmother



This is Border Collie Mikey, Kiku's best friend. He belongs to my friend Danielle



And Labrador Djini, who stayes with us sometimes during the holidays. She is a broodbitch for "KNGF- Guide Dogs"!



These are Kristel's dogs, Diesel and her daughter Finn, and Isa, the German Shepherd cross. Isa and Diesel were both rescue dogs. Diesel turned out to be pregnant,..and had 6 beautiful pups.




This is another one of Diesel's kids, Balou. He stayed with us for a while when he was a puppy