Holmland Owl's    
                  kennel info



Holmland Owl’s is a fairly "young" kennel, the name has been registered since 1994. The Owl is Bundi, who’s name means owl in Swahili and Holmland descibes my families property.

Although breeding is a very important part of my life, it comes second to owning dogs as friends and companions. That is why my dogs do not live in kennels and I will never have a very large number of dogs.

When I plan to breed a litter, it is only after very intensive research and study, trying to breed dogs that will hopefully be even better than their parents, in temperament, health and conformation.

The type I am looking for is that of an athletic dog, not too heavy both in body and in head, with powerfull movement and the temperament of a hound; somewhat independant, but very affectionate to its own people, loving , and courageous enough to be a loyal protector.

My dogs 'hips and elbows are X-rayed, both need to be free of dysplasia.". Allergies, skin problems or a poor overall health means the dog will be excluded from breeding. The same goes for insecure temperaments, aggression or shyness.

I take my responsibility towards every dog I breed very seriously and I will take care of and place every pup (including ridgeless) with the same care.

Potential puppy buyers are screened with a lot of care, and are all people I can get along with personally, because I want to stay in touch with all of them after the sale.

Because of my experience as a puppy class instructor, I am very much aware of the importance of socializing my puppies. They will see a lot of people, children, other animals etc. They will go for walks, car rides, a visit to the vet and trips into town. When they leave my home, 8 or 9 weeks old, they will walk on a lead happily, be as good as housebroken, self confident and full of trust.

Because I want puppies and owners to have a good start, I teach my own puppie-class, for my own litters. We meet weekly in my backyard and do fun exercises together!

A large packet of puppy supplies comes with every puppy that leaves, including the food they are used to, a blanket and toy from "home", pictures and a video tape, all information about the parents, a book about puppy care, etc.

New puppie owners can call me any time when they are in need of help or advice and any dog I bred can come back to me if it cannot stay with the owners for whatever reason.

And of course every pup I bred is always welcome during vacations or whenever it is needed!"

And, of course, we have reunions! The best thing about breeding; seeing your "own" happy, beautifull dogs with their loving owners!!


a trip to the zoo with the entire family!


reunion at the beach (6 months old)


and almost the same group of dogs, now 1 year old! Unfortunatly, Bundi is no longer there,
 but the new puppy, Baluka came along in stead!