Holmland Owl's  Kiku


Kiku, or Koetje as I often call her, is my favourit puppy. Despite her cosmetic faults, she has only 1 crown on her ridge and her tail is slightly knicked, I find her very attractive. She has a very warm, light wheaten colour and a beautiful head and expression. She is usually the most active and brave one in the litter, always trying new things and exploring everything around her. She likes to be with you, but is already quite independant. Even though I will never be able to breed her, I think I will keep her. She is just to cute to let her go! :-)


Kiku doing what she loves most,
  sleeping in our hands!


she is everybody's favorit, because she just loves to be close to you!"


4 weeks old



5 1/2 weeks old


Kiku and her brother Scout, 8 1/2 weeks old


I am a big tough girl!!" (9 weeks old)


I am a big tough girl!!" (9 weeks old)


4 months old


5 maanden oud


6 months old



Kiku and her dad


almost 1 year old


we celebrated the pups first birthday at the same zoo we took them when they were 12 weeks old!


Kiku is one year old

Kikuís training