In Memoriam page


Every dog you share your life with, touches you in a way
They change our lives, make us feel complete and loved and bring joy and pleasure
We learn from them and have a unique bond with each of them
And when they die, a piece of us seems to be missing
But after a while, we start remembering the good things, the fun we had together the things they tought us and the special friendship we shared
As a good friend told me once
"every goodbye is the beginning of a new memory"


? - 15/04/1998

Willie was already very old when we rescued him from the shelter.
This tiny little, funny looking, incredibly strong old guy lived for 2 1/2 years in doggy heaven

He was spoiled rotten, loved to bits and respected by all. 
He was estimated about 15 years old when he died. 
He was the first dog I lost.  

Goodbye buddy, we'll never forget you! 


Bundima of Bo Kama   
16/01/1993 - 31/12/2001


Bundi was my best friend, my first own dog and, in a way, 
the beginning of my life; the life I wanted, shared with my dogs. 
She taught me só much and gave so much back for the love and care I provided her with. 
She is the start of my kennel, the mother and grandmother of my current dogs and most of my human friends,
 I met because of her. Being her friend was a privilige I will always be greatful for.

She was 8 years and 11 months old when she died. She is burried in my own yard.

Boen, words can't express what you meant to me, I will love you forever, hope to be with you again some day


Holmland Owl's Kumbuka    
28/05/1995 - 10/02/2003
Buka was the first puppy born in my kennel, Bundi's first son. 
He was a very strong dog, dominant and loving at the same time. 
He lived the first 7 years of his life with a family that started out as good owners, 
but unfortunatly, things change,..
He came back to live with me for a short while and then moved to a wonderful 
home in Belgium. 
Only 8 very happy months later, he turned out to have leukose 
and died at the age of 7 years and 9 months.
Sweetheart, I hope you found your mother


26/12/1990 - 20/01/2004

Toby was my family's first dog and one of the reasons 
I gave up my University studies to do what I really wanted; work with dogs. 
There was a time when I couldn't imagine losing him. 
But, as it should be, after a long and very rich life, 
his little body started giving up and his time had come. 
He died quietly in our arms, at the age of 13 years.

My little friend, you brought us all so much pleasure, 
you will be such a wonderfull memory.....



18/09/1989 - 23/03/2004
Sheila came to live with us when she was 2 years old. She and Toby were the family dogs; everybody loved them! Sheila has always been a very strong dog with a mind of her own. The last couple of years, she was my father's dog, always by his side. At almost 15 years of age, her time had come, she could no longer live a dignified life. Only two months after losing Toby, we had to let her go as well.
Sheila, tough old Lady, it won't be the same without you, give our love to Toby,..