Puppypages !

week 1 and 2



The first born puppy was a lovely male. He was born at 04.30 in the morning. He has a perfect ridge, and a little white on his chest. His birth weight was 406 gr. His name will be "Scout".


The second puppy was also a male. He is a little bit smaller, with a birth weight of 390 gr. His ridge is perfect and he has a white spot on his chest. His name will be "Quito".


The third pup was a small female puppy. We called her Kukeltje, because she was so small. For 5 days Kukeltje tried very hard to become big and strong enough to survive. Unfortunally, despite all our efforts, she died on the 13th. She was a lovely, beautiful puppy and I was very sad to loose her.

She was my favourit from the minute she was born and we affectionally called her "(min)kukeltje" She had a beautiful, shiny coat and a small crown on the top of her head, like her father.


Kukeltje, fighting for her life


Number 4 was also a female puppy. Unlike her sister, she was big and strong, 420 gr. She has a nice ridge and a small white spot on her chest and her belly. Her name will be "Anka".


Number 5, a strong 410 gr. female puppy, has two cosmetic faults, a kinked tail and only 1 crown on her ridge. She will be somebody’s beloved pet when she grows up! She seems to have a lighter colour. Her name will be "Kiku".


Number 6 is also a light coloured female, with a perfect ridge and a few white toes on her back feet.

She weighed 380 gr. Her name will be"Amana" for now.


And finally, number7, also a female! She was the biggest puppy, weighing 490 gr. She also has a nice ridge and a little white on her chest. Her name will be"Binti" .





  a few days old and growing fast!  


Kukeltje 3 days old.



3 generations are in love with the puppies, my grandma, my mother and me!


Kiku doing what she loves most, sleeping in our hands!


  2 weeks old now  



I am soooo cute!


Pups are here

week 3 and 4