Holmland Owl's  Quito


Quito is the sweetheart of the litter. We also call him the cry-baby, because he will cry to get you to pick him up. He is very cuddly and loves to sleep in your arms. He has a correct ridge, a white spot on his chest and is also a compact boy. His mum and dad are Anneke and Peter, and they think he is the best


Quito 4 weeks old !




I am a pretty boy !



6 months old, in a restaurant after a walk on the beach with his family!






we celebrated the pups first birthday at the same zoo we took them when they were 12 weeks old!


1 year old and a real sweetheart! He is the perfect family dog, friendly to everyone,
 plays with every dog and loves people!


a visit from his sister Kiku


he loves the water!


he is a BIG dog!"