Holmland Owl's  Scout


Scout is Kana and Caliís first born puppy! From the beginning he was a very healthy, happy puppy.
He is a normal wheaten colour, has a correct ridge and very little white. He is a compact puppy and is already a very strong mover.
Scout is, like his sister Kiku, a very investigative and outgoing puppy. He likes to play rough en show everybody how strong he is! When he leaves here, he will have a big sister, named Nica and a wonderful new mum and dad, called Henk and Yvette. He is going to live in a real mill!


Scout 4 weeks old !


Scout 6 weeks old !


I am a sweetheart !



 9 weeks old !


10 weeks old !


5 1/2 months old !



we celebrated the pups first birthday at the same zoo we took them when they were 12 weeks old!