Holmland Owl's in the snow.

At the moment "Holmland Owl's" is situated in a beautiful, old, farmhouse. 
Since we live in the back of the farm, there is a lot of space for the dogs and the other animals.
The yard is especially pretty in the winter!


the beautiful view from our backyard


This is where the goats live.
I've had goats for years, but now there are only 2 very old ones left,
Grietje and Sis (the hairy one,..). They will stay with me untill they die!




   Cali, as handsome as ever, and Sante at 7 years of age    



and, of course, Kiku!

She is 2 1/2 years old now, and nothing 's gonna stop her!
After her DS surgery, her broken knee and other 'misfortunes' she now has had a fibrosarcoma removed from her tail.
But all that, and her 'twisted tail', slightly cross eyes and faulty ridge, only makes her even more special.
She is happy, strong and planning to live forever!