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Paper Money Grading:

As long as people are collecting paper money, there have been discussions about grading. Especially with the growing number of transactions via the internet, the grading of paper money is often a hot issue. Buying via websites like Ebay, will only allow you to view a note on a scan with often a poor quality. Next to undefined quality statements like “Perfect”, “Uncirculated”, “Near mint”, “Very nice, See scan and look for yourself”, you will have to decide to buy a note or not. If you receive the note and it does not meet your standards it is a lot of hassle to settle the issue with the seller.

In order to provide a solution, I have been experimenting with a computer program that should give an objective grading as a result of questions that need to be answered. I have build a computer application that asks questions according to the IBNS grading rules and gives a result based on the answers that are entered. 

I have done some testing and the first results are encouraging, since all the answers I got from my program were correct according to my interpretations.

However, in order to be sure, I am open to some rigorous testing by my critical fellow collectors.

The Paper Money Grading Program is now available in a preliminary "Beta" version, developed in Pascal.
I am planning to re-develop this application in C++ with a userfriendly GUI after a testing period once I have received constructive feedback.

Use this link to download the Paper Money Grading Program: download

Good luck and don't forget to provide me with your comments via

 2008 R. Huisman