Useful links about opening theory and computer chess:

On-line database with more than two million games
Some engine books for computer chess

To study opening theory we also recommend our SPECIAL chess (opening book)
program, especially for beginning chess players:.. BOOKBUILDER

This program is a tool to broaden your knowledge of opening theory
(containing all known opening names, transpositions, etc.)
(NB planning to translate these pages later in Dutch )

For the latest, self extracting trial version of Bookbuilder(4.3):

  • Click on 'Download' link, above left in the menu (14 days trial period)

    The program Bookbuilder has some unique features, and is the
    only chess program in the world which has these features combined:

    1) the program always tries plays the 'best' opening book move
    (depending on results determined by off-line analysis/optimization of the book); this is comparable
    to another program which uses 'backsolving', but Bookbuilder is a lot faster, more user friendly,
    and contains all known opening names
    Most other top chess programs try to find the 'best' move with percentages/statistics,
    but this obviously is not accurate; with backsolving a better analysis can be made.

    2) With Bookbuilder we developed a book to play
    with the chesspartner interface, using the improved repertoire books as an advantage;
    Current (standard) rating (now with Stockfish) on Internet Chess club about 2900
    (interface used: Chesspartner, see

    With Bookbuilder you can build (and improve!) your opening 'repertoire'
    (the program Stockfish, using a Bookbuilder-generated book, now achieved
    a rating record on the Internet Chess Club with standard games (nr 1 worldwide, Oct 20013 )

    Features (2014):
    - animation of opening lines
    - all known opening names, variants, gambits etc. included
    - can also define your own (new) opening variant names
    - save or load played line/game
    - using opening codes (eg. +=) and figurines for pieces
    - customize board, pieces and interface colours
    - many bugs removed
    -now online engine analysis (Crafty 24.0)
    -book training module now added to help practicing opening theory
    - high quality book included (>900,000 positions)

  •     General Features:
        - Improve your chess opening knowledge and thereby ELO by improved opening preparation
        -Develop and extend your own personal opening lines (eg. gambits!)
        -all known opening names now indicated automatically, also recognizing transpositions
        - all gambit names included !
        - automatic playing of opening line after you choose a certain name
        -(latest version still indicates 1 e4 ! as best opening move ..)
        -Edit positions and analyse manually witch quick recalculation
        -Build your own power books from PGN
        e.g. read in full ECO opening system and try to improve,,
        - Analyze your book with top-freeware chess engine Crafty (*)
        (online, while adding lines, or off-line by analyzing book)
        -'optimize' (backsolve) your book faster than most similar programs
        -(a "benchmark" comparison with a comparable program has proven this)
        -superlarge books with highly compressed data-storage (speed depends on RAM memory size)
        -Import only "quality" GM moves by defining maximum pgn length and 2nd occurrence (compress base)
        -Export your book to EPD format for import in other chess software
        -Fully transpositional (only unique are stored, no matter how often imported)
        Internet FICS ( achieved ratings within the top ten (2006-2010)

        -And.. when stronger engines via UCI will be included, Bookbuilder might become
        -a more complete chess-playing program (aiming for a higher rating)
        (although we may give it a new name, e.g. "Chess-Analyzer" or so)
        PS. Bookbuilder is not working (yet) for the Macintosh or Linux; we'll work on this later)

        Current engine for online analysis Crafty, courtesy dr. R. Hyatt, Birmingham, USA
        Win98/Me/XP, 32-bit interface with customizable interface (different sets of boards and pieces)

    Opening Theory
    On this page some opening theory,
    in particular when related to
    computer chess, and some
    interesting (opening) links.

    How *not* to play: "fools mate" :)