NEW Update of BOOKBUILDER (4.3.)
(July 2016) is available !

(older versions like 3.x also are available, but not supported any more..)
Soon also more info will be given about the
Bookbuilder upgrade 4.3 which is still in development (*)

Features of Bookbuilder (as indicated on main 'bookbuilder' page):
1) in each position the program finds the 'best' opening book move
(all other top chess programs try to find the 'best' move with percentages/statistics,
but this 'obviously' cannot be very accurate)

2) with its backsolving feature, finetuned opening books can easily be made
(Bookup users wanting to combine all their opening books, and solve them simultaneously
are advised to use older version eg. 3.6)

3) With an 'interface' (eg. Chess Partner) you can play against a chess program
('engine', e.g. 'Yace'), using the Bookbuilder generated book as training tool
(after converting the .pbs book to a .bin book, described in the readme2.txt)

you can register the trial version at related site:

click here!

see latest readme.txt for info about the program
Bookbuilder readme.txt file

Improved Features of 4.3 compared with older versions(*):
     - minor improvements, better book, more opening variations, see also readme.txt
    - improved layout (4.0.4 onwards)
     - board coordinates a1-h8 indicated (for beginning chess players)
     automatic display of Opening Names *and* Variation
     - option to play opening lines (after choosing a certain opening name and variant
     - option to define your own opening variant name!
     - can add comments for every opening position
     (used to explain openings, opening strategy, etc.)
     - userfriendly installation (selfextracting) and complete online Help File
     - now also quick commands for smart recalculation (cntrl-l) and many others
     - on-line Crafty analysis included with all versions ! (Win-XP, Win-Me, WinVistaetc)
     - powerful feature (optional) to read in positions *only* when found more than once !
     - in such a way the database can be 'compacted' up till 90 %
     when reading in very large pgn's, and the quality of the book is improved
    - delete tree feature now working (to remove erroneous variants)

A complete Help File (in English; versions 4.0.4+ is included
(with many screen shots, detailed examples, etc.).

Below some screenshots of the Bookbuilder 4.2 version layout :

(screen below shows the NEW opening animation feature:)

A comprehensive Help File is included:


NB the improved version 4.3 still is in development..

Before registering, you can try out the download version (trial for 2 weeks)
free see main page or download page for download link

1) Download trial version 4.3 (click left on download page) ,
and try out the new Bookbuilder 4.3; before the trial period ends:
register at
in case of questions you can mail us at:

(click here, and remove _nospam")

2) The registration code will be sent to you after registration at
or (NEW) via Paypal, see the Contact button at the left (for latest pricing look at these registration sites)

3) with the the registration code you can continue to use the program
(please specify your complete name and email
for the *registration* entries (confidentiality guaranteed)

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