On this page interesting information and links about....: learning chess,
    computer-chess, correspondence chess, a little bit on problem chess and....
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    Below our links to various chess sites :

  • For beginning and intermediate players (learning chess):

    Chess coaching page (UK)
    Steps method for learning chess

  • See also our own page on opening theory, above left;
    and of course you also can search yourself (new page will be opened):


  • Various other interesting CHESS Links:
  • Free and very good chess interface
    "New in Chess" site, also lots of links.

    'General' chess sites/shop
    Mecca Chess Encyclopedia, interesting site !
    Excellent interface ChessPartner & various engines

    Dutch Computer Chess Association

  • Below some nice links with online Chess programs or 'gaming zones'
  • Free American Internet Chess Server
    The famous Internet Chess Club (lot's of GM's, 30 day trial period)
    Site to play chess against computer (in java)
    A new site to play chess against computer (and lots of other stuff)

    Sites about 'problem chess' (mate in x, and so forth):

  • For the real fans (downloading games, etc):

    "Pittsburgh archive: games, openings, utilities, etc.

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