Bookbuilder Download Page

On this page some useful downloads, including the latest
trial version (4.3), of Bookbuilder.

First, a download link for our NEW, and
FREE (donateware') gambit training program:

Download here

Unzip the download file, and then look at the enclosed
readme-djen.txt for how to use (with Winboard).

If the program is useful for you, then for a voluntary donation,
see paypal button at 'contact' page.

Then about our program Bookbuilder:

Bookbuilder has two unique features, and is
the only chess program in the world which has these features combined:
1) the program always tries to play the 'best' openingbook move (eg 1 d4!)
(depending on end evaluations, eg. with a certain 'engine'
other chess programs try to find the 'best' move with percentages/statistics,
but this 'obviously' cannot be very accurate)

2) With an 'interface' the Bookbuilder output can be used as book
for a chess program, thus providing ideal (book) training conditions

  • Below links to download versions:

    Download the latest Bbuilder 4.3 trial version :

  • Fully working trial version for 7 days)

    Features (2107):
    - complete Help File eg. for chess beginners
    - improved interface layout (other chess board)
    - all opening names (and gambits) indicated
    - possibility to animate opening lines and define new variant names
    - engine (Crafty)analysis now working in all Windows versions

    (NB when you read-in pgn's which exceed your Ram memory size, Windows starts
    'swapping' to disk, so this is not always recommended..

    Below our program is further described;
    see also main page (*).
    "Bookbuilder" is a technically advanced chess openings program
    (100 % object oriented, 32 bits multitasking Windows interface, etc)
    System requirements:
    Windows2000/XP/NT/7 at least 64 Mb Ram (more is recommended),
    1024*768 monitor resolution (not much higher)

    Bookbuilder is based on a a completely transpositional database,
    highly compressed (to store as much positions as possible), with
    user-friendly Windows interface, 'pop-up windows' for main commands.
    Full instructions in the accompanying User Manual (in English)
    With Bookbuilder you can build your own openingbooks faster than ever!


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