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* 't Zonneheem en andere historische villa's in Oosterbeek (in Dutch)

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This is the home page of Joop van Zoelen (, living in Oosterbeek, the Netherlands. Oosterbeek is internationally best known from its role in the Battle of Arnhem in 1944 (Market Garden). Airborne Most events in the movie play " A Bridge Too Far " took place originally in Oosterbeek. Every year in September English and Polish veterans come to Oosterbeek to commemorate these events. In addition a 25 km march is held in the immediate environment of Oosterbeek, in which more than 30,000 people participate.


Next to my house is a small botanical garden, known as Heemtuin de Zomp, which is maintained by local volunteers. Detailed information about the plants in the Zomp can be found in my Zomp home page.

The present page also contains a survey of my most popular bookmarks. Most of them are integrating files themselves, and contain world-wide information on specific issues listed per country.

World-wide Information Files

* Int. Start-up pages (Landen.pagina)(Yahoo) (CNN)
* Telephone/fax/emails (Phonebook Directories) (Telnr) (Email-NL)
* News Media (Kidon) (Abyz) (Radio&TV Stations) (CNN) (BBC) (MS-NBC)
* World & city maps (MapQuest)(Google Maps) (All Maps) (Flags) (Earth&Moon Viewer) (Bing Maps)
* Countries/governments (World Factbook) (Governments)(Yahoo Countries) (Country Handbook)
* Travel and tourism (Travel Links) (National Parks) (UNESCO World Heritage List) (Travel Warnings) (Tourist Info)
* Shops, hotels and restaurants (Internet Shops) (Hotels) (Bed&Breakfast)
* Weather (Weather Channel) (CNN) (Underground) (Worldclimate) (Climatedata)
* Sky and stars (Sun&Moon Data) (Your Sky) (Stars) (Planets)
* Arts and literature (Music )(WikiSource) (Gutenberg Lit.) (Internet Archive ) (Open Library) (Languages)
* Musea and movies (Movie Database) (Celebrities)
* Trains/public transport (Mercurio) (Corn) (Time Table DB) (Subways)
* Airline connections (WebAirlines) (Travelocity) (Hotel Airlines) (Airtraffic) (Airwise)
* Universities (DOI resolver) (Google Scholar)
* Libraries (KONBIB) (Libdex) (Yahoo Libr.) (Genealogy) (Europeana)
* Scientific journals on-line (Sci. Journals&Convent.) (Full Text BioMed.J.) (Science) (Nature )
* Biological sciences (Jobs)
* Biomedical sciences (PubMed) (WebScience) (Public Health) (VassarStat) (HardyWB) (OR) (Statistics)
* Biological meetings (Nature) (Hum-Molgen) (By Organisation) (Biomeeter)
* Biol. databases (Ensembl) (CMBI) (EBI) (Genome) (Expasy) (ATCC) (Biocompare)
* Miscellaneous (Currency) (World Clock) (World Distances) (Time&Date) (Measure Converter) (Physical Constants)

Information for Internet Use

* World wide survey of internet providers (KPN Webmail) (Squirrel) (Roundcube) (Mail2Web) (Google agenda)
* Free Internet (Free Internet; NL) (FreeSite) (Gratiz)
* Postcards (Cardmaster) (Blue Mountain)
* Search engines (Google) (Ask Jeeves) (Yahoo) (Meta Crawler)
* Encyclopedias (Columbia) (Britannica) (Wikipedia)
* WWW catalogue search programmes (Learning&Research) (Yahoo)
* Frequently visited sites (Jovazo Top-10) (Web-100) (Dutch NedStat top 1000)
* Top-10 Sites (ICQ) (Linux) (Webex) (KPN)
* Free Soft&Shareware (Tucows) (Microsoft) (Hijack antivirus; NL) (WWWegwijzer)
* Homepage Software (WebCounter)
* Web Languages (BareBone) (Color Codes) (QR-code generator)
* Animation, Screen& MessageMates (AGAG) (GifsNow)
* Screen Savers (Freesaver) (ScreenSaver) (Screensavershot)
* Audio and Video (Live Radio&TV) (Spotify) (Playlist converter) (MP3 music) (YouTube) (YT to MP4) (Oskope)
* Webcam/Weblog (Tommy USA) (Tommy non-USA) (WebCam Central) (Waar-ben-jij-nu?) (Mijn Album) (Flickr)
* Messages (SMS) (Skype) (Transfer-Big-Files) (WeTransfer) (TransferXL)
* Discussion Groups (Yahoo Groups) (Doodle; meetings) (Datumprikker)
* File Viewers (Adobe Acrobat Reader) (Pdf to Word)
* WWW address alterations (NetMechanic search)
* Computer Connections (LogMeIn) (UltraVNC)

Informatiebronnen voor Nederland

* Ned. Startpagina's (Startpagina) (/afd.) (Ikhebje) (St.Kabel) (Villa Media) (St.Menu) (Boogo) (Qport)
* Post/Telefoon/Email (KPN) (Zoeknummerinfo) (Zoek-en-Bel) (Telefoonboek) (Telefoongids) (Postcodegids)
* Steden/Kaarten (Stratengids) (Routeplanners) (Kaarten) (Wapens) (Funda)
* Nieuws/Media (Kranten) (Kidon) (NOS Teletekst) (RNW) (UPC) (Nu) (NOS) (Uitzendinggemist) (TV-tutti) (Kijk-direct)
* Weer en Luchtvaart (KNMI) (Buienradar) (Verkeerplaza) (Vliegwinkel) (Cheap Tickets) (Google Flights) (Schiphol)
* Openbaar Vervoer (NS Reisplanner) (Int.Treinplanner DB) (OV ReisWijzer) (Marco-NS) (Rover) (Routeplan)
* Cultuur en Uitgaan (Theater&Concert agenda) (Bioscoopagenda) (Ned.Musea) (Uitagenda)
* Hotels en Restaurants (Hotels&Pensions) (Horecagids) (Dinnersite)
* Toerisme (Stedengids) (Hist.Beziensw.heden) (Vakantie-Index) (VVV) (
* Hoger Onderwijs (Universiteiten) ( (Indeed vacatures) (Div.vacatures)
* Onderzoeksinstituten (KNAW Inst.) (TNO Inst.) (NKI) (KWF) (Schoolbank) (Narcis)
* Biomedische Wetenschappen (BioLinks) (Biologie RU) (Beursopener)
* Bibliotheken en Archieven (Kon. Bibl.) (PiCarta) (Archief-Startpunt) (Ned.Lit.) (Van Dale)
* Diensten en Overheid (NWO) (CBS)
* Zoeken Ned. Index (KPN Internet) (Internet Shops) (Idem NL) (Mijn Woordenboek)
* Ned. Zoekmachine (Markt) (ZOEK) (WWW Gids) (Surfnet) (Ilse)
* Providers en Tarieven (Pr.Verander) (Internet Vergelijk) (Kieskeurig) (Beslist) (Telefoon+Tarieven) (Prijzen alg.)

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