Official However an official Fra Lippo Lippi website exists, this one has been considered as the official one by fans all over the world.


History As there were a lot of Fra Lippo Lippi fan-websites around, but all very concised and sometimes full of wrong information, it was time to create a brand new website with the idea to become the official one. So winter 2001 the first steps were taken which resulted in an awful-looking - still unofficial - website, but with 100% true information, besides that there was a 'news-section', an extended biography, sleeve pictures and a detailed discography (by that time far from complete). A few months later, finally online, the lay-out has been changed dramatically. Thanks to Fra Lippo Lippi-founder Rune Kristoffersen the 'news-section' could be updated every now and then, so more and more visitors from around the world became regular viewers. In the meantime the search to more rare releases, catalog-info, sleeve pictures, reviews and other information continued and resulted in a very comprehensive website. Unfortunately there is not always so much activity on the Fra Lippo Lippi front. After a couple of years online this unofficial website was very close to become the official one. When Per Sorensen released his In A Brilliant White album he wanted to add a website-address on the sleeve and he found out about this website seconds too late. At the same time Rune Kristoffersen launched the official website, but hasn't been updated ever since. As the news and discography sections have been visited the most, a few others sections might dramatically change or be closed.


Thanks A big thanks to all who have participated and made the website as it looks today. Special tusen tusen takks to Rune and Per.