October 25 2013








Over the last few months the website has been attacked several times by East European 'hoodlums'. Hopefully it may not have infected your pc's after visiting. If so, hereby our sincere apologies!!


The provider had to take down the whole website. Now it's almost running in full again. It was a lot of work to restore and remove all the infected pages.









September 3 2012








September will have some great starts of the week. Per Øystein Sørensen (the voice of Fra Lippo Lippi) will be promoting his new album on national radio and television. Besides interviews he will perform various songs live.


03 September: NRK P1 - Nitimen radio

10 September: TV2 Sumo - God morgen, Norge television    [watch Per perform Beauty And Madness and Loneliness here]









August 31 2012








Master Of Imperfection, Per Sorensen/Per Øystein Sørensen (the voice of Fra Lippo Lippi) his latest solo album has been released worldwide today. It is available as CD and digital download.



You can purchase the digital album here:







You can purchase the physical album here:


Platekompaniet (Norway)

AstroPlus (Philippines)


or contact us








August 6 2012








Per Sorensen has released the single The waiting game from his forthcoming album. The song is the English version of the previously released Norwegian song Gammelt spill.


The song has previously been released on the Norwegian daWorks compilation Sommermusikk.



You can purchase the single here:











July 30 2012








Per Sorensen will be giving an interview on the Norwegian NRK P1 radioshow Reiseradioen, Monday morning July 30th. He will also be performing live and acoustic the song Later. The radio show starts at 9.03 and Per will be on around 9.25.









June 24 2012








A new section has been added to this website. In the media section you can watch Fra Lippo Lippi and Per Sorensen promotional videos, as well as an exclusive interview with Per (in Norwegian) and you can listen to the album preview of Master Of Imperfection.


There are many clips consisting of live footage and fanmixes, mainly available at YouTube, but only official footage is included here:


Fra Lippo Lippi

Shouldn't have to be like that promotional video, March 1986

Every time I see you promotional video, May 1986

Angel promotional video, August 1987

Angel promotional video – CBS version, August 1987

Love is a lonely harbour promotional video, October 1989

Mothers little soldier promotional video, February 1990


Per Sorensen

Jeg henger med promotional video, October 2009

Later promotional video, September 2010

Valentine Tour TV commercial, January 2011


Kystradioen audio interview, January 2012

Master Of Imperfection album preview, May 2012

Master Of Imperfection album promotional Philippines, August 2012

Master Of Imperfection – Behind the scenes Manila, Philippines concerts, August 2012









June 23 2012








This summer Per Sorensen will perform with a full band live at the Smart Araneta Coliseum Manila, August 10th. However flyers and posters suggest Per will play both August 10th and 12th he will support Tears For Fears only in Manila and not in Cebu.




Per Sorensen: vocals, keyboard, piano

Erland Hansen: guitars

Kristian Kvaksrud: bass

Oskar Holldorff: keyboard, backing vocals

Neil Baruelo: percussion, backing vocals

Maki Ricafort: drums, backing vocals











May 29 2012








Per Sorensen’s reflections on his new album Master of Imperfection:


People always come up to me, asking which direction my new songs will take this time around. It’s pretty tempting then, to say "To the left."


I started writing songs at the age of twelve, I think. When we could afford buying a piano. I guess I’ve always sought to find my own expression through the way I play the piano, my voice and the composition combined; like a pyramid, if you like, or a triangle.


Once having found your expression, you’ll never leave it. Some artists choose to go on an expedition into other musical territories for an album, just for the fun of it, still you can always tell who they are, and what they sound like.


A rather badly kept secret is that I fell in love with Carole King at the age of twelve. With her music, as well. And I still love the sound on her album Tapestry.


Today’s music, at least hit music, tends to lack of the organic sound that I like so much; guys & gals playing live, no processed voices, songs with more than three or four chord changes going through the whole bloody thing!


Master of Imperfection reflects my view on these things: I even play the drums this time, quite simply because there are no one that knows the songs better than I do.


Today’s mantra, Ladies & Gents: Play for the track!


There is always a vulnerability to my voice, melancholia pouring down the cracks of these tracks. So also on my new album. It’s in the lyrics (Kari Iveland’s, mostly), in the music and in my voice. This is me, folks. If you like this style, this is the record for you.


In 1986 I wrote the song Beauty and Madness with lyricist Rune Kristoffersen for the upcoming Fra Lippo Lippi album Light and Shade (1987). You’re either too young to remember, or too old, for that matter. Anyway, I love that song, so I re-recorded it for this album. Hope you like it, too!


I have always had the pleasure of going back to the Philippines for record releases and live gigs. I enjoy a tremendous following there. Therefore, I wanted to release an album tailormade for my Filipino fans. This took place in 2002.


One of the songs, Later, was to become my biggest hit ever, Fra Lippo Lippi included. 4 million hits on YouTube, topping the charts in The Philippines, sold out shows and all.


A shame not to share it with the rest of the world, then. Subsequently, you’ll find Later on the album, too.


Six brand new songs, one cover (James Taylor’s Fire and Rain) and three ”old” songs of my own.


Altogether ten songs which, hopefully, will lift your soul for some forty minutes. These days that’s a hell of a lot of time!


I love doing gigs, and I will  of course perform the greatest songs of Fra Lippo Lippi and Per Sorensen live. Like a pre-listening? Run to your local record store or computer to BUY Per Sorensen: Master of Imperfection.












May 23 2012








Another song from Per Sorensen's forthcoming album, Master Of Imperfection, is available now. After the singles Loneliness and Later you can buy the song The waiting game.

This is the English version of the previously released Gammelt spill, taken from the album Våge (2009).


All three mentioned tracks can be found on the Norwegian download compilation Sommermusikk.

(Released 23 May 2012, © 2012 daWorks Entertainment)


You can purchase the track here:











May 3 2012



















Per Sorensen will release his brand new studio album, Master Of Imperfection, May 28th 2012 in the Philippines first. The album will be available worldwide as digital download at the end of the summer, August 31st. The Norwegian download will feature one extra track, Om 'Master of imperfection', a commentary by Per about the album. If there will be a physical release as well, has not been confirmed yet.


Check out Per Sorensen's official website for updates.


Later has been released as the second single, April 30th 2012.








April 30 2012








Per Sorensen has released the single Later from his forthcoming album. The song is the English version of the previously released Norwegian song Bildet som forsvant. This is the first time the song has been released commercially as single.


You can purchase the single here:


(Per Sorensen) | Spotify (Per Øystein Sørensen)



Later also appeared on the 2002 album In A Brilliant White.







April 19 2012








A great new Fra Lippo Lippi fan website has been launched. It's completely in Norwegian and contains lots of old pictures. The biography is really worth to read. Perhaps an English translation will be posted soon.









April 7 2012








Per Sorensen's new studio album, Master Of Imperfection, will be preceded by the single Later, due to release April 30th 2012 as digital download.









March 26 2012








You can also follow Per Sorensen on Facebook, where you can find his latest releases as well as lots of pictures from his latest mini-tour, February 2011.









March 9 2012








Per Sorensen has released the first single Loneliness from his forthcoming album. The song is the English version of the previously released Norwegian song Ensomhet.


You can purchase the single here:





The song can also be found on the compilation Norwegian Ballads.







January 5 2012








The awaited brand new album by Per Sorensen will be released soon. The 10 track album will contain six brand new songs plus a new live in studio version of Beauty and madness. Also there will a cover version of James Taylor's Fire and rain, a re-recording of Will I recognize, originally from In A Brilliant White and the original version of Later. The album is completely sung in English.


The final tracklisting and release date have not been confirmed, yet.









August 15 2011








The first 6 studio albums will be re-released on Rune Grammofon, not as separate albums, but box-sets with brand new artwork and exclusive linernotes by Rune Kristoffersen.

There will be two box-sets, one with 4 CD's and one limited to 300 copies, numbered with 6 LP's. This will be the first time Dreams will be released on vinyl. All albums are pressed on white vinyl.





For more info click here.


Release date: August 26th 2011.








February 18 2011








Per Sorensen has sung a brand new song at his recent mini-tour in the Philippines. The song Loneliness is the English version of the previously released Norwegian song Ensomhet and will be on his forthcoming album. The new album will be in English and released later this year.

Besides this new song, he also performed all the classics.









February 18 2011








Per Sorensen has extended his stay in the Philippines to perform once more, this time with John Ford Coley. They are sharing centerstage, February 18, at the University of Baguio, presented by Steve O'Neal Productions. The show will be produced by Waltrix and Gatepass Productions.









January 26 2011








Finally the discography section isn't under construction anymore! The lyrics and pictures sections will soon get a different look as well.









January 18 2011








Per Sorensen has planned a mini tour in the Philippines, mid February. There will be at least 5 gigs. Check for more info.

Click here to watch TV commercial (full screen).









January 16 2011








The unofficial Fra Lippo Lippi website keeps looking for new and old releases. This week a mega rare compilation cassette has been added to the Filipino discography section.









September 26 2010








A black and white video of the classic Later has been released to promote Per Sorensen's forthcoming Filipino mini-tour, early 2011.

Click here to watch the video (full screen).









September 1 2010








Per Sorensen has started his own YouTube channel, entitled PerSorensenOfficial.


Click here to watch his latest videos.




October 29 2009








A video of Jeg henger med has been released to promote Per Sorensen's brand new album.

Click here to watch the video (full screen).









September 28 2009








Per Sorensen has released a brand new album today. It's completely sung in Norwegian. There might be plans to re-record the album in English... This 10-track album, Våge, which means "Dare" has been released on the label November Songs. The album can also be purchased at iTunes and other online stores.


Here the tracklisting:

01. Gammelt spill

02. A til å

03. Sant

04. Vil du ta meg imot

05. Jeg henger med

06. Ensomhet

07. Si meg at du gjerne vil

08. Bildet som forsvant

09. Alt det jeg trenner

10. Så du hvem jeg var




August 10 2009








Per Sorensen has released a brand new single today taken from his forthcoming album, Våge on the November Songs label. It can be purchased at iTunes and other online stores.


Here the tracklisting:

01. A til å (Radio edit)

02. A til å