Article H.12

H.12.1. Subordinate taxa within nothospecies may be recognized without an obligation to specify parent taxa at the subordinate rank. In this case non-hybrid infraspecific categories of the appropriate rank are used.

Ex. 1. Mentha ×piperita f. hirsuta Sole; Populus ×canadensis var. serotina (R. Hartig) Rehder and P. ×canadensis var. marilandica (Poir.) Rehder (see also Art. H.4 Note 1).

Note 1. As there is no statement of parentage at the rank concerned there is no control of circumscription at this rank by parentage (compare Art. H.4).

Note 2. It is not feasible to treat subdivisions of nothospecies by the methods of both Art. H.10 and H.12.1 at the same rank.

H.12.2. Names published at the rank of nothomorph1 are treated as having been published as names of varieties (see Art. 50).

footnote 1. Pre-Sydney editions of the Code permitted only one rank under provisions equivalent to H.12. That rank was equivalent to variety and the category was termed “nothomorph”.