In the following list the nomina conservanda have been inserted in the left column, in bold-face italics. They are arranged in alphabetical sequence within the major groups. Rejected synonyms (nomina rejicienda) are listed in the right column.

Names listed in this Appendix fall under the special provisions of Art. 14.4. Species names with a type conserved under Art. 14.3 are listed in full in App. III, with a cross-reference in the present Appendix.

Neither a rejected name, nor any combination based on a rejected name, may be used for a taxon that includes the type of the corresponding conserved name (Art. 14.7; see also Art. 14 Note 2). Combinations based on a conserved name are therefore, in effect, similarly conserved. When such a later combination is in current use, it is cross-referenced (by “vide” = see) to its conserved basionym.

typ. cons. typus conservandus, type to be conserved (Art. 14.9; see also Art. 14.3 and 10.4); as by Art. 14.8, listed types of conserved names may not be changed even if they are not explicitly designated as typ. cons.
(H) homonym (Art. 14.10; see also Art. 53), only the earliest being listed.
(≡) nomenclatural synonym (i.e., homotypic synonym, based on the same nomenclatural type as the conserved name), usually only the earliest legitimate one being listed (Art. 14.4)
(=) taxonomic synonym (i.e., heterotypic synonym, based on a type different from that of the conserved name), to be rejected only in favour of the conserved name (Art. 14.6 and 14.7)

Some names listed as conserved have no corresponding nomina rejicienda because they were conserved solely to maintain a particular type.


Achnanthes quadricauda Turpin in Mém. Mus. Hist. Nat. 16: 311. 1828 [Chloroph.]
Typus: [specimen from strain] Hungary, Lake Belsö-tó, Hegewald 1971/ 256 (Kernforschungsanlage Jülich, Germany) (typ. cons.)
Antithamnion antillanum Børgesen in Dansk Bot. Ark. 3: 226. 17 Oct 1917 [Rhodoph.]
Typus: Virgin Islands, St. Thomas, 12 Dec 1895, Børgesen 56 (C)
(=) Callithamnion lherminieri P. Crouan & H. Crouan ex Mazé & Schramm, Essai Alg. Guadeloupe, ed. 2: 144. 1878
Typus (vide Athanasiadis in Bot. Mar. 28: 460. 1985): Guadeloupe, Vieux-Fort, Petite-Fontaine, 29 Feb 1870, Mazé 1259 (PC)
Coleochaete orbicularis Pringsh. in Jahrb. Wiss. Bot. 2: 35. 1860 [Chloroph.]
Typus: [icon in] Pringsheim in Jahrb. Wiss. Bot. 2: t. III, f. 6. 1860
(=) Phyllactidium pulchellum Kütz., Phycol. General.: 295. 14-16 Sep 1843
Typus: Germany, Nordhausen, Kützing (L)
Coleochaete soluta (Bréb.) Pringsh. in Jahrb. Wiss. Bot. 2: 34. 1860 (C. scutata var. soluta Bréb. in Ann. Sci. Nat. Bot., ser. 3, 1: 29. 1844) [Chloroph.]
Typus: France, Calvados, Falaise, Brébisson (L)
(≡) Coleochaete prostrata Kütz., Tab. Phycol. 4: 20. 1854
Craticula ambigua (Ehrenb.) D. G. Mann, vide Navicula ambigua
Craticula cuspidata (Kütz.) D. G. Mann, vide Frustulia cuspidata
Cyclotella comta (Ehrenb.) Kütz., vide Cyclotella comta Kütz.
Cyclotella comta Kütz., Sp. Alg.: 20. 23-24 Jul 1849 [Bacillarioph.]
Typus: Germany, Hochsimmer am Rhein, Grunow 1298 (W) (typ. cons.)
Cyclotella kurdica Håk. in Diatom Res. 8: 315. Nov 1993 [Bacillarioph.]
Typus: Turkey, Araxes area, Hassan Kaleh, Ehrenberg 1 bv (BHUPM) (typ. cons.)
Frustulia cuspidata Kütz. in Linnaea 8: 549. 1834 [Bacillarioph.]
Typus: England, Sussex, Lewes, Sep 1850, Smith 5b (BM No. 23449) (typ. cons.)
Glenodinium elpatiewskyi (Lemmerm.) Schiller, vide Peridinium elpatiewskyi
Gomphonema vibrio Ehrenb., Verbr. Mikrosk. Lebens Amerika: 128. Mai-Jun 1843 [Bacillarioph.]
Typus: Seychelles, Mahe, Van Heurck in Types Syn. Diatom. Belgique No. 213 (BORD) (typ. cons.)
Navicula ambigua Ehrenb., Verbr. Mikrosk. Lebens Amerika: 129. Mai-Jun 1843 [Bacillarioph.]
Typus: s. loc., Dec 1853, Smith 25b (BM No. 23489) (typ. cons.)
Navicula angulata E. J. Quekett [Bacillarioph.], vide sub Pleurosigma
Navicula cuspidata (Kütz.) Kütz., vide Frustulia cuspidata
Peridiniopsis elpatiewskyi (Lemmerm.) Bourr. vide Peridinium elpatiewskyi
Peridinium elpatiewskyi Lemmerm. in Krypt.-Fl. Brandenburg 3: 670. 15 Jun 1910 [Dinoph.]
Typus: Germany, Plußsee, 2 Aug 1976, Meyer 244 (B No. A-36959; isotypus: Max-Planck-Institut für Limnologie, Plön, Germany) (typ. cons.)
Pinnularia gastrum Ehrenb. in Abh. Königl. Akad. Wiss. Berlin, Phys. Kl. 1841: 384, 421. 1843 [Bacillarioph.]
Typus: Ireland, Lough Mourne, 1870, Donkin (BM) (typ. cons.)
Pleurosigma angulatum (E. J. Quekett) W. Sm., vide Navicula angulata
Porphyra purpurea (Roth) C. Agardh, vide Ulva purpurea
Scenedesmus quadricauda (Turpin) Bréb., vide Achnanthes quadricauda
Synedra nitzschioides Grun. in Verh. K.K. Zool.-Bot. Ges. Wien 12: 403, t. V (8), f. 18a, b. 1862 (‘nitschioides’) (orth. cons.) [Bacillarioph.]
Typus: Mexico, Baja California, c. 1860, comm. Weisse (W Coll. Grunow No. W 2948d) (typ. cons.)
Thalassionema nitzschioides (Grun.) Mereschk., vide Synedra nitzschioides
Ulva purpurea Roth, Catal. Bot. 1: 209. Jan-Feb 1797 [Rhodoph.]
Typus: Germany, Helgoland, 17 Oct 1996, Wagner (BM No. 54930) (typ. cons.)
(=) Ulva purpureoviolacea Roth, Tent. Fl. Germ. 1: 524. Feb-Apr 1788
Typus: destr.
Utriculidium durvillei Skottsb. in Wiss. Ergebn. Schwed. Südpolar-Exped. 1901-1903, 4(6): 36. 1907 [Phaeoph.]
Typus: Falkland Islands, Stanley Harbour, 18 Aug 1902, Skottsberg 565 (S) (typ. cons.)


Agaricus lycoperdoides Bull., Herb. France 4 (37-48): t. 166. 1784 (‘lycoperdonoides’) (orth. cons.) (Asterophora lycoperdoides (Bull.) Ditmar)
Typus: [icon in] Bulliard, Herb. France t. 166. Epitypus (vide Redhead & Seifert in Taxon 50: 279, 2001): on decaying Russula, Börje parish, Uppland, Sweden, 24 Oct 1949, A. Melderis (DAOM 65245)
(≡) Asterophora agaricoides Fr., Symb. Gasteromyc. 1: 3. 1817 : Fr., Elench. Fung. 1: 19. 1828
(H) Asterophora lycoperdoides Fr., Symb. Gasteromyc. 1: 8. 1817 : Fr., Syst. Mycol. 3: 205. 1829
Lectotypus (vide Redhead & Seifert in Taxon 50: 279. 2001): [icon in] Sowerby, Col. Fig. Engl. Fung., t. 383. 1803
Armillaria matsutake S. Ito & S. Imai in Bot. Mag. (Tokyo) 39: 327. 1925
Typus: [icon in] Kawamura, Ill. Jap. Fungi, t. VIII, fig. 11-12 (as Cortinellus edodes). 1913
(=) Armillaria nauseosa A. Blytt in Videnskabs-Selskabets Skr. I, 6: 22. May 1905
Holotypus: [Norway], Akershus, Oslo, Sognsvand, 4 Sep 1887, A. N. Blytt (O)
Aspergillus nidulans (Eidam) G. Winter, vide Sterigmatocystis nidulans
Aspergillus niger Tiegh. in Ann. Sci. Nat., Bot., ser. 5, 8: 240. Oct 1867
Typus: [specimen] (CBS No. 554.65; isotypus: IMI No. 50566) (typ. cons.)
(=) Ustilago phoenicis Corda, Icon. Fung. 4: 9. 1840 (Aspergillus phoenicis (Corda) Thom)
Typus: non designatus
(=) Ustilago ficuum Reichardt in Verh. K.K. Zool.-Bot. Ges. Wien 17, Abh.: 335. 1867 (Aspergillus ficuum (Reichardt) Thom & Church)
Typus: [specimen] (IMI No. 91881)
Aspicilia calcarea (L.) Körb., vide Lichen calcareus
Baeomyces bacillaris Ach., Methodus: 329. 1803
Typus: England, Durham, Cleveand, Ayton Moor, W. Mudd in Mudd, Monogr. Brit. Cladon. [exs.] No 70 (BM; isotypi: FH, UPS) (typ. cons.)
Baeomyces byssoides (L.) Pers., vide Lichen byssoides
Biatora vernalis (L.) Fr., vide Lichen vernalis
Bryoria chalybeiformis (L.) Brodo & D. Hawksw., vide Lichen chalybeiformis
Cantharellus lutescens Fr. : Fr., Syst. Mycol. 1: 320. 1821
Typus: Sweden, Uppland, Silva Nosten, close to Läbyvad (near Uppsala), among mosses in boggy coniferous wood, 16 Sep 1932, Lundell & Nannfeldt in Fungi Exs. Suec. No 42 (UPS F-10762; isotypi: BPI, C, K, LE, PC, PRM, S, W) (typ. cons.)
Cantharellus tubaeformis Fr. : Fr., Syst. Mycol. 1: 319. 1821
Typus: Sweden, Uppland, Silva Nosten, close to Läbyvad (near Uppsala), among mosses in boggy coniferous wood, 16 Sep 1932, Lundell & Nannfeldt in Fungi Exs. Suec. No 43 (UPS F-10763; isotypi: BPI, C, K, LE, PC, PRM, S, W) (typ. cons.)
Cenomyce coniocraea Flörke, Deutsche Lich. 7: 14. 1821
Typus: Sweden, Närke, Svennevad, Korsmon, 1950, G. Kjellmert in Magnusson, Lich. Sel. Scand. Exs. No 388 (UPS; isotypi: B, H, US) (typ. cons.)
(=) Lichen ventricosus Huds., Fl. Angl.: 458. 1762
Lectotypus (vide Ahti & DePriest in Taxon 54: 184. 2005): [icon in] Dillenius, Hist. Musc.: t. 15, f. 17B. 1742. Epitypus (vide Ahti and DePriest in Taxon 54: 184. 2005): Herb. Dillenius No. 94.17 (OXF)
(=) Lichen difformis Huds., Fl. Angl.: 458. 1762
Lectotypus (vide Ahti & DePriest in Taxon 54: 185. 2005): [icon in] Dillenius, Hist. Musc.: t.15, f. 18. 1742. Epitypus (vide Ahti & Depriest in Taxon 54: 185. 2005): Herb. Dillenius No. 94.17B (OXF)
(=) Cenomyce conglomerata Dufour, Rév. Clad.: 25. Mai 1821
Lectotypus (vide Ahti & DePriest in Taxon 54: 185. 2005): France, J.-M. Dufour (PC-Lenormand)
Cenomyce stellaris Opiz, Böh. Phan. Crypt. Gew.: 141. 1823 (Lichen rangiferinus var. alpestris L., Sp. Pl.: 1153. 1 Mai 1753)
Typus: Herb. Dillenius No. 107.29E, right-hand side specimen (OXF) (typ. cons.)
Chaetosphaeria myriocarpa (Fr. : Fr.) Booth, vide Sphaeria myriocarpa
Cladonia digitata (L.) Hoffm., vide Lichen digitatus
Cladonia macilenta Hoffm., Deutschl. Fl. 2: 126. 1796
Typus: Germany, Niedersachsen, Oldenburg, Litteler Fuhrenkamp, 1919, H. Sandstede in Sandstede, Cladon. Exs. No. 477 (UPS; isotypi: FH, H, TNS (typ. cons.)
Cladonia ochrochlora Flörke, De Cladon.: 75. Jul 1828
Typus: Germany, Niedersachsen, Oldenburg, Oldenburger Sand, 1918, H. Sandstede in Sandstede, Cladon. Exs. No. 241 (UPS; isotypi: FH, H, MIN, TUR-V No. 19413, US-Evans) (typ. cons.)
(=) Cenomyce carneopallida (Flörke) Sommerf. Suppl. Fl. Lapp.: 129. 1826 (Capitularia pyxidata var. carneopallida Flörke, Beitr. Naturk. 2: 281. Sep 1810)
Lectotypus (vide Ahti, Fl. Neotrop. Mon. 78: 127. 2000): Germany, Harrz, H. G. Flörke 17 (H-ACH No. 1706A)
Cladonia rangiformis Hoffm., Deutschl. Fl. 2: 114. 1796
Typus: [Germany, Niedersachsen], “Auf begrastem Heideboden bei Wenden, Hannover, 1921 Okt., leg. Sandstede”, Sandstede, Cladoniae exsiccatae No. 803 (H; isotypus: UPS) (typ. cons.)
Cladonia transcendens (Vain.) Vain. in Hue in Nouv. Arch. Hist. Mus. Nat., sér. 3, 10: 262. 1898 (Cladonia corallifera var. transcendens Vain. in Acta Soc. Fauna Fl. Fenn. 4: 179. Dec 1887)
Typus: Canada, British Columbia, Queen Charlotte Islands, Graham Island, McClinton Bay, 1967, I. M. Brodo 13003 (CANL; isotypus: H) (typ. cons.)
Cladonia uncialis (L.) F. H. Wigg., vide Lichen uncialis
Collema cristatum (L.) F. H. Wigg., vide Lichen cristatus
Cryptococcus neoformans (San Felice) Vuill., vide Saccharomyces neoformans
Fusarium sambucinum Fuckel in Jahrb. Nassauischen Vereins Naturk. 23-24: 167. 1870
Typus: Fuckel, Fungi Rhen. No. 211 (G)
(=) Fusarium roseum Link in Ges. Naturf. Freunde Berlin Mag. Neuesten Entdeck. Gesammten Naturk. 3: 10. 1809
Typus: “Fusarium roseum Link” [manu Link] (B)
(=) Fusarium sulphureum Schltdl., Fl. Berol. 2: 139. 1 Jun - 15 Aug 1824 : Fr., Syst. Mycol. 3: 471. 1832
Typus: Germany, Berlin, “in tuberis vetustis Solani tuberosi”, 1820 (HAL)
(=) Fusarium maydis Kalchbr. in Math. Term. Közlem. 3: 285. 1865
Typus: non designatus
(=) Fusisporium ricini Berenger in Mem. Accad. Agric. Verona 44: 257. 1865
Typus: non designatus
(=) Fusarium subcarneum P. Crouan, Fl. Finistère: 14. 1867
Typus: non designatus
Gyalecta suaveolens Fr., Syst. Orb. Veg. 1: 285. Dec 1825
Typus: “Aspicilia chrysophana”, Sudeten, Körber 12 ex Typenherb. Körber (L) (typ. cons.)
Helminthosporium avenae Eidam in Lanwirth (Breslau) 27: 509. 1891
Typus: [Italy, Tuscany], “Helminthosporium teres f. avenae sativae, Dintorni di Pavia” summer 1889, Briosi & Cavara, Fungi Parass. No. 80 on Avena sativa leaves (DAOM) (typ. cons.)
(=) Helminthosporium avenaceum M. A. Curtis ex Cooke in Grevillea 17: 67. 8 Mar 1889
Typus: [U.S.A., N. Carol.], “Hillsborough”, Curtis 6515 (FH)
Ionaspis suaveolens (Fr.) Th. Fr., vide Gyalecta suaveolens
Lecanora subimmergens Vain. in Bot. Mag. (Tokyo) 35: 51 (1921)
Typus: Japan, Prov. Kozuke, 19.2.1918, A. Yasuda 355 (TUR-V 6093; isotypus: BM)
(=) Lecanora argillaceofusca Müll. Arg. in Nuov. Giorn. Bot. Ital. 21: 358. 1889
Typus: Brazil, Prov. Rio de Janeiro, 1889. A. Glaziou (G)
Lecidea euphorea (Flörke) Nyl. in Mém. Soc. Sci. Nat. Cherbourg 5: 126. 24-30 Mar 1858 (Lecidea sabuletorum var. euphorea Flörke in Ges. Naturf. Freunde Berlin Mag. Neuesten Entdeck. Gesammten Naturk. 3: 311. 1808)
Typus: [Austria, Salzburg], “Lungau, Weg von Mauterndorf auf den Moserkopf, knapp N von Stampfl”, 21 Sep 1985, Wittmann (SZU No. 4161) (typ. cons.)
Lecidea pulveracea (Schaer.) Th. Fr., Lichenogr. Scand.: 549. 1874 (Lecidea enteroleuca var. pulveracea Schaer., Enum. Crit. Lich. Eur.: 128. Aug-Sep 1850)
Typus: “Lecidea elaeochroma var. pulveracea *(Flk.)”, Flotow, Lich. Exs. No 102A (REG)
(≡) Lepra cyanescens Rabenh., Deutschl. Krypt.-Fl. 2(1): 3. Mar 1845
Lichen byssoides L., Syst. Nat., ed. 12, 2: 709; Mant. Pl.: 133. 15-31 Oct 1767
Typus: Herb. Linnaeus No. 1273.2 (LINN) (typ. cons.)
Lichen calcareus L., Sp. Pl.: 1140. 1 Mai 1753
Typus: Sweden, Gotland, Visby, 26 Jun 1918, Malme in Lich. Suec. Exs. No. 772 (UPS) (typ. cons.)
Lichen calicaris L., Sp. Pl.: 1146. 1 Mai 1753
Typus: [specimen] Herb. Dillenius, t. 23, No. 62B (OXF) (typ. cons.)
Lichen chalybeiformis L., Sp. Pl.: 1155. 1 Mai 1753
Typus: Herb. Linnaeus No. 1273.291 (LINN) (typ. cons.)
Lichen cristatus L., Sp. Pl.: 1152. 1 Mai 1753
Typus: Italy, Trentino, Cortina d‘Ampezzo, Pocol, 1948, Degelius (UPS) (typ. cons.)
Lichen cylindricus L., Sp. Pl.: 1144. 1 Mai 1753
Typus: Sweden, “ad flumen Kamajock prope Qvickjock Lapponiae Lulensis”, 1871, Hellbom & Hellbom (UPS) (typ. cons.)
Lichen deustus L., Sp. Pl.: 1150. 1 Mai 1753
Typus: Sweden, Närke, Örebro, Hellbom in Rabenhorst, Exs. No. 812 (UPS) (typ. cons.)
Lichen digitatus L., Sp. Pl.: 1152. 1 Mai 1753
Typus: Sweden, Ostrogothia, Stenhammar in Lich. Suec. Exs. No. 195 (UPS) (typ. cons.)
Lichen hirtus L., Sp. Pl.: 1155. 1 Mai 1753
Typus: Sweden, Fries, Lich. Suec. Exs. No. 150 (UPS) (typ. cons.)
Lichen juniperinus L., Sp. Pl.: 1147. 1 Mai 1753
Typus: Sweden, Härjedalen, Storsjö, Flatruet W of Falkvålen, 2 Aug 1991, Mattsson 2340 (LD; isotypi: H, HMAS, LE, LINN, M, O, TNS, US) (typ. cons.)
Lichen leptaleus Ach., Lichenogr. Suec. Prodr.: 108. 1798 (post 20 Feb)
Typus: Scotland, Perthshire, Killin, Crombie in Lich. Brit. Exs. No. 151 (UPS) (typ. cons.)
Lichen olivaceus L., Sp. Pl.: 1143. 1 Mai 1753
Typus: Sweden, Härjedalen, Fjellnäs, Vrang in Crypt. Exs. Mus. Hist. Nat. Vindob. No. 3063 (UPS) (typ. cons.)
Lichen pallescens L., Sp. Pl.: 1142. 1 Mai 1753
Typus: Sweden, Härjedalen, Ramundberget, NE of Kvarbäckstjärn, 27 Jun 1973, Santesson 24384 (UPS) (typ. cons.)
Lichen proboscideus L., Sp. Pl.: 1150. 1 Mai 1753
Typus: Sweden, Uppland, Boo, Värmdö, Skepparholmen 1906, Malme in Lich. Suec. Exs. No. 56 (UPS) (typ. cons.)
Lichen tartareus L., Sp. Pl.: 1141. 1 Mai 1753
Typus: Herb. Linnaeus No. 1273.31 (LINN) (typ. cons.)
Lichen tenellus Scop., Fl. Carniol., ed. 2, 2: 394. Jan-Aug 1772
Typus: Czech Republic, Moravia, Mor. Herálec, 7 Aug 1942, Nádvorník in Physc. Exs. No. 8 (UPS) (typ. cons.)
Lichen uncialis L., Sp. Pl.: 1151. 1 Mai 1753
Typus: Sweden, Dalarna, Stora Kopparberg, Rotneby, Stenhammar in Lich. Suec. Exs., ed. 2, No. 210 (UPS) (typ. cons.)
Lichen vernalis L., Syst. Nat., ed. 12, 3: 234. Dec 1768
Typus: Sweden, Fries, Lich. Suec. Exs. No. 224 (UPS) (typ. cons.)
Ochrolechia pallescens (L.) A. Massal., vide Lichen pallescens
Ochrolechia tartarea (L.) A. Massal., vide Lichen tartareus
Parmelia olivacea (L.) Ach., vide Lichen olivaceus
Penicillium chrysogenum Thom in U.S.D.A. Bur. Anim. Industr. Bull. 118: 58. 1910
Typus: [specimen] (IMI No. 24314) (typ. cons.)
(=) Penicillium griseoroseum Dierckx in Ann. Soc. Sci. Bruxelles 25: 86. 1901
Neotypus (vide Pitt, Genus Penicillium: 249. 1980): [specimen] (IMI No. 92220)
(=) Penicillium citreoroseum Dierckx in Ann. Soc. Sci. Bruxelles 25: 86. 1901
Neotypus (vide Pitt, Genus Penicillium: 250. 1980): [specimen] (NRRL No. 889)
(=) Penicillium brunneorubrum Dierckx in Ann. Soc. Sci. Bruxelles 25: 88. 1901
Neotypus (vide Pitt, Genus Penicillium: 250. 1980): [specimen] (IMI No. 92198)
Phaffia rhodozyma M. W. Mill. & al. in Int. J. Syst. Bacteriol. 26: 287-288. 1976
Typus: [lyophilized culture ex] CBS 5905
(=) Rhodomyces dendrorhous F. Ludw. in Centralbl. Bakteriol. Parasitenk. 10: 13. 1891
Typus: non designatus
Phoma betae A. B. Frank in Z. Vereins Rübenzuckerindustr. Deutsch. Reiches 42: 904, t. 20. Dec 1892
Typus: [Canada, B.C.], “Phoma betae on Beta vulgaris (sugar beet), N. Saanich”, Sep 1938, Jones (DAOM No. 118567) (typ. cons.)
(=) Phyllosticta tabifica Prill. in Bull. Soc. Mycol. France 7: 19, t.3, f. 1a-c. 1891
Lectotypus (vide Shoemaker & Redhead in Taxon 48: 381. 1999): [icon in] Bull. Soc. Mycol. France 7: t. 3, f. 1a-c. 1891
Physcia adscendens H. Olivier, Fl. Lich. Orne 1: 79. Mar-Apr 1882
Typus: Sweden, Acharius (H-ACH No. 1428) (typ. cons.)
Physcia leptalea (Ach.) DC., vide Lichen leptaleus
Physcia tenella (Scop.) DC., vide Lichen tenellus
Pleospora tritici-repentis Died. in Centralbl. Bakteriol., 2. Abth., 11: 56. Sep 1903
Typus: “auf den überwinterten Blättern von Triticum repens”, 7 May 1901, Diedicke (JE)
(=) Sphaeria sarcocystis Berk. & M. A. Curtis in Grevillea 4: 152. Jun 1876
Typus: [U.S.A.], “Carolina”, [Curtis] 6358 in N. Amer. Fungi No. 961, “on wheat” (BM)
Podospora fimiseda (Ces. & De Not.) Niessl., vide Sordaria fimiseda
Pyrenophora avenae S. Ito & Kurib. in Proc. Imp. Acad. Japan 6: 354. Oct 1930
Typus: “On Avena sativa L. and Avena fatua L. half rotten straw, grains or stubble” (SAP)
(=) Pyrenophora chaetomioides Speg. in Anales Mus. Nac. Buenos Aires 6: 285. Apr 1899
Lectotypus (vide Shoemaker & Redhead in Taxon 48: 383. 1999): [Argentina], “s[obre] graminea, La Plata”, Aug 1888, Spegazzini (LPS No. 2114; isolectotypus: DAOM No. 70588b)
Ramalina calicaris (L.) Fr., vide Lichen calicaris
Rhizoctonia solani J. G. Kühn, Krankh. Kulturgew.: 224. 1858
Typus: [dried culture] CBS 239.95 (typ. cons.)
(=) Rhizoctonia napae Westend. & Wallays, Herb. Crypt.: No 225. 1846 (‘napaeae’)
Typus: Westendorp & Wallays Herb. Crypt. No 225 (BR)
Rinodina cacuminum (Th. Fr.) Malme in Bot. Not. 1896: 176. 1896 (R. sophodes f. cacuminum Th. Fr., Lichenogr. Scand.: 201. 1871)
Typus: “Rinodina sophodes β milvina f. cacuminum Th. Fr., Norge, Dovre, Harbakken”, 1863, T. M. Fries (UPS)
(H) Rinodina cacuminum (A. Massal.) Anzi, Lich. Rar. Ven. 2: No. 48. 1863 (Diploica cacuminum A. Massal., Symm. lich. nov.: 52. 1855)
Lectotypus (vide Laundon in Lichenologist 24: 345. 1992): “Diploicia cacuminum”, Italy, Anzi, Lich. Rar. Ven., No. 48 (UPS)
Saccharomyces neoformans San Felice, vide sub Cryptococcus
Sordaria fimiseda Ces. & De Not., vide sub Podospora
Sphaeria myriocarpa Fr. in Kongl. Vetensk. Acad. Handl. 1817 (pars post.): 267. 1817 (post 1 Jul) : Fr., Syst. Mycol. 2: 459. 1823
Typus: Netherlands, near Baarn, Landgoed Pijnenburg, 19 Aug 1972, Gams ([dried culture ex] CBS No. 264.76) (typ. cons.)
Sterigmatocystis nidulans Eidam in Beitr. Biol. Pflanzen 3: 392. 1883
Typus: [specimen] (IMI No. 86806, stat. anamorph.) (typ. cons.)
Umbilicaria cylindrica (L.) Delise ex Duby, vide Lichen cylindricus
Umbilicaria deusta (L.) Baumg., vide Lichen deustus
Umbilicaria proboscidea (L.) Schrad., vide Lichen proboscideus
Usnea hirta (L.) F. H. Wigg., vide Lichen hirtus
Ustilago hordei (Pers. : Pers.) Lagerh. in Mitt. Bad. Bot. Vereins 59: 70. 1889 (Uredo segetum var. hordei Pers., Tent. Disp. Meth. Fung.: 57. 14 Oct - 31 Dec 1797 : Pers., Syn. Meth. Fung.: 224. 31 Dec 1801)
Typus: “Uredo Ustilago var. Hordei”, ex herb. Persoon, specimen med. (in hordeo) (L No. 910264-12)
(H) Ustilago hordei Bref. in Nachr. Klub Landw. Berlin 221: 1593. 1888
Typus: non designatus
Ustilago scitaminea Syd. in Ann. Mycol. 22: 281. 1924
Typus: India, Bengal, Bhagalpur, [on Saccharum officinarum L.] 26.VIII.1907, E. J. Butler in Syd., Ust. 384 (as ‘Ustilago sacchari’) (Herb. Ustilaginales Vánky)
(=) Ustilago amadelpha Syd. & al. in Ann. Mycol. 10: 249. 1912
Holotypus: India, Bengal Muzaffarpur District, Awapur, in paniculis et apice culmorum Andropogonii spec. [prob. misident.] 15.4.1911, E. J. Butler 1425 (HCLO)
Vulpicida juniperina (L.) Mattsson & M. J. Lai, vide Lichen juniperinus


Anthoceros agrestis Paton, J. Bryol. 10: 257. 1979 [Hepat.]
Typus: England, arable field near Oxton, NE of Nottingham, 22 Oct 1965, J. A. Paton 3004 (BM)
(≡) Anthoceros nagasagiensis Steph., Sp. Hepat. 5: 1005. 1916
Typus: Japan, Nagasaki, Faurie 308 (G)
Arctoa hyperborea (Dicks.) Bruch & Schimp., vide Bryum hyperboreum
Brachythecium plumosum (Hedw.) Schimp., vide Hypnum plumosum
Brachythecium salebrosum (Hoffm. ex F. Weber & D. Mohr) Schimp., vide Hypnum salebrosum
Bryum hyperboreum Dicks., Fasc. Pl. Crypt. Brit. 4: [29]. 4 Oct 1801 [Musci]
Typus: “unterhalb Kongsvold Dovrefjeld”, 23 Jul 1843, Schimper (BM, herb. Schimper) (typ. cons.)
Calliergon megalophyllum Mikut., Bryoth. Balt. No. 141. 28 Sep 1908 [Musci]
Typus: [Latvia] “... Mündung eines kleinen Baches in den Babit-See, am SW-Ufer, ¼ km W von Gesinde Perkoni”, 11 Jun [i.e., 24 Jun] 1906, Mikutowicz, Bryoth. Balt. No. 141 (S; isotypi: S, H)
(=) Hypnum moldavicum Velen., Rozpr. České Akad. Císaře Františka Josefa Vědy, Tř. 2, Vědy Math. Přír. 12(11): 19. 1903
Typus: [Czech Republic] “Štěchovice, pravý břeh”, Apr 1896, ex herb. Velenovský (PRC)
Calypogeia fissa (L.) Raddi, vide Mnium fissum
Cnestrum schisti (F. Weber & D. Mohr) I. Hagen, vide Grimmia schisti
Grimmia crinita Brid., Muscol. Recent. Suppl. 1: 95. 20 Apr 1806 [Musci]
Typus: [Switzerland] Avril 02. Roger (B, herb. Bridel No. 119)
(=) Dicranum phascoideum P. Beauv., Prodr. Aethéogam.: 54. 10 Jan 1805 (‘phascoidum’)
Lectotypus (vide J. M. Muñoz in Taxon 49: 289. 2000): [France] “Herbier Palisot de Beauvois. Type de Dicranum ? phascoideum. Sur les murs du bois de Boulogne. Echantillon original provenant de l’herbier Desportes.” (G; isolectotypus: PC-P.Beauv.)
Grimmia schisti F. Weber & D. Mohr, Index Mus. Pl. Crypt.: fol. 2, recto. Aug-Dec 1803 [Musci]
Typus: “Weissia schisti, e Lapponia”, 1802, Wahlenberg per Weber & Mohr 1804 (B, herb. Bridel No. 277) (typ. cons.)
Gymnomitrion concinnatum (Lightf.) Corda, vide Jungermannia concinnata
Hypnum plumosum Hedw., Sp. Musc. Frond.: 257. 1 Jan 1801 [Musci]
Typus: “Österreich, Ost-Steiermark: Waldbach am Nordfuss des Ringkogels bei Hartberg”, c. 600 m, Feb 1843, Baumgartner in Crypt. Exs. Mus. Hist. Nat. Vindob. No. 3733 (S) (typ. cons.)
Hypnum salebrosum Hoffm. ex F. Weber & D. Mohr, Index Mus. Pl. Crypt.: fol. 2, verso. Aug-Dec 1803 [Musci]
Typus: Austria, “bei Kremsmünster in Oberösterreich”, 2 Nov 1859, Bötsch in Rabenhorst, Bryoth. Eur. No. 350, ex herb. Milde (S) (typ. cons.)
Jungermannia concinnata Lightf., Fl. Scot. 2: 786. 1777 [Hepat.]
Typus: Scotland, Perthshire, Ben Lawers, Creag Loistge east cliffs, ridge at end of low cliffs, on thin schistose soil over rocks with Salix herbacea, 1030 m, 24 Sep 2003, D. G. Long 32138 (E; isotypi: BM, F, G, H, JE, NY, S) (typ. cons.)
Jungermannia exsecta Schmidel, Icon. Pl., ed. 2: 241, t. 62. 1796 [Hepat.]
Typus: S. loc. (?C. Europe), Schrader, Syst. Samml. Crypt. Gew. No. 98 (M; isotypi: G, KIEL, L) (typ. cons.)
Jungermannia palmata Hedw., Theoria Generat. 87. 1784 [Hepat.]
Typus: [icon in] Hedwig l.c. t. XVIII (“XV”) f. 93-95. 1784. Epitypus: Germany, Bavaria, “Bernau am Chiemsee; an modernden Baumstümpfen”, Oct 1903, H. Paul (Schiffner, Hepat. Europ. exs. 1272-a) (JE; dupl.: E, G, H, S, U, W)
(=) Riccia fruticulosa O. F. Müll., Fl. Danica 5(15): 5. t. 898, f. 3. 1782
Lectotypus (vide Grolle & So in Bot. J. Linn. Soc. 142: 231. 2003): [icon in] O. F. Müller, Fl. Danica 5(15): 5. t. 898, f. 3. 1782. Epitypus (vide Grolle & So l.c.): Norway, Sogne og Fjordane, Flora District, Endestadbogen, found on a decaying log in a moist spruce forest, 25 Jul 2002, L. Söderström 2002/164 (C; dupl. BM, JE, TRH)
Mnium fissum L., Sp. Pl.: 1114. 1 Mai 1753 [Hepat.]
Typus: [icon in] Micheli, Nov. Pl. Gen.: t. 5, f. 14. 1729 (typ. cons.)
Tortula solmsii Limpr. in Rabenh. Krypt.-Fl., ed. 2, 4(1): 660. Dec 1888 [Musci]
Typus: [Portugal] “San Bartholomeo dos Messines in via [...] ad rupes arenarias”, 1866, Solms-Laubach (BM: “Flora Lusitanica Algarve”; isotypi: BM “Hampe Herbarium”, JE, M)
(=) Tortula limbata Lindb., Öfvers. Förh. Kongl. Svenska Vetensk.-Akad. 21: 238. 21 Aug 1864
Lectotypus (vide M. J. Cano in Taxon 53: 198. 2004): [Italy] “Italia orientalis, terra de Otranto ad muros” Rabenhorst (RO)
Tritomaria exsecta (Schmidel) Loeske, vide Jungermannia exsecta


Blechnum vestitum (Blume) Kuhn in Ann. Mus. Bot. Lugduno-Batavum 4: 284. 1869 (Lomaria vestita Blume, Enum. Pl. Javae 2: 203. 1828)
Typus:“Crescit in montibus altissimis Javae” Blume (L barcode L0051111)
(H) Blechnum vestitum T. Moore, Index Fil.: 207. 1857
Typus: non designatus
Davallia repens (L. f.) Kuhn, Filices Africanae 27. 1868 (Adiantum repens L. f., Suppl. Pl. 446. 1782)
Typus: Ile de France [Mauritius], “Sonnerat par Thouin (Commerson) 74” (P; isotypus: L)
(H) Davallia repens (Bory) Desv., Mém. Soc. Linn. Paris 6(3): 314. 1827 (Dicksonia repens Bory, Voy. Îles Afrique. 2: 323. 1804)
Typus: Bourbon [Réunion], Bory s.n., (P; isotypi: B, BM)
Nephrolepis cordifolia (L.) C. Presl, vide Polypodium cordifolium
Polypodium cordifolium L., Sp. Pl.: 1089. 1 Mai 1753
Typus: Hispaniola, Dominican Republic, prov. de Azua, San José de Ocoa, slope of Loma del Rancho, 23 Feb 1929, Ekman H 11627 (K; isotypi: B, LD, S, UPS) (typ. cons.)


Acalypha virginica L., Sp. Pl.: 1003. 1 Mai 1753 [Dicot.: Euphorb.]
Typus: Clayton 201 (BM) (typ. cons.)
Achyranthes aspera L. [Dicot.: Amaranth.], vide sub Achyranthes
Adonis annua L. [Dicot.: Ranuncul.], vide sub Adonis
Aechmea distichantha Lem., Jard. Fleur. 3: ad t. 269. 15 Feb 1853 [Monocot.: Bromel.]
Typus: [icon in] Lemaire, Jard. Fleur.: t. 269. 1853
(≡) Billbergia distichostachya Lem. in Jard. Fleur. 2: 96. Sep 1851 (‘distichostachia‘) (neotyp. des.: Grant in Taxon 45: 547. 1996)
(=) Billbergia polystachya Lindl. & Paxton, Paxt. Fl. Gard. 3: ad t. 80. Mai 1852
Typus: [icon in] Lindley & Paxton, Paxt. Fl. Gard.: t. 80. Mai 1852
Aegilops truncialis L. [Monocot.: Gram.], vide sub Aegilops
Agrostis canina L. [Monocot.: Gram.], vide sub Agrostis
Aira praecox L. [Monocot.: Gram.], vide sub Aira
Allasia payos Lour., Fl. Cochinch.: 85. Sep 1790 [Dicot.: Verben.]
Typus: Tanzania, Tanga, Jan 1893, Volkens 1 (BM) (typ. cons.)
Allium ampeloprasum L., Sp. Pl.: 294. 1 Mai 1753 [Monocot.: Lil.]
Typus: Holms Isles, Newton in Petiver, Hort. Sicc. Angl. (BM-SL 152: 153)
(=) Allium porrum L., Sp. Pl.: 295. 1 Mai 1753
Lectotypus (vide Wilde-Duyfjes in Taxon 22: 59, 77. 1973): [icon] “Porrum” in Dodoens, Stirp. Hist. Pempt., ed. 2: 688. 1616
Allium cristophii Trautv., Trudy Imp. S-Petersburgsk. Bot. Sada 9(1): 268. 1884 (‘cristophi’) (orth. cons.) [Monocot.: Lil.]
Typus: “Achalteke?”, Cristoph 7511, Smirnow a 1883 (LE) (typ. cons.)
(=) Allium bodeanum Regel, Trudy Imp. S.-Petersbursk. Bot. Sada 3(2): 238. Jan-Mai 1875
Typus: [Iran] “Persia”. Bode (LE)
Allium nigrum L., Sp. Pl., ed. 2, 1: 430. Sep 1762 [Monocot.: Lil.]
Typus: “Cyprus, 1-2 km N.E. of Syso, 10 km S.E. of Polis (Akmas)” 450 m, 14 Apr 1979, Edmondson & McClintock, E.2822 (K; isotypus: E) (typ. cons.)
(=) Allium magicum L., Sp. Pl.: 296, errata. 1 Mai 1753
Lectotypus (vide Seisums in Taxon 47: 712. 1998): “Moly latifolium liliflorum Bauh., Moly Theophrasti Clus. Basiliae in horto Heinzmanni” herb. Burser III: 106 (UPS)
Amaryllis belladonna L. [Monocot.: Amaryllid.], vide sub Amaryllis
Ammannia octandra L. f., Suppl. Pl.: 127. Apr 1782 [Dicot.: Lythr.]
Typus: India, Madepala, Koenig (BM) (typ. cons.)
Andropogon bicornis L., Sp. Pl.: 1046. 1 Mai 1753 [Monocot.: Gram.]
Typus: [Puerto Rico] Mayagüez, between Monte Mesa and the sea, 27 Oct 1913, A. Chase in Amer. Gr. Nat. Herb. No. 247. (MO) (typ. cons.)
Andropogon distachyos L. [Monocot.: Gram.], vide sub Andropogon
Anemone coronaria L. [Dicot.: Ranuncul.], vide sub Anemone
Anemone narcissiflora L., Sp. Pl.: 542. 1 Mai 1753 (‘uarcissifolia‘) (orth. cons.) [Dicot.: Ranuncul.]
Typus: Herb. Linnaeus No. 710.31 (LINN)
Astragalus garbancillo Cav., Icon. 1: 59, t. 85. Dec 1791 [Dicot.: Legum.]
Typus: [icon] “Astragalus garvanzillo” in Cavanilles, Icon. t. 85. Dec 1791
(=) Astragalus unifultus L’Her., Stirp. Nov.: 168. Sep 1791
Typus: non designatus
Atalantia monophylla (L.) DC., vide Limonia monophylla
Atriplex hortensis L. [Dicot.: Ranuncul.], vide sub Atriplex
Bactris gasipaes Kunth in Humb. & al., Nov. Gen. Sp. 1, ed. 4º: 302; ed. fº: 242. 1816 [Monocot.: Palm.]
Typus: Colombia, Ibagué, Bonpland (P)
(=) Martinezia ciliata Ruiz & Pav., Syst. Veg. Fl. Peruv. Chil.: 275. Dec 1798 (Bactris ciliata (Ruiz & Pav.) Mart.)
Typus: Peru, Pozuzo, Pavón (MA)
Baltimora recta L. [Dicot.: Comp.], vide sub Baltimora
Bejaria aestuans Mutis [Dicot.: Eric.], vide sub Bejaria
Berlinia polyphylla Harms in Engler & Diels, Veg. Erde 9(3,1): 472. Feb-Sep 1915 [Dicot.: Legum.]
Typus: “Gabon: Plantation de Ninghé-Ninghé sur la Bokoué, près du poste de Kango sur le Komo”, 6 Oct 1912, Fleury in Chevalier 26690 (P) (typ. cons.)
Biscutella didyma L. [Dicot.: Cruc.], vide sub Biscutella
Bobartia indica L. [Monocot.: Irid.], vide sub Bobartia
Boerhavia diffusa L., Sp. Pl.: 3. 1 Mai 1753 [Dicot.: Nyctagin.]
Typus: Virgin Isl., St. Croix, Teague Bay, West Indes Laboratory, 30 Mai 1977, Fosberg 56776 (BM) (typ. cons.)
Bombax ceiba L. [Dicot.: Bombac.], vide sub Bombax
Bouteloua gracilis (Kunth) Lag. ex Griffiths, Contr. U.S. Natl. Herb. 14: 375. 1912 (Chondrosum gracile Kunth in Humb. & al., Nov. Gen. Sp. 1, ed. 4º: 176; ed. fº: 142. Mai 1816) [Monocot.: Gram.]
Typus: Mexico: “crescit in crepidinibus et devexis montis porphyritici La Buffa de Gaunaxuato Mexicanorum” Humboldt & Bonpland (B-W No. 1628; isotypi: ?P, US)
(H) Bouteloua gracilis Vasey in Watson & Rothrock, Rep. U.S. Geogr. Surv. 6: 287. 1878
Typus: U.S.A., Arizona, Riley’s Well, Wheeler’s Exped., 1874, J. Rothrock 701 (US)
Bromus secalinus L. [Monocot.: Gram.], vide sub Bromus
Bromus sterilis L., Sp. Pl.: 77. 1 Mai 1753 [Monocot.: Gram.]
Typus: England, Surrey, Tothill, near Hedley, 15 Jun 1932, Hubbard 9045 in Gram. Brit. Exs. Herb. Kew. Distrib. No. 69 (E; isotypus: K) (typ. cons.)
Bulbostylis lanata (Kunth) Lindm. in Bih. Kongl. Svenska-Acad. Handl. 26(3, 9): 18. 11 Apr 1900 (Isolepis lanata Kunth in Humboldt & al., Nov. Gen. Sp. 1, ed. 4º: 220; ed. fº: 177. Mai 1816) [Monocot.: Cyper.]
Typus: Venezuela, “propre Atures (Missionibus Orinocensium)”, Humboldt & Bonpland (P)
(H) Bulbostylis lanata DC., Prodr. 7: 268. Apr 1838 [Dicot.: Comp.]
Typus: Mexico, “Leon à l‘ouest de Gaunasuato”, Mendez (G-DC)
Bulbostylis pauciflora (Liebm.) C. B. Clarke in Bull. Misc. Inform. Kew, add. ser. 8: 26. Jun 1908 (Oncostylis pauciflora Liebm. in Kongel. Dansk Vidensk. Selsk. Naturvidensk. Math. Afn., ser. 2, 2: 241. 1850) [Monocot.: Cyper.]
Typus: Ste Croix, 1848 Oersted (C; isotypus: NY)
(H) Bulbostylis pauciflora (Kunth) DC., Prodr. 5: 139. 1-10 Oct 1836 (Eupatorium pauciflorum Kunth in Humboldt & al, Nov. Gen. Sp. 4: ed. fº: 94. 26 Oct 1818) [Dicot.: Comp.]
Typus: “Nova Granata?”, Humboldt & Bonpland (P)
Cactus cruciformis Vell., Fl. Flumin.: 207. 7 Sep - 28 Nov 1829 [Dicot.: Cact.]
Typus: [icon in] Vellozo, Fl. Flumin. Icon. 5: t. 29. 1831 (typ. cons.)
(≡) Cereus squamulosus Salm-Dyck ex DC., Prodr. 3: 125. Mar (med.) 1828 (neotyp. des.: Taylor in Taxon 43: 469. 1994)
(=) Cereus tenuispinus Haw. in Philos. Mag. 1: 125. 1827
Neotypus (vide Taylor in Taxon 43: 469. 1994): [icon in] Loddiges, Bot. Cab.: t. 1887. 1833
(=) Cereus myosurus Salm-Dyck ex DC., Prodr. 3: 469. Mar (med.) 1828
Neotypus (vide Taylor in Taxon 43: 469. 1994): [unpubl. icon dated 20 Jan 1829, by Bond] “Cereus myosurus, received in 1827 from Mr Hitchin of Norwich” (K)
(=) Cereus tenuis DC., Prodr. 3 469. Mar (med.) 1828 (neotyp. des.: Taylor in Taxon 43: 469. 1994)
Cereus myosurus Salm-Dyck ex DC.
Caesalpinia sinensis (Hemsl.) Vidal in Bull. Mus. Natl. Hist. Nat. Paris ser. 3, 395 (Bot. 27): 90. 1976 (Mezoneuron sinense Hemsl. in J. Linn. Soc. 23: 204. 1887) [Dicot.: Legum.]
Typus: China, Hubei (Hupeh), Yichang (Ichang), Henry 3113 (K)
(H) Caesalpinia chinensis Roxb., Fl. Ind., ed. 1832, 2: 361. 1832
Typus: non designatus
Canna jaegeriana Urb. in Repert. Spec. Nov. Regni Veg. 15: 102. 1917 [Monocot.: Cann.]
Typus: Haiti, “in locis humidis Montis Nigri, le grand fond et Sourçailla”, alt. 300-1200 m., Jaeger 165 (K; isotypi: LE MO)
(=) Canna leucocarpa Bouché, Linnaea 18: 493. Jun 1845
Neotypus (vide Maas van der Kamer in Taxon 53: 835. 2004) [icon in] Engler, Pflanzenr. IV.47 (Heft 56): f. 11E. 1912
Canna tuerckheimii Kraenzl. in Engler, Pflanzenr. IV.47(Heft 56): 70. 22 Oct 1912 [Monocot.: Cann.]
Typus: Guatamala, Depto. Alta Verapaz: near Cubilguïtz, 350 m, Dec 1901, von Tuerckheim II 513 (US; isotypi: G, GH, K)
(=) Canna latifolia Mill., Gard. Dict., ed. 8: Canna No. 2. 16 Apr 1768
Neotypus (vide Tanaka in Makinoa, ser. 2, 1: 48. 2001): [icon in] Roscoe, Monandr. Pl. Scitam.: t. 4. 1825
(=) Canna gigantea F. Delaroche in Redouté, Liliac. 6: t. 331. 1811
Lectotypus (vide Maas van der Kamer in Taxon 53: 833. 2004): [icon in] Redouté, Liliac. t. 133. 1811
(=) Canna neglecta Weinm. in Flora 3: 607. 1820
Neotypus (vide Maas van der Kamer in Taxon 53: 833. 2004): “Canna gigantea Desfont. = Canna neglecta Weinm. Bot. Zeit.” (LE)
(=) Canna violacea Bouché in Linnaea 12: 146. Mar-Jul 1838
Neotypus (vide Maas van der Kamer in Taxon 53: 833. 2004): [icon in] Kraenzl. in Engler, Pflanzenr. IV.47 (Heft 56): f. 12. 1912
Capparis cartilaginea Decne. in Ann. Sci. Nat. Bot., sér 2, 3: 273. 1835 [Dicot.: Cappar.]
Typus: Egypt, Sinai Desert, Jun 1832, Thomson (K)
(=) Capparis inermis Forssk., Fl. Aegypt.-Arab. Ind.: CXIII & 100. 1775
Neotypus (vide Rivera & al., Taxon 52: 357. 2003): S. Yemen, Jebel Shamsan, Tower of Silence & vicinity, 150 m, 7 Jun 1987, L. Boulos & al. 15560 (K)
Carduus thomsonii Hook. f., Fl. Brit. India 3: 361. Mar 1881 (‘thomsoni’) (orth. cons.) [Dicot.: Comp.]
Typus: [India/Pakistan] “Ladak”, alt. 12-13,000 ft. 20 Sep 1848, Bové (P, “type ... R.S. Rhagavan 11 Aug 1981”; isotypus: K)
(≡) Carduus ladak C. B. Clarke, Compos. Ind.: 215. Sep 1876
Carex filicina Nees in Wight, Contr. Bot. India: 123. Dec 1834 [Monocot.: Cyper.]
Typus: “Carex filicina [alpha] a N[ees ab] E[senbeck]”, peninsula Indiae orientalis, Herb. Wight No. 1916.a/127 ex herb. Arnott (E)
(=) Cyperus caricinus D. Don, Prodr. Fl. Nepal.: 39. 26 Jan - 1 Feb 1825
Holotypus: “Cyperus caricinus D. Don”, Nepal, from D. Don (K)
Carex lachenalii Schuhr, Beschr. Riedgräs.: 51. Apr-Mai 1801 [Monocot.: Cyper.]
Typus: “Carex lagenalii n. 79”, ex herb. Schkuhr (HAL)
(=) Carex tripartita All., Fl. Pedem. 2: 265. Apr-Jul 1785
Lectotypus (vide Turland in Taxon 46: 341. 1997): [icon in] Allioni, Fl. Pedem.: t. 92, f. 5. 1785
Cassia ligustrina L., Sp. Pl.: 378. 1 Mai 1753 [Dicot.: Legum.]
Typus: [icon in] Dillenius, Hort. Eltham.: t. 269, f. 338. 1732, excl. legum. (typ. cons.)
Cassine barbara L., Mant. Pl. 2: 220. Oct 1771 [Dicot.: Celastr.]
Typus: S. Africa, Western Cape, Rhenosterkop, Schlechter 10574 (PRE) (typ. cons.)
Cassine peragua L. [Dicot.: Celastr.], vide sub Cassine
Centaurea pumilio L., Cent. Pl. 1: 30. 19 Feb 1755 (‘pumilis‘) (orth. cons.) [Dicot.: Comp.]
Typus: Egypt, Alexandria, in arenosis maritimis ad Sidi-Gaber, 8 Apr 1908, Bornmüller 10781 (B) (typ. cons.)
Cereus jamacaru DC., Prodr. 3: 467. Mar 1828 [Dicot.: Cact.]
Typus: Brazil, Bahia, Mun. Curaçá, north of Barro Vermelho towards Curaçá, caatinga, 395 m, 7 Jan 1991, Taylor & al. 1369 (CEPC; isotypi: K, ZSS, HRCB) (typ. cons.)
Chelone hirsuta L., Sp. Pl.: 611. 1 Mai 1753 [Dicot.: Scroph.]
Typus: U.S.A., Maryland, Montgomery County, along River Road 0.9 miles west of the junction of West Willard Road, 9 Jun 1995, Reveal 7413 (BM), (typ. cons.)
Chondrilla nudicaulis L., Mant. Pl.: 278. Oct 1771 [Dicot.: Comp.]
Typus: Egypt, “Kairo, in palmetis ad El Marg”, 27 Apr 1908, Bornmüller 10830 (JE; isotypi: G, LD, LE) (typ. cons.)
Chrysanthemum coronarium L., Sp. Pl.: 890. 1 Mai 1753 [Dicot.: Comp.]
Typus: Greece, Kriti (Crete) Nomos Irakliou, Eparhia Kenourgiou, 500 m E of Gangales, E side of road to Vali (35°03‘39“N, 25°00‘57“E), 250 m, large field with Hordeum crop, 13 Apr 2003, Kyriakopoulos & Turland sub Turland 1166 (UPA; isotypi: B, BM, MO) (typ. cons.)
Cinchona dichotoma Ruiz & Pav., Fl. Peruv. 2: 53. Sep 1799 [Dicot.: Rub.]
Typus: Peru, Huánuco, Maquizapa on road to Mozón, 780 m, 20 Feb 1966, Schunke Vigo 1100 (NY; isotypi: F, MO, VEN) (typ. cons.)
Clausena pentaphylla DC., Prodr. 1: 538. Jan (med.) 1824 [Dicot.: Rut.]
Typus: India, Uttar Pradesh, “Cawnpore” [Kanpur], Roxburgh 2484 (BM) (typ. cons.)
Commelina benghalensis L., Sp. Pl.: 41. 1 Mai 1753 [Monocot.: Commelin.]
Typus: Herb. Linnaeus No. 65.16 (LINN) (typ. cons.)
Cordia myxa L. [Dicot.: Boragin.], vide sub Cordia
Coronilla valentina L. [Dicot.: Legum.], vide sub Coronilla
Corydalis solida (L.) Clairv., vide Fumaria bulbosa
Cotyledon orbiculata L. [Dicot.: Crassul.], vide sub Cotyledon
Crotalaria lotifolia L. [Dicot.: Legum.], vide sub Crotalaria
Cuscuta capitata Roxb., Fl. Ind. 1.: 468. 1820 [Dicot.: Convolvul.]
Typus: [India] “Hab. Himal. Bor. Occ. Regio temp. Kunawur” 1800-2400 m, on Thymus, Thomson (MO; isotypus: K) (typ. cons.)
Cyperus sanguinolentus Vahl, Enum. Pl. 2: 351. Oct-Dec 1805 [Monocot.: Cyper.]
Typus: India, Uttar Pradesh, N.W. Himalaya, Distr. Tehri-Garhwál, Oct 1894, Gamble 15117 (L No. 951.65-240) (typ. cons.)
Dioscorea sativa L. [Monocot.: Dioscor.], vide sub Dioscorea
Eremurus spectabilis M. Bieb., Fl. Taur.-Caucas. 3: 269. 1819 [Monocot.: Lil.]
Typus: Erymnurus [sic!] caucasicus “In montibus haud procul Sabli promont. Caucasici ad viam publicam quae ... ad pagum Alexandria, 1813” (LE) (typ. cons.)
Erica calycina L., Sp. Pl. ed. 2: 507. 1-20 Sep 1762 [Dicot.: Eric.]
Typus: South Africa: Cape Town, 3318CD, Tafelberg, plateau near reservoir, 28 Nov 1897, W. Froembling 325 (NBG) (typ. cons.)
Erica carnea L., Sp. Pl.: 355. 1 Mai 1753 [Dicot.: Eric.]
Typus: [icon] “Erica Coris folio IX”, Clusius, Rar. Pl. Hist.: 44. 1601
(=) Erica herbacea L., Sp. Pl.: 352. 1 Mai 1753
Lectotypus (vide Brickell & McClintock in Taxon 36: 480. 1987): [icon] “Erica Coris folio VII”, Clusius, Rar. Pl. Hist.: 44. 1601
Erica corifolia L., Sp. Pl.: 355. 1 Sep 1762 [Dicot.: Eric.]
Typus: South Africa, Cape District, Bothasig (Bosmansdam) 3318DC, 27 Oct 1965, E. Esterhuysen 31332 (NBG; isotypus: BOL) (typ. cons.)
Erica imbricata L., Sp. Pl. ed. 2: 503. 1-20 Sep 1762 [Dicot.: Eric.]
Typus: South Africa, Cape Penisula, 3418AB, Tokai Flats, 1 Oct 1916, W. Foley 10 (NBG; isotypus: BM) (typ. cons.)
Erica vagans L., Mant. Pl.: 230. Oct 1771 [Dicot.: Eric.]
Typus: U.K., Cornwall, Goonhilly, 12 Jul 1932, Turrill (K) (typ. cons.)
Eriocaulon lineare Small, Fl. S.E. U.S.: ed. 2: 236. 1328. 22 Jul 1903 [Monocot.: Eriocaul.]
Typus: USA: Florida, Leon County, c. 4 miles S of Tallahassee, 15 Aug 1962, R. Kral & R. K. Godfrey (NY; isotypi: DS, F, FSU, GA, GH, ILL, LAF, LL, MO, MSC, NCU, NCSC, NO, P, PAC, PH, POM, RSA, SMS, SMU, TEX, UC, US, VDB) (typ. cons.)
Eryngium bourgatii Gouan, Ill. Observ. Bot.: 7, t. 3. 1773 [Dicot.: Umbell.]
Typus: [icon. in] Gouan, Ill. Observ. Bot., t. 3. 1773
(=) Eryngium pallescens Mill., Gard. Dict., ed. 8: Eryngium No. 5. 16 Apr 1768 (‘pallescente’)
Lectotypus (vide Feliner in Taxon 50: 585. 2001): “Eryngium pallescens Miller. Type specimen. J. Bot. 1913. 132.” / “Hort. Habitat in Hispania, Jacquin.” Miller (excl. right-hand spec.) (BM)
Eugenia nitida Vell., Fl. Flumin.: 208. 7 Sep - 28 Nov 1829 [Dicot.: Myrt.]
Typus: [Brazil, Rio de Janeiro] Mikan 1047 (W; isotypi: F, K) (typ. cons.)
Euphorbia falcata L., Sp. Pl.: 456. 1 Mai 1753 [Dicot.: Euphorb.]
Typus: Arduino in Herb. Linnaeus No. 630.26, right-hand plant (LINN) (typ. cons.)
Eyrea rubelliflora F. Muell. in Linnaea 25: 403. 1853 [Dicot.: Comp.]
Typus: [W. Australia] Nickol River between Karratha and Roebourne, NW Costal Hwy, 20°48‘S, 116°55‘E, Hunger & Killian 3726 (MEL; isotypi: B, BM, CANB, K, Perth) (typ. cons.)
Festuca elmeri Scribn. & Merr., Bull. Torrey Bot. Club 29: 468. 1902 [Monocot.: Gram.]
Typus: U.S.A., California, Santa Clara Co., Stanford University, Apr. 1900, A. D. E. Elmer 2101 (US)
(=) Festuca howellii Hack. ex Beal, Grass. N. Amer. 2: 591. 1887
Typus: U.S.A., Oregon, Josephine Co., Deer Creek Mts. 5 Jul 1887, T. Howell 248 (MSC)
Ficus americana Aubl., Hist. Pl. Guinane 2: 952. Jun-Dec 1775 [Dicot.: Mor.]
Typus: [icon in] Plumier, Pl. Amer. (ed. Burman): t. 132, fig. 2. 1757
(≡) Ficus perforata L., Pl. Surin.: 17. 23 Jun 1775
Ficus crassipes F. M. Bailey, Rep. Pl. Prelim. Gen. Rep. Bot. Meston’s Exped. Bellenden-Ker Range: 2. 1889 [Dicot.: Mor.]
Typus: Australia, Queensland, Harvey’s Creek, Russell River, Bailey & Meston [s.n.] (BRI)
(H) Ficus crassipes (Heer) Heer, Fl. Foss. Arct. 6(2): 70. 1882 (Proteoides crassipes Heer, Fl. Foss. Arct. 3: 110. 1874) [Foss.]
Typus: non designatus
Ficus maxima Mill., Gard. Dict., ed. 8: Ficus No. 6. 16 Apr 1762 (‘maximus’) (orth. cons.) [Dicot.: Mor.]
Typus: Brazil, Amazonas: mun. Humaitá, nr. Tres Casas, 14 Sep-11 Oct 1934, Krukoff 6413 (NY; isotypi: A, F, G, K, MO, U (typ. cons.)
Ficus tiliifolia Baker in J., Linn. Soc., Bot. 21: 443. 1885 [Dicot.: Mor.]
Typus: Central Madagascar, Baron 3285 (P)
(H) Ficus tiliifolia (A. Braun) Heer, Fl. Tert. Helv. 2: 68. 1856 (‘tiliaefolia’) (Cordia tiliifolia A. Braun, Jahrb. Mineral. Geognosie Geol. Petrefaktenk.: 170. 1845 (‘Cordia? tiliaefolia’)) [Foss.]
Typus: non designatus
Ficus tremula Warb. in Bot. Jahrb. Syst. 20: 171. 1894 [Dicot.: Mor.]
Typus: Tanzania, “Sansibarküste: Bagamoyo”, Stuhlmann 274 (B)
(H) Ficus tremula Heer in Abh. Schweiz. Paläontol. Ges. 1: 11. 1874 [Foss.]
Typus: non designatus
Fraxinus angustifolia Vahl, Enum. Pl. 1: 52. Jul-Dec 1804 [Dicot.: Ol.]
Typus: Spain, Schousboe (C)
(=) Fraxinus rotundifolia Mill., Gard. Dict., ed. 8: Fraxinus No. 2. 16 Apr 1768
Lectotypus (vide Green in Kew Bull. 40: 131. 1985): [icon] “Fraxinus rotundiore folio”, Bauhin, Hist. Pl. Univ. 1(2): 177. 1650
Fumaria bulbosa L., nom. utique rej. [Dicot.: Papaver.], vide sub Corydalis
Galanthus elwesii Hook. f. in Bot. Mag.: ad t. 6166. 1 Mai 1875 [Monocot.: Amaryllid.]
Typus: Turkey, Adana Prov., north part of Giaour dagh, 600 m, 18 Mai 1879, Danford (K) (typ. cons.)
Gilia splendens Douglas ex H. Mason & A. D. Grant, Madroño 9: 212. 1948 [Dicot.: Polemon.]
Typus: [U.S.A.] California, Monterey Co., Santa Lucia Mts., Tassajara Hot Springs, alt. 1530 ft., 26 Apr 1933, Roxana S. Ferris 8317 (UC No. 524203; isotypi: DS, GH), (typ. cons.)
Glycine umbellata Muhl. ex Willd., Sp. Pl. 3: 1058. 1-10 Nov 1802 [Dicot.: Legum.]
Typus: U.S.A., S. Carolina, Georgetown County, E. side of Waccamaw River, 7 mi. NE of Georgetown, 12 Sep 1996, B. Seckinger 406 (USCH: isotypi: MEXU, MONT), (typ. cons.)
Gomphrena ficoidea L., Sp. Pl.: 225. 1 Mai 1753 [Dicot.: Amaranth.]
Typus: Herb. Linnaeus No. 290.23 (LINN) (typ. cons.)
Grewia mollis Juss. in Ann. Mus. Natl. Hist. Nat. 4: 91. 1804 [Dicot.: Til.]
Typus: Nigeria, Nupe, Barter 1097 (K) (typ. cons.)
Hedysarum cornutum L., Sp. Pl., ed. 2: 1060. Jul 1763 [Dicot.: Legum.]
Typus: Gérard 18 in Herb. Linnaeus No. 921.71 (LINN)
(≡) Hedysarum spinosum L., Syst. Nat., ed. 10: 1171. May-Jun 1759
Hedyotis fruticosa L. [Dicot.: Rub.], vide sub Hedyotis
Hibiscus sabdariffa L., Sp. Pl.: 695. 1 Mai 1753 [Dicot.: Malv.]
Typus: Herb. Clifford: p. 350, Hibiscus 6 (BM) (typ. cons.)
Hieracium gronovii L., Sp. Pl.: 802. 1 Mai 1753 [Dicot.: Comp.]
Typus: U.S.A., Virginia, Clayton 447 (BM) (typ. cons.)
Hypericum × desetangsii Lamotte in Bull. Soc. Bot. France 21: 121. 1874 [Dicot.: Gutt.]
Typus: France, Aisne, Villers-Cotterets, 17 Aug 1879, Bonnet & Delacour in exsicc. Soc. Dauphinoise 1880, No. 2409 (P) (typ. cons.)
Inga marginata Willd., Sp. Pl. 4: 1015. Apr 1806 [Dicot.: Legum.]
Typus: Venezuela, Caracas, Bredemeyer 5 (B-W No. 19031) (typ. cons.)
Inula verbascifolia (Willd.) Hausskn. in Mitth. Thüring. Bot. Vereins, ser. 2, 7: 32. 28 Mai 1895 (Conyza verbascifolia Willd., Sp. Pl. 3(3): 1924. 19 Mar 1803) [Dicot.: Comp.]
Typus: [Croatia] Flora Hungarica Exsiccata [Cent. III, Angiosp. 166] No. 256: Comit. Lika-Krbava, Montes Velebit. ... 2 Jul 1911, F. Filaszky & J. B. Kümmerle [s.n.], sub “Inula candida (L.) Cass.” (B; isotypi: BP, BR, C, G, GB, GZU, K, M, MO, S, SOM, US, W, Z, ZT) (typ. cons.)
(H) Inula verbascifolia Poir., Encycl. Méth. Bot. Suppl. 3: 154. 1813
Typus: “... originaire du Caucase ... cultive au Jardin des Plantes de Paris (P-herb. Desfon.)” [deest]
Ipomoea discolor (Kunth) G. Don, Gen. Hist. 4: 270. 1838 (Convolvulus discolor Kunth in Humboldt & al., Nov. Gen. Sp.: t. 212. Sep 1818) [Dicot.: Convolvul.]
Typus: Venezuela, Amazonas, banks of the Orinoco River, near Carichana, Humboldt & Bonpland 1045 (P)
(H) Ipomoea discolor Jacq., Pl. Hort. Schoenbr. 3: 6. 1798
Typus: [icon in] Jacquin, Pl. Hort. Schoenbr.: t. 261. 1798
Jatropha peragua L. [Dicot.: Euphorb.], vide sub Jatropha
Joosia dichotoma (Ruiz & Pav.) H. Karst., vide Cinchona dichotoma
Juncus arcuatus Wahlenb., Fl. Lapp.: 87, t. 4. 1812 [Monocot.: Junc.]
Typus: Sweden, Piteå Lappmark på Örfjället, 6 Sep 1807, Wahlenberg (UPS) (typ. cons.)
Juncus debilis A. Gray, Man. Bot.: 506. 1848 [Monocot.: Junc.]
Typus: U.S.A., Kentucky, Crab Orchard, 1 Aug 1835, Short (P)
(=) Juncus radicans Schlechtend., Linnaea 18: 442. Jun 1845
Lectotypus (vide Balslev in Fl. Neotrop. Monogr, 68: 118. 1996): Mexico, Veracruz, in rivulis Jalapa, Schiede (HAL)
Lantana camara L. [Dicot.: Solan.], vide sub Lantana
Launaea nudicaulis (L.) Murray, vide Chondrilla nudicaulis
Lepismium cruciforme (Vell.) Miq., vide Cactus cruciformis
Limonia monophylla L. [Dicot.: Rut.], vide sub Atalantia
Ludwigia repens J. R. Forst., Fl. Amer. Sept.: 6. 1771 [Dicot.: Onagr.]
Typus: [U.S.A.], Florida, near Jacksonville, Duval Co., 19 Mai 1894, A. H. Curtiss 4836 (MO; isotypi: FLAS, GA, GH, MSC, NA, NY, P, W) (typ. cons.)
Luzula nodulosa E. Mey., Linnaea 22: 410. 1849 [Monocot.: Junc.]
Typus: [Greece, Pylos, Arcadia], Chaubert (P)
(≡) Juncus graecus Chaub. & Bory, Nouv. Fl. Pélop.: 23, t. 12, fig. 1. 1838
Lycopersicon esculentum Mill., Gard. Dict., ed. 8: Lycopersicon No. 1. 16 Apr 1768 (Solanum lycopersicum L., Sp. Pl.: 185. 1 Mai 1753) [Dicot.: Solan.]
Typus: Herb. Linnaeus No. 248.16 (LINN)
(≡) Lycopersicon lycopersicum (L.) H. Karsten, Deut. Fl.: 966. Nov 1882 (‘Lycopersicum lycopersicum‘)
Maerua crassifolia Forssk., Fl. Aegypt.-Arab.: 104. 1 Oct 1775 [Dicot.: Cappar.]
Typus: Yemen, between Watadah and Sirwah, Wood 3153 (BM) (typ. cons.)
Magnolia kobus DC., Syst. Nat. 1: 456. 1-15 Nov 1817 [Dicot.: Magnol.]
Typus: [icon in] Kaempfer, Icon. Sel. Pl.: t. 42. 1791 (typ. cons.)
Matricaria recutita L. [Dicot.: Comp.], vide sub Matricaria
Melica transsilvanica Schur, Enum. Pl. Transsilv. 764. Apr-Jun 1866 [Monocot.: Gram.]
Typus: [Germany] (Siebenburgen): Auf Wiesen um Hermannstadt in Grasgärten (“Melica caespitosa Schur”), 6 Aug 1850, Schur (WU)
(=) Melica caricina d’Urv., in Mém., Soc. Linn. Paris: 1: 263. 1822
Typus: [Ukraine, Crimea] “In pascuis Tauris frequens, ad littore Bosphori Cimmeriani [Kerch Strait]. 1820”, Dumont d’Urville (P)
Melochia corchorifolia L. [Dicot.: Stercul.], vide sub Melochia
Mespilus cotoneaster L., Sp. Pl.: 479. 1 Mai 1753 [Dicot.: Ros.]
Typus: Sweden, Uppland, Norby lund, at the Linnaean path, 15 Jul 2002, S. Ryman 9126 (UPS) (typ. cons.)
Mimosa pigra L., Cent. Pl. I: 13. 19 Feb 1755 [Dicot.: Legum.]
Typus: Mozambique, Gaza District, between Chibuto and Canicado by R. Limpopo, Barbosa & Lemos 7999 (K; isotypi: COI, LISC, LMJ) (typ. cons.)
Mitrephora maingayi Hook. f. & Thomson, Fl. Brit. India 1: 77. 1872 [Dicot.: Annon.]
Typus: Maingay (K; isotypi: BM, GH, L)
(=) Mitrephora teysmannii Scheff., Natuurk. Tijdschr. Ned.-Indië 31: 12. 1868 (‘teysmanni’)
Typus: Cult. Hort. Bogor. [orig. coll. in Bangka], R. H. C. C. Scheffer (BO)
Myrtus fragrans Sw., Prodr.: 79. 20 Jun-29 Jul 1788 [Dicot.: Myrt.]
Typus: Jamaica, Swartz (BM) (typ. cons.)
Nicotiana plumbaginifolia Viv., Elench. Pl.: t. 1. 1802 [Dicot.: Solan.]
Typus: [icon in] Vivani, Elench. Pl.: t. 1. 1802
(=) Nicotiana pusilla L., Syst. Nat., ed. 10: 933. Mai-Jun 1759
Lectoypus (vide Knapp & Clarkson in Taxon 53: 844. 2004): [icon in] Miller, Fig. Pl. Gard. Dict.: t. 185, f. 2. 1757
(=) Nicotiana humilis Mill., Gard. Dict., ed. 8: Nicotiana No. 10. 16 Apr 1768
Lectotypus (vide Knapp & Clarkson in Taxon 53: 844. 2004): “herb. Miller E Vera Cruz Houston” (BM No. 776388)
(=) Nicotiana tenella Cav., Descr. Pl. 1: 105. 1801
Lectotypus: (vide Knapp & Clarkson in Taxon 53: 844. 2004): “Ex Acapulco, Née dedit.” (MA No. 307526)
Onobrychis cornuta (L.) Desv., vide Hedysarum cornutum
Ononis spinosa L., Sp. Pl.: 716. 1 Mai 1753 [Dicot.: Legum.]
Typus: Herb. Burser XXI: 79 (UPS) (typ. cons.)
Ophrys barbata Walter, Fl. Carol.: 221. Apr-Jun 1788 [Monocot.: Orchid.]
Typus: United States, Florida, Baker County, Osceola National Forest, 21 Mar 1991 Orzell & Bridges 16163 (TEX; isotypi: FLAS, FTG, NY, US, USF) (typ. cons.)
Ophrys speculum Link in J. Bot. (Schrader) 1799(2): 324. Apr 1800 [Monocot.: Orchid.]
Typus: “Ophrys Speculum nb.” [Portugal, near Setubal], Link (B-W No. 16940-1, sub Ophrys scolopax) (typ. cons.)
Orchis majalis Rchb., Iconogr. Bot., Pl. Crit. 6: 7, t. DLXV. 1828 [Monocot.: Orchid.]
Typus: [icon] “Orchis latifolia” in Sturm, Deutschl. Fl. Abt. 1, 2(7): t. XX(1). 1799
(=) Orchis vestita Lag. & Rodr. in Anales Ci. Nat. 16: 142. 1803
Typus: “Tanger”, s. ann. et coll. (non loc.)
(=) Orchis sesquipedalis Willd., Sp. Pl. 4: 30. 1805
Typus: “Lusitania”, s. ann., Linck (B, Herb. Willd. No. 16838)
(=) Orchis elata Poir., Voy. Barbarie 2: 248. 1789
Typus: “Numidia”, 1785 or 1786, Poiret (W, Herb. Rchb. f. No. 12846)
Oreodoxa regia Kunth in Humboldt & al., Nov. Gen. Sp., ed. fº: 244; ed. 4º: 305. Aug (sero) 1816 [Monocot.: Palm.]
Typus: Cuba, Havana, Bonpland 1276 (P-Bonpl.)
(=) Palma elata W. Bartram, Travels Carolina: iv, 115-116. 1791
Neotypus (vide Zona in Taxon 43: 662. 1994): U.S.A., Florida, Collier County, Zona & Bigelow 406 (FLAS)
Osteospermum spinosum L. [Dicot.: Comp.], vide sub Osteospermum
Paspalum dasypleurum Kunze ex E. Desv. in Gay, Fl. Chil. 6: 242. 1854 [Monocot.: Gram.]
Typus: Chile, VIII Región: Antuco, Poeppig 19(39) (M)
(=) Paspalum cumingii Nees ex Steud., Syn. Pl. Glumac. 1: 23. 1853
Typus: Chile, V Región: Valparaíso, Cuming 756 (P)
(=) Paspalum pachyrrhizum Steud., Syn. Pl. Glumac. 1: 23. 1853
Lectotypus (vide Zuloaga & Morrone Taxon 49: 561. 2000): Chile, X Región: Valdivia, Lechler 310 (P)
(=) Paspalum paradisiacum Steud., Syn. Pl. Glumac. 1: 23. 1853
Typus: Chile, V Región, Valparaíso, Bertero 1222 (P)
Paullinia asiatica L. [Dicot.: Rut.], vide sub Toddalia
Passiflora incarnata L. [Dicot.: Passiflor.], vide sub Passiflora
Patosia clandestina (Phil.) Buchenau, vide Rostkovia clandestina Phil.
Penstemon hirsutus (L.) Willd., vide Chelone hirsuta
Peperomia nitida Dahlst., Kongl. Svenska Veterskapsakad Handl. 33(2): 92. 1900 [Dicot.: Piper.]
Typus: Brazil, São Paulo, Campinas supra saxa humo tecta umbrosa. Mosen 3986 [‘3985’] (S)
(H) Peperomia nitida Sessé & Moc., Fl. Mex. ed. 1: 11. 1893
Typus: non designatus
Persicaria maculosa Gray, Nat. Arr. Brit. Pl. 2: 269. 1 Nov 1821 (Polygonum persicaria L., Sp. Pl.: 361. 1 Mai 1753) [Dicot.: Polygon.]
Typus: Herb. Burser IV: 101, left-hand plant (UPS)
(≡) Persicaria mitis Delarbre, Fl. Auvergne, ed. 2: 518. Aug 1800
Persicaria mitis (Schrank) Assenov in Jordanov, Fl. Nar. Rep. Bălg. 3: 239. 19 Dec 1966 (Polygonum mite Schrank, Baier. Fl.: 668. Jun-Dec 1789) [Dicot.: Polygon.]
Typus: [Germany] “Bayerischer Wald, Wiesentener Forst nördlich Wiesent an der Strasse nach Frauenzell, feuchter Waldwegrand in Fichtenforst”, 430-445 m, 1 Sep 1993, Schuwerk 93/475 (M) (typ. cons.)
(H) Persicaria mitis Delarbre, Fl. Auvergne, ed. 2: 518. Aug 1800
Persicaria maculosa Gray (nom. cons.)
Peucedanum capense (Thunb.) Sond. in Harvey & Sonder, Fl. Cap. 2: 554. 15-31 Oct 1862 (Laserpitium capense Thunb., Prodr. Pl. Cap.: 50. 1794) [Dicot.: Umbell.]
Typus: S. Africa, “e Cap. b. Spei”, Thunberg (UPS, Herb. Thunberg No. 6950)
(H) Peucedanum capense (Eckl. & Zeyh.) D. Dietr., Syn. Pl. 2: 967. 1 Dec 1840 (Oreoselinum capense Eckl. & Zeyh., Enum. Pl. Afric. Austral.: 350. Apr 1837)
Typus: S. Africa, Cape, Stellenbosch, Klapmuts, Ecklon & Zeyher 2239 (S)
Peucedanum nodosum L., Sp. Pl.: 246. 1 Mai 1753 [Dicot.: Umbell.]
Typus: [Greece, Crete] “in pratis supra Kastelli Pedhiada” 2 Jul 1899, Baldacci 317 (BM) (typ. cons.)
Phalaenopsis sumatrana Korth. & Rchb. f. in Hamburger Garten- Blumenzeitung, 16: 115. Mar 1860 [Monocot.: Orchid.]
Typus: [icon] “Phalaenopsis zebrina” in Ann. Hort. Bot. 4: 145. 1860 (typ. cons.)
Phaseolus helvolus L., Sp. Pl.: 724. 1 Mai 1753 (‘helvulus‘) (orth. cons.) [Dicot.: Legum.]
Typus: U.S.A., S. Carolina, Georgetown Co., edge of marsh on ocean side of Beach Rd., about 1 mile N of tis terminus on South Island, 22 Aug 1991, J. B. Nelson 11,140 (USCH; isotypus: MEXU) (typ. cons.)
Physocarpus opulifolius (L.) Maxim. in Trudy Imp. S.-Petersburgsk. Bot. Sada 6: 220. Jul-Aug 1879 (Spiraea opulifolia L., Sp. Pl.: 489. 1 Mai 1753) [Dicot.: Ros.]
Typus: U.S.A., Virginia, Herb. Linnaeus No. 651.12 (LINN)
(H) Physocarpus opulifolius Raf., New Gl. 3: 73. Jan-Mar 1838 (‘Physocarpa opulifolia’)
Typus: non designatus
Pinus maximinoi H. E. Moore in Baileya 14: 8. 15 Jan 1966 [Gymnosp.: Pin.]
Typus: Guatemala, Hartweg 620 (K; isotypi: B, BM, CGE, FI, MO, NY, P, W)
(=) Pinus escandoniana Roezl, Cat. Grain. Conif. Mexic.: 24. Jun 1857
Typus (vide Farjon in Neotrop. Monogr. 75: 144. 1997): Mexico, Mt. Tzompoli, Roezl (FI)
(=) Pinus hoseriana Roezl, Cat. Grain. Conif. Mexic.: 24. Jun 1857
Typus (vide Farjon in Neotrop. Monogr. 75: 144. 1997): Mexico, Mt. Tzompoli, Roezl (FI)
(=) Pinus tzompoliana Roezl, Cat. Grain. Conif. Mexic.: 24. Jun 1857
Typus (vide Farjon in Neotrop. Monogr. 75: 144. 1997): Mexico, Mt. Tzompoli, Roezl (FI)
Poa pratensis L., Sp. Pl.: 67. 1 Mai 1753 [Monocot.: Gram.]
Typus: Rossia, Prov. Sanct-Petersburg, 5 km australi-occidentem versus a st. viae ferr., Mga., pratulum ad ripam dextra fl,. Mga. 26 Jun 1997, Tzvelev N-257 (BM) (typ. cons.)
Podocarpus affinis Seem., Fl. Vit.: 266. 28 Feb 1868 [Gymnosp.: Podocarp.]
Typus: Fiji, Viti Levu: Namosi, Voma Peak, Seemann 574 (K; isotypi: BM, E, GH)
(H) Podocarpus affinis A. Massal., Syll. Pl. Foss.: 41. 1859 [Foss.]
Typus: non designatus
Polygonum barbatum L., Sp. Pl.: 362. 1 Mai 1753 [Dicot.: Polygon.]
Typus: China, Canton, Sep 1885, T. Sampson 541 (BM) (typ. cons.)
Potamogeton maackianus A. Benn. in J. Bot. 42: 74. Mar 1904 [Monocot.: Potamogeton.]
Typus: “Ussurien, am Flusse Sungatchi”, Maack (LE)
(≡) Potamogeton serrulatus Regel & Maack in Mém., Acad. Imp. Saint Petersbourg, sér. 7, 4(4): 139. Dec 1861
Potamogeton schweinfurthii A. Benn. in Dyer, Fl. Trop. Afr. 8: 220. 1901 [Monocot.: Potamogeton.]
Typus: “Plantae Abyssinicae, Im Zana [sic! = Lake T’ana] (im offenem Wasser, nah am Ufer) bei Angasha, 9 Nov [18]63”, Schimper-1359 (K) (typ. cons.)
Potentilla nivea L., Sp. Pl.: 499. 1 Mai 1753 [Dicot.: Ros.]
Typus: Sweden, Torne Lappmark, Abisko area, Latnjajaure, Eriksen 620 (GB; isotypi: ALA, BM, C, H, LE, G, S, UPS) (typ. cons.)
Pycreus sanguinolentus (Vahl) Nees, vide Cyperus sanguinolentus
Pyracantha coccinea M. Roem., Fam. Nat. Syn. Monogr. 3: 219. Apr. 1847 [Dicot.: Ros.]
Typus: [Austria] “In Comitatu Tyroliensi ad rivum in sabulo”, Herb. Burser XIV: 8 (UPS)
(=) Mespilus pauciflora Poir. in Lamarck, Encycl., 4: 441. 1 Nov 1798
Lectotypus (vide Muñoz & Aedo in Taxon 47: 171. 1998): “De Vidi vers Lausanne”, Reynier (P-LAM)
Quercus pubescens Willd., Berlin. Baumz.: 279. 1796 [Dicot.: Fag.]
Typus: France, Vaucluse, Mont Ventoux, 19 Sep 1877, Reverchon (K) (typ. cons.)
(=) Quercus humilis Mill., Gard. Dict., ed. 8: Quercus No. 4. 16 Apr 1768
Lectotypus (vide Franco & López in Anales Jard. Bot. Madrid 44: 556. 1987): “Quercus robur V humilis”, Miller (BM)
Ranunculus lobatus Jacquem. ex Cambess. in Jacquemont, Voy. Inde 4(Bot.): 4, t. 1B. 1841 [Dicot.: Ranuncul.]
Typus: “Ranunculus lobatus” [icon in] Jacquemont, Voy. Inde 4(Bot.): t. 1B. 1841
(H) Ranunculus lobatus Moench, Methodus: 214. 1794
Lectotypus (vide Lourteig in Darwiniana 9: 487. 1951): Herb. Linnaeus No. 715.66 (LINN)
Ribes leptostachyum Benth., Pl. Hartw.: 186. 1845 [Dicot.: Grossular.]
Typus: Chile, Coquimbo, Los Patos, R. A. Philippi (SGO; isotypus: K)
(H) Ribes leptostachyum Decne. in Jacquemont, Voy. Inde 4(Bot.): 65, t. 76. 1841
Typus: Colombia, Cauca, “Popayán, in ascensu ad Páramo de Guanacas, alt. 10,000 ad 10,500 ped.” Hartweg 1027 (K; isotypi: G, K, P, W)
Rosa cinnamomea L. [Dicot.: Ros.], vide sub Rosa
Rostkovia clandestina Phil. in Linnaea 29: 76. 1857 [Monocot.: Junc.]
Typus: India, “In Kanawer inter Soungnum et in montibus Lapann,” alt. 3500 m, Jacquemont (P)
Roystonea regia (Kunth) O. F. Cook, vide Oreodoxa regia
Rubus fruticosus L. [Dicot.: Ros.], vide sub Rubus
Rudbeckia purpurea L., Sp. Pl.: 907. 1 Mai 1753 [Dicot.: Comp.]
Typus: [U.S.A., Arkansas] “Echinacea serotina Arkansa”, Nuttall (BM No. 541360) (typ. cons.)
Rumex acetosa L., Sp. Pl.: 337. 1 Mai 1753 [Dicot.: Polygon.]
Typus: Sweden, Södermanland, Salem, Wiksberg, Jonsell 7110 (UPS, isotypi: BM, C, H, K, LD, O, S) (typ. cons.)
(=) Rostkovia brevifolia Phil. in Linnaea 29: 76. 1857
Lectotypus (vide Balslev in Fl. Neotrop. Mongr. 64: 46. 1996): Chile, Laguna de Malvarco, Jan 1856, Germain (SGO No. 63044)
Rumex alpinus L., Sp. Pl.: 334. 1 Mai 1753 [Dicot.: Polygon.]
Typus: Herb. Linn. 464.35 (LINN) (typ. cons.)
Salix alba L. [Dicot.: Salic.], vide sub Salix
Salsola rosacea L., Sp. Pl.: 222. 1 Mai 1753 [Dicot.: Chenopod.]
Typus: [Kazakhstan] Taldy-Kurgan distr., NE corner of Katutau, upper part of gorge Kybe Sang c. 60 km W of Dzharkent (Panfilov) at road to Sary-Ozek, c. 1200 m, 9 Sep 1992, (LE; isotypi: AA, B, C, K, KAS) (typ. cons.)
Sarracenia purpurea L., Sp. Pl.: 510. 1 Mai 1753 [Dicot.: Sarracen.]
Typus: Canada, Quebec, Amos, East Abitibi County: about 4 miles west around Lake Beauchamp, 7 Jan 1952, Baldwin & Breitung 2910 (K; isotypi: CAN, GH, MT, O, WLU) (typ. cons.)
Saussurea piptathera Edgew. in Trans. Linn. Soc. London 20: 76. 29 Aug 1846 [Dicot.: Comp.]
Typus: Kashmir, 1833 Royle (G.-DC)
(≡) Saussurea indica Sch. Bip. in Linnaea 19(3): 331. Jul 1846
Schedonorus arundinaceus (Schreb.) Dumort., Obser. Gramin. Belg.: 106. 1824 (Festuca arundinacea Schreb., Spic. Fl. Lips.: 57. 1771) [Monocot.: Gram.]
Typus: [icon in] Scheuzer, Agrostographia, t. 5, f. 18. 1719
(H) Schedonorus arundinaceus Roem. & Schult., Syst. Veg. 2: 700. 1817 (‘Schenodorus’)
Typus: Sweden, Norshom, Ostrogothia, Liljeblad (UPS)
Scleria flagellum-nigrorum Berg. in Kongl. Vetensh. Acad. Handl. 26: 142, t. 4-5. 1765 [Monocot.: Cyper.]
Typus: Surinam, Rolander (SBT) (typ. cons.)
Scleria pauciflora Muhl. ex Willd., Sp. Pl. 4: 318. 1805 [Monocot.: Cyper.]
Typus: [U.S.A.], “in Pennsylvania”. Muhlenberg (B-W No. 17333) (typ. cons.)
Scrophularia auriculata L., Sp. Pl.: 620. 1 Mai 1753 [Dicot.: Scrophular.]
Typus: “Habitat in Hispania” Herb. Linnaeus No. 773.4 (LINN) (typ. cons.)
Senna ligustrina (L.) H. S. Irwin & Barneby, vide Cassia ligustrina
Sesamum indicum L., Sp. Pl.: 634. 1 Mai 1753 [Dicot.: Pedal.]
Typus: Herb. Linnaeus No. 802.3 (LINN)
(=) Sesamum orientale L., Sp. Pl.: 634. 1 Mai 1753
Lectotypus (vide Bruce in Turrill & Milne-Redhead, Fl. Trop. E. Afr. Pedal.: 19. 1953): Herb. Clifford: 318, Sesamum No. 1 (BM)
Silene apetala Willd., Sp. Pl. 2: 703. Mar 1799 [Dicot.: Caryophyll.]
Typus: Spain, Cádiz, “sec. aggeres viae ferreae inter Algeciras et S. Roque”, 19 Apr 1895, Porta & Rigo 78 (B) (typ. cons.)
Silene gallica L., Sp. Pl.: 417. 1 Mai 1753 [Dicot.: Caryophyll.]
Typus: Herb. Linnaeus No. 583.11 (LINN)
(=) Silene anglica L., Sp. Pl.: 416. 1 Mai 1753
Lectotypus (vide Talavera & Muñoz in Anales Jard. Bot. Madrid 45: 408. 1989): Herb. Linnaeus No. 583.1 (LINN)
(=) Silene lusitanica L., Sp. Pl.: 416. 1 Mai 1753
Lectotypus (vide Talavera & Muñoz in Anales Jard. Bot. Madrid 45: 408. 1989): Herb. Linnaeus No. 583.6 (LINN)
(=) Silene quinquevulnera L., Sp. Pl.: 416. 1 Mai 1753
Lectotypus (vide Talavera & Muñoz in Anales Jard. Bot. Madrid 45: 409. 1989): “in Lusatia, Italia, Gallia”, Herb. Burser XI: 72 (UPS)
Silene sieberi Fenzl, Pug. Pl. Nov. Syr.: 8. Mai-Jun 1842 [Dicot.: Caryophyll.]
Typus: Creta, “Silene caesia Sbr.” [1817, Sieber] (G-BOIS) (typ. cons.)
Spartium capense L., Pl. Rar. Afr.: 14. 20 Dec 1760 [Dicot.: Legum.]
Typus: [S. Africa, Western Cape Prov., Cape Penins.], “Cape of Good Hope Nature Reserve, c. 0.9 km. from entrance gate on gravel slope along roadside near resting place”, 100 m., 10 Dec 1995, Campbell & Van Wyk 151 (NBG: isotypi: K, MO, PRE) (typ. cons.)
Stipa robusta (Vasey) Scribn. in U.S.D.A. Bull. (1895-1901) 5: 23. 19 Feb 1897 (Stipa viridula var. robusta Vasey in Contr. U.S. Natl. Herb. 1: 56. 13 Jun 1890) [Monocot.: Gram.]
Typus: U.S.A., New Mexico, 1881, Vasey (US No. 993051) (typ. cons.)
Strophostyles helvola (L.) Elliott, vide Phaseolus helvolus
Tetracera volubilis L., Sp. Pl.: 533. 1 Mai 1753 [Dicot.: Dillen.]
Typus: Mexico, Veracruz, Zacupan, Sulphur Spring, Dec 1906, Purpus 2206 (F; isotypus: US No. 840326) (typ. cons.)
Thalictrum foetidum L. [Dicot.: Ranuncul.], vide sub Thalictrum
Thyrsostachys siamensis Gamble in Ann. Roy. Bot. Gard. (Calcutta) 7: 59. 1896 [Monocot.: Gram.]
Typus: Thailand, Kurz (K)
Tilia platyphyllos Scop., Fl. Carniol., ed. 2, 1: 373. 1772 [Dicot.: Til.]
Typus: cultivated in England, Cambridge; seedling from N. Slovenia, Bohinjska Bela, 2 Aug 1995, Pigott 95-97 (BM; isotypi: B, K) (typ. cons.)
(≡) Bambusa regia Munro in Trans. Linn. Soc. London 26: 116. 5 Mar - 11 Apr 1868
Toddalia asiatica (L.) Lam., vide Paullinia asiatica
Tournefortia hirsutissima L. [Dicot.: Boragin.], vide sub Tournefortia
Triticum aestivum L., Sp. Pl.: 85. 1 Mai 1753 [Monocot.: Gram.]
Typus: Herb. Clifford: 24, Triticum No. 3. (BM)
(=) Triticum hybernum L., Sp. Pl.: 86. 1 Mai 1753
Lectotypus (vide Hanelt & al. in Taxon 32: 492. 1983): Herb. Clifford: 24, Triticum No. 2. (BM)
Uvularia perfoliata L., Sp. Pl.: 304. 1 Mai 1753 [Monocot.: Lil.]
Typus: Virginia, Clayton 258 (BM) (typ. cons.)
Vellozia candida J. C. Mikan, Del. Fl. Faun. Bras. 2: ad t. [7]. 1822 [Monocot.: Velloz.]
Typus: [icon in] Mikan, Del. Fl. Faun. Bras. 2: t. [7]. 1822 (typ. cons.)
(=) Vellozia tertia Spreng., Neue Entd. 2: 108. Jan 1821 [Velloz.]
Neotypus (vide Mello-Silva & Nic Lughadha in Taxon 48: 581. 1999): [icon in] Mikan, Del. Fl. Faun. Bras. 2: t. [7]. 1822
Veronica cinerea Boiss. & Balansa, Diagn. Pl. Orient., sér. 2, 6: 131. Jul-Dec 1859 [Dicot.: Scrophular.]
Typus: Turkey, Kayseri Prov., “regioni subalpina montis Karamas dagh ... propre Caesaream” [Kayseri], 3 Jul 1856, Balansa 1025 (W)
(H) Veronica cinerea Raf., New. Fl.: 4: 39. 1838
Typus: non designatus
Vitex payos (Lour.) Merr., vide Allasia payos
Wormia suffruticosa Griff. ex Hook. f. & Thomson in Hooker, Fl. Brit. India 1: 35. Mai 1872 [Dicot.: Dillen.]
Typus: Malacca, 1845, Griffith 55 (K)
(=) Wormia subsessilis Miq., Fl. Ned. Ind., Eerste Bijv. 3: 619. Dec 1861
Typus: Banka, Teysmann 3203 HB (U)


Filicites heterophyllus Brongn., vide sub Neuropteris
Neuropteris heterophylla (Brongn.) Sternb., vide Filicites heterophyllus