Rosas of Andel, North Brabant, The Netherlands


This page is made possible by the joint efforts of Wil Keulemans, Jos de Kloe, Engel Roza and Valentine van Zee. Basically it is an extention of the article by Piet Sanders', "Genealogie Roosa of Rosa te Andel", as published in GTMWB ("Genealogisch Tijdschrift voor Midden en West Noord-Brabant en de Bommelerwaard"), 1981.


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B-I-a <A-III-b in Some Herwijnen Residents> HEIJMAN GIJSBERTS [ROSA], probably born in Herwijnen circa 1580-85, was the son of Gijsbert Goerts [Roosa/Rosa] and Maria (Marije) Alerts <A-II-a>. He was still living in 1637, but had died before 1651. Heijman was married to IJken (Eijke) Jan Kuijstendr of Andel, North Brabant, Netherlands.

Most of their children and their descendants remained in Andel for generations. For a modern day map of Andel it's vicinity click here.

For notes on Heijman, his wife, and his wife's family click here.

His children, presumably by Eijke Jans Kuijsten:

[Recorded by] Schepenen (Bank of Tuil) Goirt Janssoon & [Abraham Gijsbertsz] Roosa:
--Gijsbert Abrahamssoon vs. Imbert Janssen & Gijsbert Hijmensz-- IMBERT JANSSEN and GIJSBERT HIJMONSZ as husband and "momber" (guardian) of DIRKSKEN JANS have sold 8.5 hont land or so large and small as it is situated in Herwijnen in the Broekgraeff, where east and west of it is I (Gijsbert Abrahamssoon) ROOSA, south is the parsonage and north of it is the pre-mentioned Broekgraeff sold them for a free own farmyard and property without dike and without tithes to possess and own in hereditary and the before mentioned persons testify and believe the 8.5 hont land before mentioned with full value from the inventory of JAN IMBERTSZ and further because of her according to the customs of the country to meet until "Petri ad Cathedram" (22 Feb) from now 12 Aug 1638. (Judicial Archive of Tuil, # 1249, folio 28. Translated by Marco Schelling.) Note: from this record it is not certain that Gijsbert Heijmonsz was a Rosa, but the likelihood seems strong.
Her brother, Jan Heijmanszoon Rosa, was made guardian of Anneke's children.
Anneke was married to JOOST ASSWERENSSE (Sweers) DE COCK, born circa 1613, died before 27 Jun 1693, widower of ADRIAENTGEN WILLEMS DE POORTER, born circa 1613-20. (GTMWB, 1999, no. 4, p. 246.)
JOOST SWEEREN DE COCK, is mentioned as a neighboring property owner in the polder "Kammet" on 2 Jan 1664, 10 Mar 1666, and 1 Nov 1666. (Judicial Archives at Heusden: Woudrichem R407.) He is again so mentioned on 1 Jan 1669 (Judicial Archives at Heusden: Woudrichen R406); on 24 Mar 1683 and 7 Jan 1695 (Judicial Archives: Andel R7). The "Kammet" is located within the larger polder of "Opperste" in the eastern part of Andel. This same property is mentioned on 27 Jun 1693 when it is stated that JOOST SWEERE DE COCK, in his life schout of Wijk, owed a rent of 6 guilders, yearly, on a piece of property in Andel, at which time his children signed a letter in which they abandon this land and leave it to the village of Andel. WILLEM JOOSTEN DE KOCK is mentioned as his eldest son. The rent had been paid to 1690. After this the village had leased the property. (Archives of the Geestelijk Kantoor Delft kept at Den Haag, inv. No. 600.)
JOOST SWEEREN DE COCK, schout of Wijck, purchased on 27 Jan 1668 some ground in Andel from JAN HEIJMANSZ. ROSA, for the amount of 125 guilders. (Judicial Archives at Heusden: Woudrichen R407.) This land located in the "Sint Rombouts Polder", was located in the north-western part of the village, next to Giessen. This same property was sold by JOOST DE KOCK, schout of Wijck on 9 Dec 1676 to JAN BASTIAENSZ. CRULLART for 77 guilders, paid. (Judicial Archives at Heusden: Andel R7)
Courtesy of: Jos de Kloe, who continues to study many families of Andel. If you have not already found his Andel webpage you might want to take a look (Mostly in Dutch, but some in English as well):


B-II-a JAN (Johan) HEIJMANS [ROSA], born circa 1612-14 of Andel.

Mentioned in Andel, North Brabant (Oude Land van Altena) 1654, 1656 & 1658. (Van Alphen, Evert, "Het Geslacht Rosa" [The Family Rosa], Gens Nostra, January, 1965, p. 22-25.) Guardian to his sister Anneke's children.

His children from an unknown woman:


B-II-b GOVERT (GEURT) HEIJMANS [ROSA], born circa 1610-15 of Andel, died between 15 Nov 1660 and 30 May 1662 there, son of B-I-a. Govert was married to ARIAENTJE JANS, born circa 1615-9.

Named, as "de Roos" (the Rose) in the christening record of his son in 1657; and mentioned in Andel records in 1635 and 1656. (Alphen, van, Evert, "Het Geslacht Rosa" [The Family Rosa], Gens Nostra, January, 1965, p. 22-25.)

From this marriage:

Heijman was schepen of Andel. He can be found in records as Heijman Goverts Rosa in the years 1663. 1664, 1666, 1671, 1677, 1678 and 1683.
On 28 Nov 1688 Jeffken Goverts Pulle, widow of Heijmen Goverts Roosa was named heir in the will of her brother, Adriaen Goverts Pulle. (Andel R8)
No known children.



B-IV-a PETER (Pieter) JANS ROSA, born circa 1675 of Andel, buried on 30 Dec 1729 there, aged 54 years, son of B-III-b. Peter was married at the age of 26 to MARIA ARIENS KUIPERS, born circa 1680 of Hemert, (Netherland), (banns published February 26, 1701 at Andel).

From this marriage:


B-IV-b GOVERT JANS ROSA, born circa 1677 probably of Andel, son of B-III-b. Govert was married 11 May 1704 at Veen, North Brabant (banns published 19 Apr 1704) to LIJSBETH JANSZE VAN RIJSWIJK, (aged 27 years), christened on 22 Jan 1677 at Veen, the daughter of Jan Jansen Van Rijswijk and Willemke Adriaens Van Den Biesheuvel.

From this marriage:

No children christened at Andel.
No children christened at Andel.


B-IV-c GEERTRUIJ AERTS ROSA, christened on 3 Sep 1702 at Andel, buried on 5 Jan 1748 there, aged 45 years, daughter of B-III-c. Married between 30 Oct and 21 Nov 1734 at Andel (banns published 30 Oct 1734) at the age of 32, to JAN THONIJ STRAVERS, widower, christened on 16 Mar 1683 at Babilonienbrock, North Brabant, buried on 29 Apr 1750 at Andel, aged 67 years, son of Thonnij Hendricksen Straver and Jenneke Jan Joosten van Herwijnen (christened on 21 Sep 1651 at Babilonienbrock). Jan was married on 6 Nov 1718 at Dussen, North Brabant (banns published 16 Oct 1718), at the age of 35 to (1) MARIA DE ROIJ, born circa 1688 of Dussen, North Brabant, died before October 1734.

Jan and Maria had:

Jan and Geertruij had:

Geertruij previously had a daughter by an unknown man:


B-IV-d GIJSBERT AERTS ROSA, christened on 27 Feb 1707 at Andel, buried on 20 Mar 1754 there, aged 47 years, son of B-III-c. Gijsbert was married on 18 Mar 1734 at Herwijnen, Gelderland to (1) GEERTRUI AART NOUTH, of Hellouw, Gelderland. He was married on 19 Apr 1745 at Andel, (banns published 26 Mar 1745), at the age of 38 to (2) ANTHONETTA STEVEN VAN VUUREN, (aged 31 years), christened on 26 Nov 1713 at Andel, buried on 11 Feb 1774 there, aged 60 years, daughter of Steven Jans van Vuuren.

From this second marriage:


B-V-a ADRIAAN PIETERS ROSA, christened on 17 Oct 1703 at Andel, buried on 20 Sep 1732 there, aged 28 years, son of B-IV-a. Adriaan was married 11 May 1727 at Babilonienbrock, North Brabant (banns published 18 Ap 1727), at the age of 23 to (1) HELENA ISAKS VAN DER BEEK, (aged 30 years), christened on 7 Oct 1696 at Babilonienbrock, North Brabant, died between 22 May - 23 Jul 1729, aged at most 32 years.

From this marriage:

Adriaan was married 14 Aug 1729 at Almkerk, North Brabant (banns published 23 Jul 1729), at the age of 25 to (2) MAIJKE ANTONIES KEIJSER, born circa 1707 of Almkerk.

From this marriage:


B-V-b LIJSBETH PIETERS ROSA, christened on 6 Dec 1705 at Andel, died before 26 Sep 1738, aged at most 32 years, daughter of B-IV-a. Lijsbeth was married 18 Jan 1728 at Andel, (banns published 11 Oct 1727), at the age of 23 to GERRIT JANSE VAN ANDEL, (aged 26 years), christened on 13 Aug 1702 there.

From this marriage:

Gerrit was married afterwards to (2) GIJSBERTJE JACOBS DE VEERMAN, christened on 28 Nov 1706 at Andel, buried on 23 Dec 1743 there, aged 37 years.


B-V-c ANNEKE PIETERS ROSA, christened on 6 Feb 1707 at Andel, buried on 19 Jan 1741 there, aged almost 34 years, daughter of B-IV-a. Anneke was married on 10 Jan 1734 at Andel (banns published on 26 Dec 1733), at the age of almost 27 to JAN ARIENSE VAN ANDEL, (aged 27 years) christened on 1 Apr 1708 at Andel.

From this marriage:


 B-V-d ANTHONIJ GOVERTS ROSA, christened on 10 Oct 1708 at Andel, buried on 7 Jul 1786 there, aged 77 years, son of B-IV-b. Anthonij was married on 20 Nov 1740 at Andel (banns published on 22 Oct 1740) to (1) ELISABETH DIRKS VAN WIJK, christened on 25 Nov 1708 at Andel, died in 1742. Anthonij was married on 17 May 1744 at Uitwijk to (2) NEELTJE VERZIJL, young daughter of Munnikenland, living at Andel (banns published 24 Apr 1744 at Andel).

From this marriage:


B-V-e CORNELIS GOVERTS ROSA, christened on 24 May 1711 at Andel, buried on 21 May 1784 there, aged 72 year, son of B-IV-b. Cornelis was married to TRIJNTJE SWEERS BOUMAN, christened on 16 Oct 1718, daughter of Sweer Joosten Bouman and Maria Dirkse Vermeulen.

From this marriage:


B-V-f ARIEN GOVERTS ROSA, christened on 11 Feb 1714 at Andel, buried on 25 Sep 1770 there, aged 56 years, son of B-IV-b. Arien was married on 17 Apr 1737 at Andel to MARIA JANS OUWERKERK, christened 9 Jul 1713 at Andel, daughter of Jan Cornelisse Ouwerkerk and Lijsbeth Johnse Ouwerkerk.

From this marriage:


B-V-g AERT GIJSBERTS ROSA, christened on 7 Jan 1748 at Andel, son of B-IV-d. Aert was married at Ooltgensplaat (Rotterdam), Zuid Holland 5 Mar 1780 to TEUNTJE KLEIJNJAN (LDS' IGI

This is not the Aart Roosa who married on 6 Dec 1767 at Herwijnen, Gelderland to MARIKE ROIJENS. That couple resided at Herwijnen.

From this marriage (From LDS' IGI):


B-VI-a MARIA ARIENS ROSA, christened on 4 May 1732 at Andel, daughter of B-V-a. Maria was married 30 May 1756 at Andel, (banns published 7 May 1756), at the age of 24 to (1) WILLEM WILLEMS VAN BRAKEL, (aged 31 years), christened on 31 Dec 1724 at Andel, buried on 9 Feb 1767 there, aged 42 years, son of Willem Willems van Brakel and Anneke Anthonisse van Andel.

From this marriage:

Maria was married on 31 Oct 1779 at Andel, at the age of 47 to (2) BASTIAAN JANS STRAVERS, christened on 27 Dec 1724 at Andel, buried on 28 Sep 1804 there, aged 79 years, son of B-IV-d.

From this marriage:


B-VI-b SWEER CORNELISSE ROSA, christened on 5 Apr 1744 at Andel, buried on 30 Dec 1803 there, son of B-V-e. Sweer was married on 28 May 1778 at Andel to CORNELIA CUPP, christened on 28 Jan 1759 there, daughter of Corstiaan Cupp and Adriaantje van Rijswijk.

From this married:


B-VI-c JAN CORNELISSE ROSA, christened on 25 Dec 1746, son of B-V-e. Jan was married in 1778 to CORNELIA ANTHONIJ DE RAADE, christened on 31 Oct 1745 at Andel, daughter of Anthonij Janse de Rade and Anneke Joosten van Triest.

From this marriage:


B-VI-d LIJSBETH ARIENS ROSA, christened on 14 Jun 1739, at Andel, buried on 17 Aug 1790 there, daughter of B-V-f. Lijsbeth was married on 15 May 1769 at Andel (banns published 28 Apr 1769) to JOOST WILLEMS VAN HAAFTEN, young man of Almkerk, living at Andel. Joost was christened on 29 Oct 1740 at Almkerk, son of Willem van Haaften and Lena van Tilburg.

From this marriage:

Joost was married to (2) CORNELIA LANKHAAR, young daughter of Waardhuizen, living at Uitwijk. Cornelia was christened on 8 Aug 1755 at Waardhuizen-Uitwijk, daughter of Matthijs Lankhaar and Lijsbeth Liovaart.


B-VI-e GOVERT ARIENS ROSA, christened on 1 Mar 1742 at Andel, son of B-V-f. Govert was married on 5 Jul 1772 (banns published on 12 Jun 1772) at Andel to THEUNTJE HUIBERTSE VAN ANDEL, young daughter born and living at Andel. Theuntje was christened on 26 Dec 1748 at Aldaar, daughter of Huibert Jans van Andel and Anna van Beest.

From this marriage:


B-VI-f ARIEN ARIENS ROSA, christened on 2 Oct 1746 at Andel, died there 27 Jul 1827, son of B-V-f. Arien was married on 6 Mar 1788 at Andel (banns published 16 Feb 1788) to JOHANNA JANS NAIJEN, christened on 7 Jan 1748 at Andel, daughter of Jan Ariens Naijen and Teuntje Versteeg.

From this marriage:


B-VI-g GOVERT CORNELISSE ROSA, born in 1761, son of B-V-e. Govert was married in 1793 to ANNEKE VAN ANDEL.

From this marriage:


B-VII-a JAN GOVERTS ROSA, christened on 17 Dec 1780 at Andel, son of B-VI-e. Jan was married to MEENKE HAK.

Jan was a merchant at Andel.

From this marriage:


B-VII-b ARIJ GOVERTS ROSA, born on 23 Jun 1786, christened on 25 Jun 1786 at Andel, son of B-VI-e. Arij was married to MARIA HARTMAN.

From this marriage:


B-VII-c JAN ARIENS ROSA, born on 6 Dec 1789, christened on 13 Dec 1789 at Andel, son of B-VI-f. Jan was married at Giessen on 22 Jan 1821 to ELIZABETH ELSHOUT.

From this marriage were three children, among others one named:


B-VIII-a GIJSBERT JANS ROSA, christened on 17 Feb 1817 at Andel, died 20 Jul 1884 at Spaarndam, Noord Holland, son of B-VII-a. Gijsbert was married on 14 Jun 1844 at Poederoijen to NEELTJE VAN DULST, christened on 5 Feb 1825 at Poederoijen, died 17 Jan 1852.

From this marriage:

Jan's occupation was baker.
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