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It has been more than 25 years now since I started to research our genealogy. Of course, as most people do, I am looking for my roots. Or in normal language... where do I come from, who were my ancestors. After spending quite some time I found out that the roots of all the 'Klumpers' are in the Dutch town Zwolle. 

In 1984 I started to visit archieves etc.  I have put the data in my computer, at first it was a Tandy TRS80 Model 2, back in 1980 and later an IBM portable, now it is a Dell. 

Using the free program Oedipus2 now I can publish my data. These are the links for the 'kwartierstaten' for  my grandfather Klumpers, my grandmother Nep, my grandfather from mother´s side Kool, my grandmother from mother´s side Schollaardt, my wife´s grandfather van der Zwan, my wife´s grandmother van der Toorn, my wife´s grandfather from mother´s side  Zuurmond and my wife´s grandmother from mother´s side Knoester

Currently I have 4400 persons in this database. It is about  550 surnames. If you click here, may be it could be of some interest to you.

If you want to know if you as a Klumpers are already in the database please click here to find out.

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