The Lycian Way.

Antalya is situated at the end of the Lycian Way. The Lycian way is a 509 km way-marked footpath around the coast of Lycia in southern Turkey, from Fethiye to Antalya. This is a footpath where among others already Alexander the Great has led his armies. When you stay in Antalya I can recommend you some interesting walks.

1. Walk from Adrasan to Cirali. This is about 20 km and can be done in one day. You take the dolmus to Adrasan (leaving from the ) and stay there overnight in a hotel and then next morning you will take the walk to Cirali. After a very nice day you will be happy to stay in Gunes Pansiyon in Cirali, where you will get discount when you mention my name. Next Morning visit the Olympos and the fire in the mountains (Chimaera), after that ask Recep (owner of Gunes Pansyion) to bring you to the main road, where you take the dolmus back to Antalya.


2. Walk from Cirali to to Tekirova. After leaving Gunes Pansiyon you walk along the coast up North. And the end you turn left and you  will find the entrance in the mountains. This path leads up and is very beautiful. I took some pictures there.

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Gunes pansiyon

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