On March 15-2014, we made our long 1 day journey (1500 KM) from Holland to Frankfurt an der Oder, 

finally to pick up our two new exotics from Cattery Bagira.


1 Female red white - "Bagira Piccadilly of Wandou" & 1 male blue white - "Bagira Bogart of Wandou"

Friday night around 01.00 o'clock we where on our way from Holland to Germany/Poland.

After 7 hours we finally arrived at our meeting point 

"hotel/restaurant Goldener Hahn"

After breakfast we drove a bit around in Frankfurt (Oder)

Around 11.00 o'clock the cats where together with Daniel (Iwona's son) also saved arrived 

(after a journey of 4,5 hours from Warschau to Frankfurt an der Oder) at our meeting point, 

so I could put them finally into our double Sturdy Shelter, 

where they had more space, a litterbox include fresh water and food.

Finally,...............on our way back home again!

Adam meets Eva on the road! ;-)

During our way back home, we also visit very quickly "Gedenkstatte Marienborn".

Marienborn ist ein Synonym für eine Grenze, 

die nicht nur Deutsche von Deutschen trennte, sondern Europa, 

die Welt in zwei sich feindlich gegenüberstehende militärisch- politische Machtblöcke, 

in zwei konkurrierende Wirtschaftssysteme, in zwei philosophisch-ideologische Systeme und Interessensphären spaltete.

Around 18.15 o'clock we arrived finally save back home again!


Our gifts from Cattery Bagira! 

(thank you so much for the lovely presents dear Iwona)



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