Rolf and Me with some of our cats!

Wandou's Enrico / New owners: Jeff & Debby

Wandou's Bumblebee / New owners: Suzanne & Florent



Wandou's Cool Cat / Stay with us

Wandou's Boombastic / New owner: Bert Kleijn

Wandou's Yum Yum / Stay with us

Wandou's Xanto / New owner: Gabi Klopper

Wandou's Versace / New owner: Marianna & Frank van Dorp

Wandou's Polar Bear / New owner: Anders Möller (Sweden)

Wandou's Queeny / New owner: Bita & Rene Elshout

Wandou's Quarissa / New owner: Angelique Rutten & John van den Berg


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