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maandag 13 december 2010

Vakantie huis in Bita
Welkom in Bita
Welcome in Bita
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The owners!

Florus Kruyne and Tina Geels  Remonstrant Ministers, a liberal protestant church in the Netherlands. As such  they are connected with the Unitarian Church in Transylvania. As simular liberal Protestant church founded in 1568.

In cooperation with other ministers small conferences are organised in order to inspire each other and to get to know each other, from church to church; Tina.

In addition to this, Unitarian ministers get supervision in the guidance of Florus and a colleague during several years.

The house in Bita is a "pied a tierre" for them  when they are in Romania.

Besides the house is let. It is also a lovely holiday resort and  also offers the accommodation to hold small meetings or conferences. (maximum for 10 persons, in the summer months for 20 persons) There is a group accommodation available in the rural house of the village Bita. With a full-size kitchen. During the summer months there is enough facility to camp safely beside the house, with sanitary supplies.


As a result of a studyleave Tina Geels published :
Companions in liberalism, Remonstrantse issued by the brotherhood in 2002.
An exploratory study of the tradition of the Unitarian Church of Transylvania.
Companions in liberalism, in 2002; translated into English under the title: Fellow Travelers in liberality, 2004

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