Dutch Light orbs



Lightmanifestations at the Kernhem estate (NL)


The Kernhem estate knows a long history and has its legends about a "White Lady", a ghost like manifestation. The pictures below show some lightorbs. The pictures are part of a series. Only on this pictures the phenomenon appeared.


A lot of lightorbs


One special lightorb in the same  circle of mushrooms:



And about a week later in another circle near Kernhem, a strange cord of blue lights appered on the picture:



An enlargement of the detail:


"Octave" 3-11-2000

Click on picture to enlarge with high resolution.


On 08-09-2003, Tom Partridge, member of the international orbs group, made this magnifcent enhanchement for us of one of the bleu balls. We are very gratefull to Tom, he did this for us.







(c) Ed Vos