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Pictures from abroad

Terrel Morris


Terrel Morris lives in Amerika and has made several very beautifull pictures he posted to me. Below you see an outlook of his most beautifull work.

The DLO thanks Terrel, for his allowance to publish his photo's.

New added photo's are on top.

Just click on the pictures to have them enlarged.


Face.1.JPG (17594 bytes)   Face.2[1].jpg (10521 bytes)   Stump burning.jpg (45187 bytes)

Crystal.1.JPG (12620 bytes)   Manifesting.3.JPG (11178 bytes)   Manifesting.1.JPG (22807 bytes)   Traveling.2.JPG (19966 bytes)   

Orb's sideview.JPG (9332 bytes)   Pretty Orbs .2.JPG (15174 bytes)   Rain.JPG (12395 bytes)   Rainbow.JPG (15942 bytes)

Sunflower.1.JPG (16596 bytes)    nov(3).jpg (14100 bytes)    Sprinkler orb's.1.JPG (25914 bytes)   Sprinkler orb's.2.JPG (14602 bytes)






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