Dutch Light Orbs



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Lichtorbs are not only seen and Photographed in Holland, but there are a lots people in other countries that are bussy with the phenomenon. I am in touch with a lot of them, and the contacts are really very nice, the computer seems to be the ultimate communication medium, for lightorb researchers. Below I publish some photo's, of course with the permission of the copyrightholders, who I thank for their nice coöperation. The purpose of this page is, to share the very interesting phenomenon with others.

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John and Jan Young

Terrel Morris



Norma Joiner

Jean Sullivan

Stann Gough

Frank Peters

Dirck ten Broek

Stefan Focke

Ilse Jenkins

Hannie Klein Nagelvoort

Renate Edelsbacher

Thésy Chapenoire

Reiner Borchert

Arlette Vandersnickt

Ellen Hoffman






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