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Memorial Jan Young

Passed 15 march 2009



Hello all of you! We are John and Jan----The beans.
This is to be read on their website  
www.orbsbybeans.com  for about 10 years as introduction. The married couple John and Jan Young from Arkansas USA were bussy from July 1999. They have written a lot about orbs. They have photographed a lot of orbs, and the orbs were researched by means of radiŽsthesy, making use of specific methods with dowsing. This all to verify  and find out more about our actual status on this earth, as well as in the dimensions we are living in. Last sunday morning we received the bad news, Johns Wife Jan, changed her earthly live for and in another dimension.  Jan was founder member of the  International orbs group. This group gave the opportunity for the first time since 1999 for a lot of people, to share worldwide  information about that, at that moment rather unknown phenomena.

Jan always delivered us a lot of new information in our group and answered a lot of questions of members. She was a very loveful woman with a tremendous heart. I had a very frequent contact with Jan and John, by mail, and telephone. As they were the first moderators of our group, they asked me to become the following up moderator/owner. As I never moderated a group, and wasnít used to the interfaces, I have been greatly supported by them. Mostly it was Jan that did the support, for she simply had more time as John. In all my contacts, my love for Jan (and John) kept increasing and increasing.  This married couple cant be seen as two individualsí, for they were melted together as only real twin-souls can melt. Speaking about Jan is speaking about John. On the international group and the personal posted mails we just can see what Janís impact was and is, for she didnít left us, she only changed her Earthly 3D ďclothingsĒ (her material body) for others behind the veils between the dimensions that becomes thinner and thinner. Jan isnít gone at all! She is just working together with us, only on another frequency. Lifting that veil from the other site.
All Jan  wanted to do was explore life and share her experiences with everyone else and encourage them to share theirs with hers. In honouring her I think we honour the pursuit of Life with that Sense of Wonder that was Jan. By claiming the right to pursue Life with a Sense of Wonder she knew we get to experiences so many more wonders of life.  Jan didnít have had the easiest live in 3D.  She just accepted the way her life unfolded. Accepted all the trials and tribulations.  resiliancy of the human spirit.

We wish John, the family and relatives a lot of power and strength with the loss of Jan. However knowing she will be lost, but making her new tribute.

I like to end with the words Jan (and John so often spoke)

Have a Great Day,
Make it a MasterPiece.

Jan you already made it during your live, and are comprehensing it in that other dimension.

If my time comes, will you be there to embrace me being home again?

Rest In Peace

Ed Vos


After a few days, John posted his "memorial Celebration" .

I thank John for his allowance to publish it on this website



3-26-1953  TO  3-15-2009

It seems very hard to realize the impact each of us has on others. Jan
is a very dynamic woman and is still involved in this great adventure
with us, just in a different form. Her contagious optimism and positive
adventurous energy made an impact on everyone she came in contact with.
In honoring her I think we honor the Pursuit of Life with that
magnificent Sense of Joy and Wonder that is Jan. By constantly claiming
the right to pursue Life with a Sense of Joy and Wonder she knew we get
to experience so many more Wonders of Life.

Jan faced many immense daily obstacles in the latter half of her 3rd
dimensional incarnation. She very well knew that Life is not a day, an
hour, or a minute at a time, but truly is a heartbeat at a time.
Regardless of the obstacles, and there were many, she always claimed and
fought for the right to experience the Joy and Wonder of Life with every
heartbeat. Being with her or interacting with her in any way always
resulted in sharing Life through her eyes and experiencing the
Celebration of Life that is Jan.

Her legacy to each of us is to use her life, or any aspect of it, as an
example of the power of claiming and fighting for the right to
experience and interact with all Life around us with Joy, Wonder, and
Celebration. She would want everyone to know her life as a living
testament to the power of Love, Joy, the Resiliancy of the Human Spirit,
and the importance of making each heartbeat of life a victorius
masterpiece of Celebration and sharing it with others.





© Ed Vos