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Veils in the Barge Inn of Alton Barnes, the Crop Circle meeting place

By Dipl. Ing. Horst Grünfelder

Original photo:


The original photo


For some time I kept away from this picture because I was afraid of the objection this would be cigarette smoke. Meanwhile I had examined real cigarette nebula and also several other types of veils, so that I could control my results.

The photo is from Nel de Boer and Ed Vos. It shows Ed in conversation with Crop Circle enthusiasts in the Barge Inn in Alton Barnes in Wiltshire UK. Photos of current Crop Circles are on the wall and probably also of other special formations. Here is the place to meet, to exchange latest news and to discuss the background.


1 Information Field (Gegenwart = presence / Vergangenheit = past / Zukunft = future / sch. Kraft = creative force)


From my pre-queries arose that the world of humans, the world of invisible consciousness, the general information field and a few spiritual entities would be found on this photo. That with the information field astonished me in a pub which is regarded as a meeting point for crop circle friends. I have not further examined that world of humans, they determine the picture anyway.


I commence with what I least understand. On the one side, a pub scene should be about feelings or about arguments of people. On the other side, nature and her spiritual entities are often interested in our feelings and therefore would behave themselves curious. It is possible to explain it technically. Our brain works in frequency domains of very low hertz. These waves can not only be recorded by an EEG but they also emanate into our aura. As they reach outside they become interesting for spiritual entities. But such entities are not at all found on the photo nor do they move close to the visitors.


It is rather the general information field which has built up with dominance. Only in rare cases so many levels will be found simultaneously. Here even the whole time range appears with the past, the presence and the future. I had not yet found something like that. Those fields are even quite large and not one of them does nestle to the veils. The past is embraced by the presence and the future. I cannot interpret this, but it might work allegorically.

The creative power appears additionally above and rides visibly upon the presence and the past. Unfortunately, such areas can only be taken two-dimensionally. Nevertheless it can be realized that the information field stands more in front of the billiards table. This arrangement calls virtually for an interpretation. Despite the striking composition, I can find nothing apart from the following thoughts:

--The crop circle phenomenon has suffered a lot under ongoing hoaxes. If there would be no hoax for at least some years, then one would understand the circles technology, the versatility, the potential hints and the intellectual connections much more easily, if not even definitely. One can say hoax prevents this effectively. This is certainly sad.--


2 Information Field embraced by Sirius Signals


But for me a small turn-around seems to have occurred. The general information field is for sure no dictionary of our human world. It is more a creative and comprehensive field of activity from another, certainly an invisible world.  It shows his influence here on the earth, but its origin is not here. Therefore I did sit down again, investigated and looked for its source. And indeed, I find a narrow strip of special waves from the Sirius B right on the edge of the information field. Further, his reconnaissance signal is adjacent to the outside. The next strip contains the frequency of an information channel, this time from Sirius down to earth. One of his operative signals follows further outside. The other operative wave fills the whole picture.


I think this distribution is significant. I have already observed on other ORB pictures that the information field was in the same way wrapped by a narrow Sirius signal strip. I check it, this image section does not contain any multi-frequency range, and therefore the Sirius values here are unique. After this fact I am obliged to interpret the picture once more.


·        Either the Barge Inn is a special place what I do not know. I try to scan the room quickly, but it neither shows exceptional qualities nor any geomancy. I would therefore exclude this version.

·        Or, very special and gifted people could be in the Barge which I also do not know. I regard it as possible that, if this is the case, they might be recognized and accompanied perhaps at times by such a field.

·        The last solution must have to do something with crop circles. I would like to express it rather directly: Many people wish really that crop circles would be signals from the outside and not from this earth. Would therefore the information field really want to learn now in the Barge Inn how humans think about this? I hardly can imagine this. It could show up in much simpler forms for this purpose. Or shall my analysis indicate that crop circles had existed at all times and will appear also in the future?


I cannot imagine this and, in the end, I cannot interpret the information field’s presence here. But the photo offers a chance. With these setting values of the Lecher Antenna I should examine the next crop circles. I expect surprises. That could be the message.


3 aktives Bewusstsein =  active consciuosness


The above evaluation shows the consciousness and a spiritual entity. All veils contain the values of an active consciousness. Their field is only marked on the right above; it goes correspondingly for all the others. This consciousness can be found everywhere; here it shows itself as a shining fog. It is well possible that it became visible because of the presence of the information field.  


The left area was for me more interesting. It is marked with a - 20.23 value. I deliberately gave him no name, because in previous cases his definition seemed no longer valid. At first I called it a house spirit because they are looking for some proximity to humans. But from picture to picture I recognized that they do not live in houses, they are only time wise there. On this occasion I analyze the - 20.23 once more:


"It lives around a human habitat and often comes into houses but not exclusively at night. In the Barge Inn it has been for about 5 minutes and will remain there for 8 more minutes. Did it enter through the door, no; it can go also through walls. It seeks the proximity of people but is not attracted by their behavior. It is only interested in the feelings of the people. It is marked at 6.7 Hz by itself and is interested in human frequencies of 5.6 ↔ 6.6 Hz and of 6.8 ↔ 10.0 Hz. It will become aware of these frequencies from 1.7 m onwards to them and it stays than 1 m near.  If humans emit such frequencies, then it is for him like a tingling feeling. But not many people do not emanate in this range."

Hence what is this spirit now? It likes certain people and stays therefore near of settlements. It is interested in our Theta brain currents which correspond to forms of inner perception and in our Alpha sector which occurs e.g. during closed eye awareness. At present I cannot find any name. Suggestions are welcome.


©  Ing. Horst Grünfelder






© Ed Vos