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Channeling about Orbs by Zsuzsa Starkey (Hungary)


Channeled Teaching with Regard to Photographed Orbs

December 16, 2004,  22:45 23:30



Peculiar whitish orbs appeared on the pictures taken during trance dance a week ago. Then Anna gathered a lot of pictures of them from the net and learned about their loving nature.

Yesterday evening we got together with two friends to talk and dance and would have liked to get some more shots of these little orbs. Finding out from a website that they are not fond of being peeped or laughed at we tried to radiate our immense love towards them and kept inviting them to visit us. On the first photos where we were just talking nothing could be seen but later as we really got into the rhytm and mood of dancing, they arrived. We took over 100 digital pictures and on about half of them (only on the ones with a plain dark background) they can be well observed in various number, size and intensity of light. It was wonderful to feel their energy of love and joy.


After dancing Z felt the presence of an entity. Next you can read the report of the channeling.


Z(= Zsuzsi) is getting ready for channeling. She says she can feel extremely intense new kinds of energies reaching down to her third chakra, her body feels very heavy, her head is throbbing, her mouth got dry and there is a scratching feeling in her throat. She does not have any of these physical manifestations when she channels angels. 


A(=Anna) feels Arcangel Michael behind her back who says via A: A highly respected guest who had not been present before is arriving to Z but you can also feel his energies already. Welcome him with great respect and love.


Z signs that the channeling can begin.


Question: Who are you and what would you like to share with us?


My name is Estrentoa, I am a representative of a very far planet. I came here as an observer thousands of years before, then withdrew most of my energies from here about 1500 earth years ago and I have returned now. I know Zs mother planet very well and Zs soul is my personal friend and earlier coworker. I have come here to try on what level we are able to execute a channeling of this genre because with your physical bodies it is not an easy task.

So far it has been going on faster and better than we would have hoped for. I am ready to receive questions.


What are the orbs visible on the photos?


The orbs are actual units of the energy field surrounding Earth. They are living units. During the course of their getting close to people a manyfolded process takes place. Waves evoked by human emotions call for them on high frequencies. Joy is their code for arrival. When they appear they join the wavelength of joy and they rejoice. They are extremely benevolant beings who scatter their units of joy while rejoicing. They have a dip in the human quality of joy that they take back to the energy field around Earth from where they get to different places to do different jobs according to their various qualities. Their assembling is carried out by higher directives that also take care of condensing love resonance units to be taken to appointed places. They are not robots but parts of living energy fields with their own individual characteristics. Within their group they possess their own independant consciousness, will and level of development. They are very mobile beings who shift shape very easily and can change the orb form according to their goals. They do not wish to enter negative field forces, they keep a distance from those. On the other hand they strengthen positive field forces and vibrational patterns which they raise. They represent densified energy of material in their neighborhood, whether living or lifeless i.e. organic or inorganic. They can help a lot near people, they often glitter around people who leave on the wavelength of joy. Based on individual affinity they can return to certain people and can get attached to specific geographical places.

Their structure varies. The explanation of this would be too complicated for the time being especially using the vocabulary of a channel who is not qualified in this area. Naturally the most complicated things can also be explained by the simplest words but in this case I am not serving with further information related to their structure.


How long have they been here?     


They are here all the time. As I have mentioned their call is true inner joy. This is the area where they want to join in. They connect to the human life field due to promoting mutual development. Occasionally they can be seen as transient flashes of light with unaided eyes as Z has already sensed them several times. Digital photography means a big advantage.


How and what can we use them for?


You cannot use them. They appear and raise vibrational levels where they wish to appear or where it is advisable for them to appear according to the request of their central core.


Why are they various?


They seem different since every single unit represents a different quality. Just like two people are not the same they are not either.


We were very happy that they appeared upon our call..


They heard your call, are aware of your good intentions, were happy to come.


How can we communicate with them?


When they appear they induce your joy, increase it and get samples from it as I have said. You can communicate with them with feelings. Some larger sized units can create physical stimuli on the surface of your bodies. For now establishing communication with them with human words would be possible only to an extent that would cause you disappointment. They are manifestations of the emotional body, of emotional energy of another dimension so they communicate with feelings not words. Good feelings pour over those who they appear around. They do not wish to have an effect on the mental body though through emotions they can influence that too. Their communicational skills are remarkably well developed but mostly unexpressable by human words. They asked me to interpret this to you: they love appearing in the midst of cheerful dances where the emitted energies supply the background for ensuring the synergic give and take of the joy energy. Both parties benefit from it. The emotional body of people gets stabilized, people get filled with joy and orbs get stronger from the joy- feeling of the human aura.


Thank you for this teaching. Is there anything else you would like to tell us?   



We will meet again. Now I do not have more messages for you. When I have some I will present myself. Glad to have been here.


Thank you again for coming to us and we look forward to your next visit with love.


Thank you for your words. I am gradually leaving Zs body. The first encounter of this manner with you can be conceived as being successful.




Estrentoa on the Structure and Nature of Orbs II

January 13, 2005


What is the structure of orbs like?


Orbs  are built of multidimensional units of light that work as transmitter-receiver modulators. Emotional energy is stored as waves in them and they feed this to the energy field of the planet. They have an outer protective shield. This can be called an extremely flexible membrane of light that enables them to shift shape and transmit and receive energy. The structure of this changes too; while transmitting or receiving energy it becomes porous and it shines through the holes. Orbs of big energy get to another dimension when they are saturated. This is why their density, degree of saturation and the strength of their light changes on photos moment by moment.   


Their size?


Big orbs are big orbs


 They are sharp on fuzzy pictures as well.


Human figures get blurred due to movements. Orbs respond to being photographed in a different manner. The ones that decide to show themselves are not bothered by any kind of earthly influence.


Where is the other dimension?


In other dimensions Earth is also another dimension. Your narrowed senses cannot feel this but with your expanding consciousness you can. They can join the other dimensions which are at the place of Earth space but at the request of their central core they can get to other places as well. They can also go to other areas of the universe for fetching samples of energies which is extremely valuable for a good many worlds where emotional energies do not exist, like in mental and other kinds of worlds. They are the transporting units of this process but they are also able to perform other jobs. They can be conceived as joy bubbles that grow the same way as soap bubbles do by the influence of air. Their air is joy and that is why their size and intensity of light vary. The word joy is used here not only in the sense of joy that exists during dancing or other activities accompanied by motion but it can refer to inner, more peaceful joy as well. This can be found even more so in the ambient of nature but they have special references there too. They can tap onto the unique quality of plants, geographical places and animals with the help of harmonizing joy vibrations. This is how they are connected to plants, animals, places and people.   



(Channeled and translated by Zsuzsa Starkey)









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