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Channeling by Victor Zammit


From Gerrit Prins, owner of our collega website www.orbhunter.nl we received the following channeling concearning orbs.

We thank Gerrit for sharing this information, and his allowance to publish this on our website.

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William answers a question concerning the nature of orbs..

The Circle of the Silver Chord                                                           December 23rd, 2006


Christopher: William, could I ask a, just a small question?


William: Yes, of course, Christopher my friend.


Christopher: Again, it came via the internet. Are you able to give any insight into orb phenomenon and, or spirit lights or anything like that just for the layperson whoís been reading the site?


William: Yes, of course my friend. That, shall I say, is very much this. Naked eye is unable to perceive that of such phenomena due to the vibration of the physical body that is not conducive with that level of vibration via normal sight. Of course with the camera lens it has the fast form of creating a visual image and catching that visual image. And what is seen via this orb phenomenon is the beginning of a spirit individualís vibrational presence breaking through the ether from the spirit dimension onto the earth vibration.


It is this, if the ecosystem is continually destroyed, that will be unable to be accomplished. It is this my friend that will sever the vibration between the two spheres.

So, just to repeat myself once more, orb phenomena is the initial stages of spirit manifestation, vibration, breaking through the ether onto the earth vibration.

Quite often, these are only seen in specific areas where work is being done, itís very much like a portal, portal between the two dimensions. At that time at that vibrational state at that particular place it is conducive to break through the vibrational barrier between the earth dimension and that of the spirit. 









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