Dutch Light Orbs



Wiepke communicates with her passed away son Maurits
By means of Orbs


By Wiepke Vos


On January 6th 2007 my son Maurits made an end to his life at the age of 23.

About two weeks after that Maurits’s brother starting making photographs of the living and from me (when I think back to that it actually was a kind of weird). On the photo’s there were white and transparent orbs to be found on me and on several places in the living. We regarded it as rather weird. I showed the pictures to a girlfriend (P. Schirmer) of me who is a psychic. She told me those orbs were the energies of the “departed ones. (In this case Maurits)

From that moment on I started photographing intensively. Was it really possible to get in contact with Maurits????? My dear boy still was there (somewhere in another dimension).
At this moment (2010 while writing this) I can fully convinced say, with absolute certainty, and with a lot of proof say: “I am in contact with my son Maurits”

I feel honored my son shows himself. It was and still IS a tremendous son.
Remarkable is, because of him, I found back my mother. (She died as I was 4 years old).

The “knowledge” they both can show themselves by means of photographs gives me that great and very well feeling .

It helped me tremendously and that still is so by the mourning process. I would like to say to everyone who lost a beloved: “They still are there”.

Pay attention to signs or try photographing. Just talk to them as if they are just sitting there on the opposite site of the table. They see, hear, and know your thoughts.



For instance the First months I made photos I asked: “Maurits, where are you – do you see mama – do you hear mama – Do you see Zorro (that’s his dog) – are you doing well over there?”

On most of the photos balls of light were captured, balls of energy and / or Orbs.
As I saw the photos on the LCD display of my camera (it were a lot of them already) I couldn’t remember what question I asked during taking the pictures. From that moment on I started to write my questions on paper, or putting down photos or other subjects. See the example photos.

It doesn’t matter if the subjects are small or big (THEY ARE BEEN SEEN)

During the last years I read a lot of spiritual books about guides / guardian Angels.

On a certain evening I wrote on a paper: “Do I have a guardian Angel”?
I put the paper on the well known chair in my living. Sat down holding my camera in my hand and asked: “Do I have a guardian Angel”?
At that very moment, the bulb of the wall-lamp above my head bursted. I was frightened but regarded it as fantastic as well.

Of course I know there are people who say: “this happens often with bulbs”.  For me however it was too coincidentally. My guardian Angel obviously showed its self to me. Maybe out of joy, because I asked him or her for showing his or hers presence. As I took the very first picture I took an energy-ball appeared over the entire piece of paper. Not a very strong and white orb, but very good visible. From that moment on I always ask my guide / guardian Angel to be involved during taking those pictures.

Sometimes I’m told to let loose my son Maurits. I shouldn’t ask for him each and every time. However, I think he likes it as well, considering his reactions on photos. And he does so to make me stronger, as well as to show to others “live isn’t ending” and contact with one who has passed away certainly is possible.
I consider my son being a very “high” person and believe he is in a very good sphere.
For me he is an Angel.

Because of his appearance as (energy) Orb the pictures are published in 2 Dutch magazins: In “Staya Erusa” of Ronald Jan Heijn and in “Paravisie”.

In spite of his appearance as ball of energy (Orb) and knowing I will see him once in future, I preferred to have him amongst me in this life. Loosing a child is very, very bad.

I don’t want to insult other people, but the passing away of your child,  for me is the hardest to experience.

I love you Maurits…… 






Addition december 2013.


Wiepke is not only a very talented Orbs photographer, but also makes video footages of her son Maurits, who shows himself as an Orb.
For that purpose Wiepke uses an infrared "security camera set", and records the footage of her monitor with her photocamera in the video function.

We have received a lot of videos from Wiepke. The following two small video's we would gladly show the visitors of this website



For movie click HIER


For the movie counts, Wiepke invited Maurits to show himself. The invitation is to be heard in the movies. Ofcourse in the Dutch language

Wiepke also posted these photos taken from the footage wich you will find below






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