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Snow Orbs experiment

(By Ed Vos)

As it happens to every enthousiastic orb photographer, it's fascinating photographing orbs, but if you have tons of them, you gladly like orbs showing them in a new way.
During the years they showed themselves in several shapes. First only outoor, later on also indoors. We've got "diamonds"shooters, coloured ones, five- and six sided ones and so on. Too much to mention them all.

A with this website colabotrating female orbs photographer went out during snowfall and asked the orbs to show them in a new way

The results are amazing. The photos are below, and were al taken in a row. some with an interval of a few seconds, others with an interval of some minutes.
Remark the snowflakes don't have an orb shape and look totally white.  The orbs cannot be snowflakes for regarding their sizes, they should have been very close to the lens, and should have catched that amount of flash for that reason, so they should have been completely white. Remark as well there are orbs with holes in them as well orbs that seem around them a transperant orb was created. Interesting as well is the fact there are a lot of coulered orbs in the photos.

Interesting is that a lot of kinds of orbs show themselves together in each photo. I only enlarged the highlights

Het interessante is, dat er vele "soorten" van lichtfenomenen zich tegelijkertijd in één foto laten zien. Ik heb slechts de hoogtepunten vergroot.


Where I made cuts of the pictures to enlarge them, they are under the photo concearning













Mind the "Ecto" in this photo


















Just snow, no Orbs





On 09 january 2010 this same female photographer colaberating with this website photographed another great kindlike series on the same location. As the pictures above give a nice impression, I don't publish the entite series. One of them however is remarkable so I  gladly published that one below. Remark the coloured beams radiating from the orb.


En de uitsnede / Vergroting waarvan helderheid en contrast geoptimaliseerd zijn:






© Ed Vos