Squeek..this must be the small winner in Quake evolution. Started its cariere in the late quake medieval as a func_info it later disolved into a more practiced vieuwer, one who's fortune lay in closely observing the player 's behaviour untill it was used to the most complex movements. Although it's sensitivity to magnetic refluxion can bring it of course near other electronic equipment, mostly it has a strong atitude to the unexpected current blasts Quake has to handle with because of its premechanical intrusions. Can be hard to battle in pairs of two or three.And as escaping from Q3 it also escaped The Abandon.
Groan, what medieval tactics one could learn from the lyzard like stegosaurus? It's slime is deadly enough to kill the strongest enemy. From the acient it has dwelled in the downunders, and it's shadow sensitive eyes can penetrate the slightest tremble in the dark. It is wearied in the Quake world, it has an older timeshell than these broken up computer complexes, with their broken glass and gunpowder smells. It's hart desires back to the greenlands, when there were fewer Orgues, and the metal blinking man had not appeared yet.
Tsjjlk...if I could use words, then I remember myself the time I got swirled in it's mourning pray it wears under it's yelly can, but I can't remember hearing a thing under the water.It is not as bad as it seems, but these sixpair of wherever is hard to trace when one is above the waterline. Better to avoid them.
Aixxsjk , don't know what can be hotter, my ratlin'gun or this amazone. I liked her so much I tried to invite her in quake one. She wasn't unwilling , but since that time I'm always defending myself about the shells she borrowed me, and I just can't keep enough shells left to keep the concentration going. But she is a fine Bazookah Babe, I like her anyway, more telling would be make her only more upset.
Notme, I mean , or maybe diogenus, a man doesn't need much possesions, sometimes your id can be harder to obtain than your chair, or whatever. At least I can't say I have seen the character before. Must have a hard way of earning your life, keeping your own ton, and whashing it, stay aside of whashington. Share your whisdom with other people, untill you only have your own barrel.
Can ya smell the flavour of cheese...than the rat won't be far away! Eventually I met this creature in Malice, in crowds and it kept holding my attention how they could squeer in flogs of crowds. So I decided to keep hold of one of them and tried my poor qc knowings to make them wander... and I suceeded in someway. Although not in crowds, but giving them a stronger health can make them tough avengers! See if you can keep them away for the fall, or become cheese yourself!
My shiny ass Bender. Couldn't help it. After watching the Futurama I could only imagine a cartoonesk figure like it could only fit in Quake. A bit dangerous at the range of explosions due to its cigare has changed into a killer machine that only rules on "Kill all humans!". There won't be another auto execute selfdestruction than his "Hasta la vista meatbag!".
Mr.Big himself. Hopelessly devoted to his machinegun he ran out of Quake2 to make the enforcer's strength up forced. There's a nasty machine salvo on his trail so it's better not to come into his eyesight. The profit is he can't walk as fast as he wants because of the dangling weapon thingy. Just doesn't has that effort as he fires on long range, making it even harder to catch.
Crossbow knight, settled it's sword after concluding the target out of range need other equipment to attack its oppenent. After settling out with the blacksmith he worked out a powerfull weapon that can kill you almost silently in a rush. Less oppertunity to waken other monsters it still is a silent killer that can make your way rather anoying than proposal.
The Old One must have had interaction with its messier object, lurging out this dweep of inguester. Whatever, it seems a fair ride after collapsing that long on wine ends. It may be gibbering bag, at least it isn't that jerkey like hellspawn. Although I've seen versions that drew out a stealth version. For now they endeouver an electric charche that is evalvulating in something like a bold. Has a favorite for dark places.
What have we here, a stoolpidgeon from test quake in a better resolution. Together with he Elden Ogre it formed two of the entities that didn't last the end line, so I decided to give them their place in the alignement. The shrags have their vertical persue, let's make this one horizontal. Has a peaking laser in its attack, as for a rather bumpy tail slag. Better avoid attacking from close range as it is rather tacky.
Argh! The worst of them all! This spy has shreaked itself as info_camera for so long that it decided to take power and start an invidual fight against every other enemy. Can't blame it for its behaviour as watching that horrivfying scenes must have made its sensors go wild. Not really clear how it escaped the Q3 world, but for some reason it must have jammed the teleporter signal.
After developping several model entity's and request I decided to change the player's abbility to more than the commen poses. I added a swim mode, jumping, crouching and even a water attack. Although these abilities are not yet added to the commen qc base I'm just puzzling to get them together. As these actions take place in the Deathmatch environnement, me as singleplayer am on slippery ice. The model functions in deathmatch though, it only waits for a usefull scripture. q1player