New Quake1 Maps from Madfox.

Grunt Grenadin Marine base set up covered in a cave like surounding. Monster setting average. Skill setting. First this map had a deathmatch an cooperative entrance, but I deleted them after getting package overflow. Has a rather overcolored lit map, but this can easily be overcome by simply not adding the litfile. Still has some gamepath ways obscured. But these will be added in further updates.Grunt Grenadin
Phantom Pholly A level inspired on the Lost Mines of one of the mission paks. Used the proxsys mod atributes like the flaming barrel, sparkling sprites, as well as my own final baseboss and earthquake. Had rather a tricky ace, caused by the expanding size of the level and the never ending homs on my trail. Finnaly had it coming when burnt out with beta testing and seeing it grow in one of my biggest monsters coming over the hill untill it grew out to my lost mine. Phantom Pholly
Orb's Betrayal As I introduced The Orb in Quake1 I had this idea to make the start level of Quake2 to the Quake1 world. This was less work than making the Q1monsters ready for Q2. And so it goes, just a blooper of the Q2 startlevel in Quake1. Don't get lost as you try to leave the level with the lift and end in e1m2 Orb's Betrayal
The Hangar I decided to convert the ZDoomGL models to Quake and after this harishing job decided they would fit really well in their own first Doom level. So I mapped some poly's and offered myself a good looking skybox, and I could realise myself the oppertunity to fill in a long kept wish to jump out of that window where the harnash was. They are all there, Revenant Archville Doomguy , a little pale to the 8bit resolution of the skin. Qc was a trick of the tale, but you can use it to make your own convertion. The Hangar
VeniVidiFuzzi Juiced up with some new creatures, like Q3-Skeleton conversion and a crossbow knight. As well as one of my mapbreaking nightmares, awaking one of the editor's basecubes. It rarely ran out.., struck me in my mapping aimings, untill I could do nothing more than shouting out: "Yes..I will map..! I won't stop untill you set me free of this irrisistable urge of mapcreations...!" Then it looked curious at me.., as if I could see its blackburned carbonium inner.., when it grumbled to me..: "Giants retreat when they're clearly perceived." VeniVidiFuzzi
Tormentarium Generator with pipes wrenching through a cave cellar. Made some static entities that would give the quake world an engine for all that cellboxes. Some of the ogres decided to start some own brew on the tap of energy and they don't seem willing to lend you a taste of their speciality. Or you have to be in a mood to chase some leed they're willing to pump you up in your health sector. I tried some of it but it had a rather kinky taste. Then I searched for Piranesi to hand me a map to get out. Tormentarium
FourFeather Old medieval level of a cell generator, connekted with a long cavet corridor, leading to a rocky vestement. There are quiet a lot of new monsters brushed up in the level, as some new static models to furnish the level. The thing is packed in a skybox I made with the cliffdemons of poison which gave it a tidy look of an ancient rune fallen out of grip of the old one into a fragment of time in the quake universe. FeatherFall \
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The Abandon Mod has moved and the hosted site has moved its support so now I'm pledged to the great site of Spirit, who's support for old Quake levels is more than gradioz! I hope I may use this link to his site where for now is the last place to find it. It's a mod with four episodes in times my fantasy went beyond the first poor editors, and brought me this strange collection of levels. They aren't top notched, they were made in more than an intuitive manner to explore my sense of three dimensional ideas. And as a matter of fact I still see it as a remarkable thing. So for reffering to this page click the link : The Abandon
The Abandon