General Combat Tips

General Combat Tips
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To get you ready for the mission walk-throughs, here are some general pointers to help you stay alive longer and maximize your kill count. These tips are especially important if you plan to play Battlezone against human opponents over the Internet or on a LAN.

Tip One: Learn how to use the circle of death. This time-honored tactic has been used successfully in all sorts of first-person shooters, and it will help you pound enemies to dust while you avoid their fire. To circle an opponent, strafe to the left or right as you turn gradually in the other direction. With enough practice you can make a complete circle around an enemy without your targeting sight ever leaving him.

Tip Two: Take advantage of the terrain. Look over the map carefully to find geysers located near scrap fields - this will speed up the building of units considerably. You also should keep on the lookout for spots where several geysers are grouped closely together - this allows you to keep buildings that require geyser power in the same vicinity, making them easier to defend. Finally, take advantage of deep chasms and valleys by guarding them with turrets or, if possible, gun towers.

Tip Three: Master the art of jumping. Getting up some of the hills and mountains in this game can be tough, but once you know what to do you'll be surprised just where you can take your tank. To get up a steep cliff face, find a natural outcropping of rock and head for it at full speed. When you hit it, pull your tank's nose upward to start climbing, and when you start to slow down, point it down as far as it will go to start moving forward as you climb.

Tip Four: Use Nav Beacons to make controlling units easier. If you know you're going to be sending ships to certain locations, drop Nav Beacons in those spots so that you can order them to move out regardless of where you are at the time. If you run out of Nav Beacons (unlikely), have the armory make one for you.

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