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This website contains everything you need to get started playing Battlezone, there are downloads for both the latest version of Battlezone 1.5 and The Red Odyssey, there is also a forum with a nice community.

Battlezone Wiki
Excellent Wiki with a lot of information about Battlezone 1, and it's sequel; Combat Commander.

Battlezone Local Ditch
Some very useful Battlezone information, and a few maps as well.

Website with lots of information, primarily about Battlezone 1. Also has it's own forum and maps listing.

GameSpot's Guide to Battlezone
Very nice walkthrough of the single player missions included with Battlezone, mirror includes fixed text color, original can be found

Battlezone IA Launcher
Tired of messing around with shortcuts and command lines just to play an instant action? Fret no more with this amazingly simple application! Simply point and click and you'll be shooting commies faster than you can type on a shell command line!

Dabbertorres' Blog
Contains some useful programs for Battlezone map makers.

Ken Miller's Battlezone Page
Home of the unofficial 1.5 patch, contains a lot of very useful utilities as well.

Arrow's Battlezone Page
Nice recently made Battlezone site with a comprehensive guide to Battlezone, as well as some downloads.

Reeper's BattleZone Page
Contains some more Battlezone multiplayer maps as well as utilities.

NeverWaz's Battlezone Page
Website with Battlezone information and maps.

Battlezone Launch Pad
This website is offline, and only accessible through the Wayback Machine, but it still contains some very useful map making information, all files are still available on
this site.

BattleZone Cartographers Guild
This website is dedicated to Battlezone mapmaking, and while not online anymore is still worth a visit.

David H. Ransom's BattleZone Page
Very nice website that contains a lot of maps.

William Ransom's BattleZone Page
Some more maps, also contains the unit sets seen in various missions by David H. Ransom.

Battlezone Elite Corps
Awesome mod for Battlezone, contains new vehicles and storyline.

SMEG World
Old website that is no longer updated, but still contains some nice maps and information.

Ímeti'klo˝'s Battlezone Site
Another old website, no longer updated but still worth a visit.

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