Click to open my resumé (in Dutch) Anita Dirix Projectmanagement Welcome Urban planning and urban development is a complex process. Estate developers, stakeholders and potential users have diverse concerns and interests. The municipality is responsible for public space and the overall well being of the public concern. In general, all of them are focussing on quality, all within their own perspectives. In urban planning and urban development I like to contribute as a project manager. In formulating, with all the parties involved, a shared program to focus on and to transform the ideas in an urban plan to make it work. In creating a place to be. Within this place making I have a special focus on bicycle parking. In the Netherlands everybody cycles. The bicycle is part of our society. Bicycles make our cities pleasant places to live and easy to access. The flipside of this success is the bicycle parking. I'm focusing on good solutions that will work for all of us: in creating good quality of public of space, in creating an environment to invest and also offering good facilities for the cyclist. To make cycling working for all of us! Anita Dirix Projectmanagement