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Welkom op onze homepage

29 november. 2006

Welcome to the homepage of the v d Linden family.
Our names are Bart, Luise, CornÚ, Rik and Liza.

I am Bart. My hobbies are filming and computer.
My wife enjoys cross stitch, she has a lot of patterns.
Rik and Liza are at school and CornÚ is at secondary school.
CornÚ can play the drum, and Liza is learning the majorette.
There are also a lot of links to other pages.
I hope that you like it, and hope that you come back again.
If you have comments on this homepage you can mail us

Fam. v d Linden

The family van der Linden

Holidy picteurs from Markgr÷ningen in Germany 2006 by frents  Andrea , Reiner  unt Oma Lenz
It is a bautifal city white old houses .

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