From then on my stud became bigger and better and I was lucky to lift a C.C. on our National in my second year as a beginner. Kor was a good mentor in my first years and we became close friends since then.

My name is Rinus van den Broek and I am 62 years old. My wife Marianne and I live on a small island called Tholen in the south-west of Holland, just half an hour driving from the Belgian border.


 I first started with birds in 1980, I bred all kind of tropical birds and a few small parrolets. At the end of the eighties I started to breed with budgerigars. A friend of mine who bred budgerigars needed to gather experience with breeding tropical birds (for his study to become a judge in tropical birds), so we exchanged (some of my) pairs of various kinds of tropical birds to a few pairs of his budgerigars. This was how the `budgie-bug´ bit me, and I was hooked ever since.


In 2002  I introduced outcrosses from a Dutch breeder, Ard Veldt to improve the faces and softening the feather-quality.  I started with some Dominant Pieds from Ard Veldt and Phil Reaney in 2004  and established a good pied line as well. The target for 2007 was a new normal and Spangle line, which is based on the Mannes bloodlines  from Art Veldt and Jac Cuyten who let me have some wonderful birds to start me off. Further outcrosses from the 2007 breeding season up to now came from Jac Cuyten, his birds brought a huge improvement.  My currant stud is mainly based on his bloodlines, with  some outcrosses from Rene Heylen  and Josef Mannes for the 2015 breeding season.

I decided I wanted to be a judge,  and started the three year education programme of our national Society, and became a full panel judge in 1995. In 2010 I also has been qualified as NGC-DBS and WBO judge.


My wife and I like to spend our holidays in Great Britain, and travelling around, I always take the opportunity to visit budgie-breeders.  To create the bird which was in my mind, I introduced some birds of the late Jim Moffat. They gave a deeper mask, bigger spots and more style.


I started that year by visiting a well known Dutch breeder and judge named Kor Zegelaar, who gave me 2 pairs to go on with. The next year I went back to him with the remaining adults and the first five youngsters I had bred. We studied his and my birds and picked out some of his birds to complete a four-couple-strong  breeding team.



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