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D-EBIT in front of the Luxair hangar during 1964, foto through Chris Dijkhuis .

Dear visitor, we are currently working on a book concerning the Civil Aircraft Register of Luxembourg. As there are (and always will be) questions to be answered, we have set up this homepage in order to get some of them answered. What better way then Internet to reach you! We already got a lot of response from all over the world, thank you!

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Working as the owner of the Flash Luchtvaart Winkel, I have published the book "75 jaar Nederlandse Luchtvaartuig Registers" (75 years Dutch Civil Aircraft Registers) which was compiled by Herman Dekker.

For a few years now, I have been gathering information concerning aviation in Luxembourg together with some friends.

Anyway, we aim to publish a book (accompanied by a CD-ROM) on aviation in Luxembourg. The book will contain both general information on the development of aviation in Luxembourg, companies, persons and the various sports, pictures as well as a complete as possible civil aircraft register review (some 700 aircraft and 200 foreigners in all).

A lot of information has come up during 2000 and 2001, and we now have much original data available. We do need every piece of information you might have though! Just recently we received some snapshots taken at Luxembourg airport during 1964. On it were amongst others the C-54 of Luxair, the P-51 Mustang of Mr. Beck and the picture above. Just six pictures, but most welcome!

We are still faced with the loss of original documents 'somewhere' in the National Archives. At the archives the people are pretty much occupied with their job, but they are (of course) understaffed. Amongst the documents which have not yet been filed, are -you guessed it well- the ones we are looking for...

So with a lot of questions still unsolved, and information yet to be brought up, this project has become a real challenge.

Let's hope things will work out right and -perhaps with your co-operation- one day this book will have it's maiden flight!

We could use your help!

Yours, Coen van den Heuvel



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