Welcome to my website. From the fact that you found it amongst millions of other sites I take it that you are interested in genealogy and in one of my ancestors in particular. And that is the only subject this site is about. Unfortunately for you this site is only in Dutch but I presume that in the first place your interests go to names and dates. You will find all these facts under the following four links:

'Kwartierstaat Luyten', this is the most elaborated file with my ancestors, their children and the childrens spouses. Because of some disputed links as explained in the paragraph 'Karel de Grote' I stopped this pedigree at these doughtfull ancestors.
'Kwartierbladen Luyten' this is a family tree with only my direct ancestors and for the fun of it I let this tree go back as far as Charlemagne. In spite of all the scepticism over the two very thin lines that connects one of my ancestors to this famous emperor of early medieval days, I could not resist this temptation.
The other 'kwartierstaten' give the direct ancestors of my brothers and sisters in law and of some aunts and uncle's.
If you have any questions, corrections and or additions do no hesitate to mail me.

The following list gives a translation of the most important Dutch words used in the genealogical files.
generatie generation
gedoopt christened
religie religion
gezindte religion
RK Roman Catholic
geboren born
ondertrouw publication of the banns
gehuwd maried
huwelijk marriage
trouwt maries
getuigen witness(es)
kinderen children
zoon son
dochter daughter
overleden died
begraven buried
xx-jarige leeftijd at the age of xx
xx jaar oud xx years of age
ong about-around