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Klompany - for any klomp

An original and personal gift. That’s where the shoe pinches. Klompany has the solution that fits: original handpainted clogs in the size of your choice. You can even send in your own design, which will be painted on the clogs you ordered.

And this offers opportunities! Finally a nice present for a birthday, a childbirth, a wedding or a jubilee. How about birthclogs with the design of the birth announcement card painted on them? Or clogs with your company logo, including the colours of your corporate design (or colours that will match with your company’s house style). Also, you can express the hobby of a person in the design. Or you can choose a certain theme for your clogs: an animal print, flowers, jigsaw –pieces, anything you like!

And this is all possible in trendy colours. As a finishing touch we add a layer of varnish, so you can actually wear them, regardless the weather. Klompany – for any klomp.