15017 Free SysEx Patches from Soundmondo

No duplicates!

Downloads Model number of Patches
20200211-soundmondo-cp.zip Reface CP 701
20200211-soundmondo-cs.zip Reface CS 5595
20200211-soundmondo-dx.zip Reface DX 5011
20200211-soundmondo-yc.zip Reface YC 1687
20200211-soundmondo-montage.zip MONTAGE 1000
20200211-soundmondo-modx.zip MODX 765
20200211-soundmondo-cp8873.zip CP88 CP73 258
Total Number of Patches ( 11 Feb 2020) 15017

All patches were created and uploaded by users on the Soundmondo website. I converted all patches to .SYX format for my own and your convenience, to make them available even without a WEBMIDI connection to the Soundmondo website, which requires a Google Chrome or Opera browser, or the Soundmondo App for iOS devices. And unlike the Soundmondo website you will not find hundreds of identical duplicate patches here. I have removed them. Apart from that, I can highly recommend Soundmondo. There you will find much more than just the patches you can download here.

To use the patches you can use the editor/librarian panels that I created for Ctrlr. But you can also use any SysEx dump utility.

Editor/Librarian panels for Ctrlr

Reface CP editor/librarian for Ctrlr (version 20200123)
Reface CS editor/librarian for Ctrlr (version 20200123)
Reface DX editor/librarian for Ctrlr (version 20200211)
Reface YC editor/librarian for Ctrlr (version 20200123)
Download Ctrlr from http://ctrlr.org

Reface DX owners can find another impressive collection of classic FM patches in The Reface DX Legacy Project

My intention is to update the collections periodically, to include the latest and greatest patches from Soundmondo. If you want to support my hard work please make a donation.