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Welcome to the YSEDITOR PLUS support page. If you own one of the following Yamaha synths:
DX100, DX27, DX27S, DX21, TX81Z, DX11 (=V2), WT11, DS55, TQ5, YS100, YS200, B200, V50, FB01
This is the place to be !

YSEDITOR for Atari

The YSEDITOR is a program for the good old Atari ST or compatible computers. The program itself has a history that goes back to 1987, when Joost Overmars published a DX21 editor. This was one of the first synth edit programs in the public domain. Soon it was followed by a TX81Z editor based on the same program. And now, 30+ years later, I'm proud to present the YSEDITOR PLUS version 2.8 that not only supports the TX81Z parameters, but also gives less well known 4-Operator synths like the DS55 and YS200 the support that is promised but not given by other similar programs. More than 30 years of programming, updating, debugging, and refining have made this program one of the classics of the dutch Atari ST public domain midi software world. And now the newest version, plus a special version dedicated to the V50, is available to the rest of the world on the internet.
YSEDITOR PLUS is not compatible with the Yamaha FB01 module. I have made a special version of the YSEDITOR for this powerful tiny soundmodule too. The version you'll find here is a beta-release. Some functions won't work, but the voice editor and bankmanager are ready to use.
The latest YSEDITOR versions can be downloaded ! ! ! HERE ! ! !


Here you will find thousands of patches for the Yamaha 4-OP synthesizers
If you have an Atari use YSEDITOR to take full advantage of the patches. If you work with DOS, Windows, Mac, or even Amiga, you can still enjoy the sounds using any software that can handle Midi System Exclusive bulkdumps. I recommend reading this article to help you.

Linux users could try typing simply "cat FILENAME > /dev/midi" on their command line. Better: use the amidi command line utility from the alsa-utilities. Type "man amidi" on your commandline for instructions. To convert FB01 soundbanks to YSEDITOR format and vice versa I created FB_CONVERT. For the Atari ST. (Bill Gates still has not convinced me to sell my ST...)
I programmed a utility that can convert SysEx files (like the ones above) into Standard Midi Files format 0, and vice versa if the Standard Midi File contains a recorded SysEx dump. Some Atari user might like this, so I decided to put it on my homepage. Here it comes:

GM drums for V50

General Midi compatible drumsettings for your Yamaha V50 ?
Downloading is believing!


YSEDITOR for other platforms

I'm sorry (am I ?), YSEDITOR does NOT exist for today's PC's and tablets. If you can get your hand on a cheap 2nd hand Atari ST, TT, or Falcon: don't hesitate.
But there is a 2nd best solution. People have reported to me YSEDITOR runs on a PC using the STEEM emulator. On Tim's Atari Midi World there is a special STEEM section. You'll find more info and some easy to understand installing instructions there. Don't ask me any questions about this subject, I don't have a windows PC to try it myself :-) STeem is also available for Linux (XSteem). Or you can use Hatari, an Open Source project similar to STeem. I have tried YSEDITOR succesfully on a Linux system with STeem and with Hatari. I even succesfully tried YSEDITOR on my Android phone and tablet after installing an Android port of Hatari named Hataroid.

Yes, YSEDITOR is free software. But if you want to encourage me to continue and maintain support for YSEDITOR and this website: feel free to make a donation!


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