When your family name is Kooger or Koger and your ancestors are from Holland, it is almost sure that your roots are in the village De Koog at the Dutch isle of Texel. In the 17th century there were two families on Texel having the surname Kooger, a Protestant and a Catholic one. Because my own ancestors belonged to the Protestant one, I did a lot of research on this family.
The oldest person having the name Kooger I traced is
Jacob Bouwens Kooger (1630-1712). Some years ago I wrote a book containing an extensive genealogy.
So, if your family name is Kooger or Koger, it is possible that your ancestors are in my book and on this site.
In the
INDEX (the search program) and the genealogy (in Dutch) on this site I only mention the names of deceased people. If you cannot find the name you are looking for, you could send me the names and dates of yourself, your father, grandfather etc. I can go and find them for you in my book. My name is Joke Kamphuis-Koger. To contact me you can send me an e-mail.
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