Welcome to Domaine de Clarat
in the "Vallée du Doux" - Ardèche/France
Le sourire de l'Ardèche - The smile of the Ardèche.
Domaine de Clarat is a small scale holiday resort in the northern Ardèche / France,
where we have a camping site, swimming pool and some houses and gîtes for rent.
Further information can be obtained by e-mail at info@clarat.com.
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    Some regular events are:
  • the bridge club "Stormy Weather" during May;
  • photo workshops in June;
  • the sportif cycling event "Ardéchoise" during the 3rd week of June;
  • driving with quads and 4WD on the CTT (off road centre) in Rochepaule.
  • see also our page "Art at Domaine de Clarat" (dutch version)
  • Update on: 13.10.2007

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       kleinschalige vakantieplekjes met nederlands sprekende gastvrouw/heer