What gives more pleasure as playing music with other children, even when you are still not very advanced on your instrument. On this page are a number of easy arrangements of well-known songs you can play soon with some practice. I wrote them originally for recorders, but they are suited for other instruments as well.

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Music for three or four players

John Brown My bonnie
Carcassian Circle Oh Susanna
Drunken Sailor Karaboesjka
Driekusman The sun
Freilach Galop
Hava Nagila Polly Wolly
Appletree King Wenceslas
Worried man Auprès de ma blonde
Youp La curaracha


Birthday Happy Birthday
Congratulations Jolly good fellow

Easy music

Knock, knock Parrot
Jimba jimba Sur le pont
Ten green bottles Elsje fiederelsje
London Bridge Seven frogs
Marietje Lawyer
Mac Donald Paper hat


Knocking at the door Santa Claus
Merry, merry Christmas I wish you a merry Christmas
Jingle Bells Winter
Angels Gloria

aanbevolen muziek - recommended music Have a look at the list of recommended music.
Please write me if you know other interesting ensemble music.
Enjoy yourself!

Peter van Marissing