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Black list of Breweriana Collectors

It is sad that it is necessary to publish this page, but for traders it is important to know the collectors we can not trust. Because of the fact that I'm not trading myself, I am depending on information of other collectors.
If there is a name on the list that should not be mentioned or a name is missing you can mail me the corrections by filling in this form .

Accused by Davide Andreani:

  • Argentina - Sergio Matteoda - Juan del Campillo 929 - Barrio Cofico, Cordoba-Cordoba, Argentina (CP 5000) (new address since dec 2004: Soldado Martin 326 - San Luis - Argentina. - sergiomatteoda@arnet.com.ar
  • Brazil - David Sinder - sinder@netpoint.com.br
  • Canada - Dave Salonen - 110 wilding street apt# 11, Sault ste marie, ontario p6c 5v8 -(work) 66 idaho drive, S.Ste.Marie, Ontario p6a 4x7
  • Canada - Ralph Weiman - Kingsdale Animal Hospital, 2028 King Rd, King City (ON), L7B 1K9; ralph_weiman@hotmail.com
    on March 21st I got this email from Mrs. Jana Kelton from the Kingsdale Animal Hospital. She wrote:


    I would like to bring to your attention that Ralph Weiman no longer works for us. He worked at Kingsdale Animal Hospital for three years, but has since moved to the United States. It is quite disturbing for me to see that he was using our address to con his fellow collectors - please be assured that I will forward his address to you if he contacts us in the future.
    In the meantime, I would greatly appreciate it if you could remove the address of Kingsdale Animal Hospital from your website. I am sure that you can understand how this does not reflect positively upon our business when our potential customers are searching the internet for our information.
    Your help in removing this information is greatly appreciated. Please foward this information to anyone else who you may know of who also has this information on their website.

    Thank you in advance,

    Jana Kelton, DVM
    Kingsdale Animal Hospital
    I request that NOBODY will sent mail to the Kingsdale Animal Hospital anymore, they have nothing to do with the private actions from Ralph Weiman. If someone knows his new address or mail, please let me know.
  • Israel - Shamir Zalkin - zalkin@bezeqint.net
  • Malaysia - Terry Law - law@legend.pl.ml
  • Singapore - Tadaffee Taksen - daffee@cyberway.com.sg
  • Taiwan - Shawn Lee - shawnlee@ms19.hinet.net
  • Taiwan - Ho Chi Wang - Aliasses: "Wilson", "Yu Wing".. P. O. Box. 599, Sec. 3, No 181, Taichung Habour Road, Taichung City, Taichung, Taiwan ROC. 407-04; cokekids@yahoo.com
  • U.S.A. - Roger Metcalf - Metcalfe@worldnet.att.net - jason_Metcalfe@bigfoot.com - rmdds@aol.com - mintauge@aol.com - metcalf@megaweb.com - metcalf@arlington.net; 1115 W. Arkansas Ln, Arlington, TX, 76013-6325, 817-261-1234

Accused by Thilo Wagner

  • Brazil - Rodrigo Bueno - R.Girassol 1263-24, V.Madalena, Sao Paulo, S.P. 05433-002 - rdgbueno@prestonet.com.br
  • U.S.A. - Stan Schachter - Los Angeles, CA 90001, 213-467-3617

Accused by Steven Lam

  • Brazil - Hafez Barham - hafez@mailserver.portosoft.com.br
  • Mexico - Sergio Garcia Reynanaud - sergigar@infosel.net.mx - sergiogarcia@infosel.net.mx

Accused by Jonathan Morreau

  • Great Brittain - Nick Beauchamp - Girvan(SCO) Don't trade, he won't send anything back to you!

Accused by Roberto Cecchet

  • Spain - Julian Caballero - E-mail jucaba@arraki.es. Collector of labels, in september 1999 he has sent him 80 beerlabels but he still has not answered . Roberto got his labels after a year, so he asked me to remove Julian from the list. I will not do it yet. Let us see if he earns it.
  • Rumania - Teodor Hossu-Longin - E-mail terrorq@hotmail.com. Collector of beercoasters/mats. He has sent him coasters and did got back what was promised.
  • Sri Lanka - Sarath K.T. Gamage - E-mail kapilai@sltnet. Collector of breweriana. He has sent him all kinds of breweriana and did got the promised parcel back. Sarath was also accused by Danilo Scalia, Frank Werrin and recently (march 2003) again by Helmut Harringer. On 29 july 2002 Helmut had sent him : 50 telefonecards and a lot of breweriana and has not heard from him since then.

Accused by Bernhard Roitner

  • Argentina - Ignacio Racca - E-mail ijracca@yahoo.com. Collector of coasters/mats, who does not sent anything back .

Accused by Tanja & Arnold Habel

  • U.S.A. - Jeff Howell - E-mail jhowell@mail.sockets.net. 213 North Ventura, Apt. 12, Jefferson City, Missouri 65109, USA. He did not sent anything back. (added july. 2001)

Accused by Peter Vaughan Shaver

  • Brasil - Andre Silva - E-mail afelis@hotmail.com .Caixa Postal 8654 70312-970 Brasilia-DF, Brazil. Peter wrote me: I sent him a packet of beermats in good faith and he did not complete his side of the trade as promised. I contacted him three times over a four month period, asking him to make good on his word, but he has ignored my requests to date.(added aug. 2001)
  • Russia - Eugeny Bogushev - E-mail dosug@nts.nnov.ru . Peter wrote me: I sent him 40 mats in April 2001 in an agreed-upon exchange for the same number. I have contacted him three times over the ensuing months to make good on his promise and as of four months later, he has not responded in kind. (added sept. 2001)

Accused by Roberto Alscher

  • Slovakia - Ludomir Malis - Vojenska 117, 93401 Levice, Slovakia. Roberto send him a parcel with crowncaps. Now, 3 months later, he still has not got anything back. (added aug. 2001) After 8 months! on 11th january 2002 Roberto got his package. Perhaps having his name on this black list helped.
  • Portugal - Francisco J. Sengo - Rue Jado Schwalbach 4/2 Cova da Riedade,2800 Almada, Portugal. Roberto send him a parcel 4 months. He still has not got anything back. (jan. 2002)
  • Norway - Torfinn Jaasund - Jasundveiein 12, N-4056 Tananger, Norway. Roberto send him a parcel with crowncaps. Now, 6 months later, he still has not got anything back. (added jan. 2002)
  • Mexico - Victor Manuel Calderуn Sosa - Universidad Autonoma Chapingo,Km 38.5 Carretera Mexico-Texcoco,Cp 56230 Texcoco Edo.Mex. - E-mail caldervicman@correoweb.com. - Roberto send him a parcel with beerlabels on december 8th, 2001. Now, a year later and after sending a lot of e-mails, he still has not got anything back. (added dec. 2002)
  • Moldavia - Michael Shipiniuk - Str. Miron Costin 11/2, ap.49,mChisinau 2068 Moldavia.- E-mail mischa2@yandex.ru. - Roberto send him a parcel with crowncaps on june 10th, 2002. Michael does not answer any mail and Roberto has not got anything back. (added dec. 2002)

Accused by Danilo Scalia

  • Israel - Yael Shafir - St. Lulav 19/10, Nazaret Illit 17511, Israel. - Danilo wrote: I have sent him 100 west european coasters for 50 Israel. He sent me only 31 coasters ( only 2 type and one from the italian Moretti brewery). (added sept. 2001)
  • Brazil - Carlos Quintella - E-mail cquintel@mdbrasil.com.br . - Danilo sent him 120 italian telephone cards on 9 September 2001 for 120 brazil coasters and after 8 months he has not received anything. (added may 2002)
  • Russia - Mikhail Goryalmev - E-mail beer70@yandex.ru . - Danilo sent 100 west europe coasters + 13 exotic coasters for 100 Ukraina and Russia + 13 Exotic coaster on 22 December 2001. After 4 mouths and a lot of emails he has not received anything. (added may 2002)

Accused by Xenophon Alexopoulos

  • Costa Rica - Jose Gerardo Garcia Mora - P.O.Box 7138, 1000 San Jose, Costa Rica. - Xenophon wrote: empty beer and soda cans in exchange for phonecards in August. I have still received nothing in return. He has also stopped answering emails since that date. Until now I have come across 8 confirmed cases where he has cheated. (added nov. 2001)
    The story goes on: Jose Gerardo Garcia Mora had disappeared completely from the Internet since September 2001. In june he has reappeared on the Internet, with different email-addresses and surface mail addresses and sometimes with a different name (more like a different combination of his 4 names).
    He now uses the following email addresses: electronica2391@hotmail.com and ti2yll@qsl.com and this surface address: P.O.Box 10485, (instead of POBox 7138 which he had been using since 1993), San Jose, Costa Rica, America Central.
    He also mostly appears as Gerardo Garcia , instead of Josй.
    Mr Garcia's name is already included in several collectors' Black lists, f.i.:

    Other Victims of Jose Gerardo Garcia Mora are:
    - Mдrt Pilv (Estonia), in 1994, mint stamps for phonecards
    - Roberto Alscher (Germany)
    - Clive Windley (Australia), in 1999, beer caps
    - Tom Streetman (USA), May 2001, stamps for stamps
    (added july 2002)

    Xenophon wrote in september 2003: I want to let you know that Jose Gerardo Garcia Mora has reappeared, after "laying low" for several months, with a new email: imex81@netscape.net. So watch out, he will leave his traces all over the Internet soon.

Accused by Wim Bayens and by Martin Kцhler

  • United Kingdom - Jennifer Mc Culloch -beendrunkeer@aol.com - 6 Pine Quadrant Girvan Ayrshire , KA 26 ODL Schotland - Wim wrote: In september 2002 I sent her 120 beermats. I have still received nothing in return. (added march 2003)

Accused by Yvon Pelletier

  • Lithuania - Vidmantas Laurinavicius (nickname J.T. Kristus) -jtkristus@alutis.lt - Busi Trecias, Totoriu 18-1 2001 Vilnius, Lithuania. - Yvon wrote: I have sent him 40 coasters and he never returns anything to me. Be careful with him. (added dec. 2001)

Accused by Jose Gascon

  • Argentina - sergio gustavo palacio -sergiopalacio@arnet.com.ar - padre grotti nє 97, Formosa Argentina. - Jose wrote: June 2nd I have sent him 24 Venezuelan cans and he never returns anything to me. (added dec. 2001)

Accused by Martin Kцhler

  • Germany - Matthias Fiedler -tc1976@t-online.de - Karl-Marx-Str. 83, 98746 Mellenbach, Germany (He works for a German caps factory)
    Martin wrote: Last autumn he offered me to buy his collection (about 20,000 caps). He also sent me some scans, and as I wasn’t interested to buy the whole collection, I asked him if we could exchange only one series and one single cap. He agreed to do so for two mini bottles and crown caps. One month after I sent my caps together with the mini bottles, I still got no answer of him, and so I phoned him. First, Mr. Fiedler couldn’t remember our exchange, then he remembered and told me that he didn’t get my parcel. However, he agreed to send me the caps if I paid the postage after receipt of the parcel. Until now I didn’t get a parcel. Mr. Fiedlers telephone number is also no longer valid.
    Mr. Fiedler also cheated the following collectors:
    Roberto Alscher (Germany): Is still waiting for a parcel of Mr. Fiedler.
    Dagmar Bittner (Germany): After several reminders she only got a few caps, but not those which she agreed on with Mr. Fiedler.
    Barry Oremland (USA): Received only caps of inferior quality.
    Mr. Fiedler is maybe also known as “F.Christoph” and tried to exchange/sell caps under this name.(added march 2003)

Accused by Sergey Muravyev

  • Mexico - Adrian Bello M. - lowenbrau_2000@hotmail.com
    Hgo del Parral Chihuahua Mexico - Privada Villa Blanquita # 3 - C.P 33800 - Col. centro
    Sergey wrote: Has passed 7 months, but from Adrian Bello M. there is no answer. I tried to contact him to the address lowenbrau_2000@hotmail.com, But it is ineffectual. Any answers from him are not present. (added august 2003)

Accused by Bettina Costa

  • Russia - Eugeny Bogushev - E-mail dosug@nts.nnov.ru . Bettina wrote me: In January 2003, Eugeny Bogushev (Suslova st.2/2 - 11 - Nizhny Novgorod, 603106 - Russia - e-mail: Bogushev@yandex.ru or dosug@nts.nnov.ru) wrote to me and proposed me an exchange. He had several interesting things, in particular coasters from exotic countries. I accepted and sent him my coasters first (end of January), as I normally do, because I wanted the stamps from my package back.
    Middle of March I wrote to him and asked if he had already received the coasters. He said he had received them and that he would send his package in a few days.

    End of March I wrote to him again, once, twice, three times. No answer.

    Middle of April I wrote once again. He answered that he had already sent the coasters and he added that if I didn't receive them in the next weeks, he would send a second package.

    May 2003, no notice from the package. I wrote again. He said he would send a second package. That sounded very strange... I mean, normally, if I have to replace a sending that was lost, I don't have ALL the same coasters that I sent the first time specially when they are exotic ones. He could have said: ".... sorry, but that one or this one I have no more... can I send you something else in exchange"??? I thought: "What a lucky guy that has so many doubles, specially from exotic countries!!!! I began to distrust him....or was perhaps my sixth sense that told me something was wrong?

    June: no notice from the coasters, no answer to my mails. It was possible that the first package was lost, but also the second one???? If a package that I sent were lost, I would send the second one registered. I don't risk to lose twice!! I wrote several times and no answer. I lost my patience and wrote to him that if he didn't send the coasters or if he didn't answer my mails I would warn all the collector I know in Internet about his unserious behaviour.

    July 11th 2003: Today arrived the package from Bogushev and to my surprise I found that most of the coasters were FAKES!!!! He printed them on cardboard and cut them with a scissors (not very smart, by the way)!!! You know, after scanning so many coasters, I know something about photo programms and I can recognized if something is real or a copy. The quality of printing is not so good. At first I thought to myself: in some countries they don't have the tools (programms, printers, etc, I mean the professional printers who make this work) to make good quality coasters, so it is possible that the quality of these coasters isn't good. But I compared some of them with other coasters from the same breweries that I have, and I realized that they are complety different in quality. Two of the coasters have more or less the same colour, (although in the scans that he sent they had different colours) as when a cartridge is almost used up and they don't print in the expected colour. I assume the yellow cartridge was used up. Have a look please at the scan attached. I can see in some of them which have 2-sides, that they are really two cardboards which were pasted together. It is also possible to see that they were scanned, because some of them have scratches from the use and if you look (againt the light) at the surface of an original coaster which have scratches, you see the scratchs on the surface and you can also feel them with the finger. In these coasters which have scratches, the surface is smooth. What I have yet discovered! I assume he doesn't have self the coaster from Uzbekistan: he has also a COPY in his collection. How did I realized? He sent the scan from this coaster alone (other coasters he has scanned together, 6 x page and it's possible to see clear the surface over which they are placed). I compared the scan from Bogushev with the coaster in the homepage from Renata Gorska: IT'S THE SAME!!!! This man cheats himself!!!!!!

    Another proof that THIS IS THE FIRST PACKAGE that he sent and NO FIRST PACKAGE was sent and lost and NO SECOND PACKAGE was sent or lost: he included the stamps from my package inside. If he had sent a first package, he would have sent the stamps with it, don't you think so?

    So, that's only a warning to all of you partner-collectors (with some of you I have already made exchanges): be careful with Bogushev and if you have already exchanged with him, have a look at the coasters you received to see if they are real ones or copies.
    And if you happen to receive faked coasters or know from people who have also received them, let other collectors know about it. Denounce the faker. It's the only way to stop faking or in a short time a lot of fake material will be going around all over the world.
    Let's try together to get rid of these unserious people who think that because we cannot look at them in the face they can cheat others. (added august 2003)

Accused by Manuel Settgast

  • Portugal - Manuel Josй Da Conceiзгo Amaral - manuel.amaral@netc.pt

    Manuel wrote: Iґve send some caps to Manuel Amaral from Portugal. After a long time he said that he will send some caps back. But he never did. After asking him he said that he never got caps from me. (added september 2003)

    June 2004 I got an email from Manuel and it seems that he has a new email: mjamaral@netvisao.pt

Accused by Jurgen Van den Broeck

  • Brazil - Augusto Herkenhoff - herkguim@ig.com.br

    Jurgen wrote: Augusto Herkenhoff contacted me, asking for an exchange of 80 beercoasters. I agreed, but as I usually do when people contact me first, I wait for their parcel before sending my package in return. Luckily I did this and waited. When his parcel arrived, which was badly packed and torn (many beercoasters damaged), there were only 65 beercoasters with many, many doubles (only 18 different ones). Why doesn't one pack their beercoasters safe but most of all, why does one try to cheat collegue-collectors. Honesty makes friends!! (added november 2003)

Accused by Bob Burr

  • Russia - Michail Sautkin - utan70@yandex.ru

    Bob wrote: On November 9, I received the note below from him and based on an exchange of scans, we agreed on a trade of 269 crowns. He had individual scans of all of his traders. I sent him my crowns on November 21. He said he would mail his the same week. I never received the crowns and he has not responded to multiple e-mails. When negotiating the trade, he was very quick to respond.
    Michail wrote to Bob: I'm a beer caps (crown) collector from Russia. My name is Michail Sautkin.
    If you want you can swap with me. I can send crowns from Russia and Ukraina and ex-USSR country to you.
    My address is: Sautkin Michail, Meditsinskaya st. 10 -10, Nizhny Novgorod, 603104 Russia (added januari 2004)

Note from Jan's Beer Pages : Looking through the blacklist I found out that there are more emailadresses from *@yandrex.ru. It might be a coincidence but utan70@yandex.ru, beer70@yandex.ru and mischa2@yandex.ru all looks the same and the first name of all these persons are also almost the same: Michael, Michail and Mikhail. Are these aliasses from one and the same person???

Only 2 days after I had put Michail Sautkin on the black list I got two emails from people who also has been cheated by him. Here they are:

Jan Ruess wrote:
I was cheated by a "collector" of crown caps. Please add my accusation to your list (his name is already there - unfortunaltly I didn't look at the list before sending him caps): Michail Sautkin, Meditsinskaya st. 10-10, Nizhny Novgorod, 603104, Russia. Email: utan70@yandex.ru.
I sent him 800 caps and he never sent anything in return and doesn't answer to my mails, although he was very quick to answer when arranging the trade (he even sent scans).

Ludmil Fotev wrote:
for the black list's last new supply (mihail sautkin) here's a copy of my last mail to him (from today). All the circumstances of the last new supply for him are similar in my case too. So, I've sent the text in russian, with a copy of the accusation from here. I think is better place just now and just here a copy of my mail, because some of your readers can understand russian. All my apologies for my grammatical errors both in english and russian - sorry, my first languages are bulgarian, french and spanish.
here's the copy of my last mail to mihail sautkin:
Дорогой Михаил

Надеюс что появления вашего имени в черном листе коллекционеров случайно и мои пробки прийдут в ближним днем
Если сможете послат мне скан разписки от почтамта для посилки моих пробок, ето может помоч мне писат о вашем виключения из черной листи
Надеюс, что ето и будет
Но, ето будет втором разе в моем жизни, если я ошибся в колега коллекционера, болше никакого подобного не найдете ни в Европе, ни в Росии, ни в Америках
Если не увидели, ето и обвинении для вас
Повторяю, надеюс, что ето ошибка
Но обстоятелства, как и сроки, так и штуки, подозрително напоминают о моем случае
Все председатели клубов колекционеров в Италии, Нидерландии, Германии, России мои личние знакомие и все специализированние издания будут поместит переводи от писма американского колекционера и моего потверждения /или надеюс - опровержения/
Читайте сам
Надеюс отговора в ближейшем времени

The next day another one from Rich Pav. He wrote:
I also have been ripped off by Michail Sautkin. He got over 500 caps from me. We used scans and picked out the caps we both wanted. It has been 4 months and he doesn't even answer his email any more.

Two weeks later I got the next email from Russia:
Hi Jan!
I'm breweriania collector from Russia (St. Peterbourg). My name is Dmitry Samoilov. Recently has seen on your page in black list a name Michail Sautkin (beer collector). I was familiar with it. To it there were 62 years. I want to inform, that it has died more 2 months ago.
I regret. Dmitry.

Of course, I contacted the accusers and they all were sceptic. Is not it Micheal himself who wrote the email. Bob, Ludmil and I agreed to put the email from 'Dmitry' on the site.
One week later Rich contacted me and wrote that he thinks the information in the mail from 'Dmitry' is not correct, because at the supposed time of death he was actively looking at Michails scans. He certainly is not sure who this Dmitry is but he does think he isn't telling us the truth.

May 16th I got the next email from Nikolai Nikolov:
I am not the only one,who has been cheated by Michail Sautkin (utan70@yandex.ru). Some months ago he contacted me,and he wanted to trade.After we decided how many caps we would exchange,I sent him the parcel(with 90 caps).I have sent him some mails after that,but there is no answer.

It becomes stranger now. Is he trying to exchange from 'above', now he seemed to have been passed away??

On March 28th 2005 I got a mail from Tino Nadler and he wrote:
An info for your black list! I also trade with Michael Sautkin in Russia and I sent him in August 2003 a big parcel with 700 different caps included 80 Exotics. I never received his and he is a very cheat collector and donґt answer of Emails. I recommend all collectors never trade with Michael Sautkin.

Accused by Danilo Scalia

  • Australia - Phil Black - philblack387@hotmail.com
    6 Mattner Square Lockridge, 6054 WESTERN AUSTRALIA, AUSTRALIA
    Danilo wrote: I have sent him 9 months ago more than 50 Guinness coasters for the same number of Oceania coasters, but I haven't received anything back. It's more than 4 months that he doesn't reply to my emails. (added march 2004)

    On march 28th I got the next mail from Bill Atwell:

    Hi Jan,
    I live at 6 Mattner Square, Lockridge, Western Australia. I want to get something absolutely straightened out, you might say that I am very angry at the moment.
    On your "blacklist" page there is a "Rogue Collector" mentioned his name is Phil Black. He has not only stolen Guinness Beer Mats but he has also 'deceived' many beer label collectors, I know this because he used my home address to do it.
    Phil Black was at one time a neighbor and good friend of mine. When I first met Mr. Black several years ago he collected Whiskey and Rum bottle labels only, and I made the mistake of introducing him to beer bottle labels. I also helped get him started by giving him a shoe box full of beer labels from Europe and other countries of the world and I also helped him place an Ad on one of the beer collectors websites to enable him to find trading partners and as far as I know he did find a couple of friends abroad to trade labels with.
    At this time my wife and I worked all day long from 6am until 6pm and we put our trust and faith in Mr. Black to collect our mail for us. I was told by other neighbors that he also collected Parcels from my home.
    When I realised what he was doing I confronted him and arguments started and after a number of months he moved away to Townsville in Queensland.
    Jan, I do not know how long Mr. Black was doing this for but I do believe he has upset many collectors out there. And because he used my home address I find it extremely hard to find myself any trading partners once I disclose my address to them, so he has almost ruined my hobby for me. Almost each day I receive abusive emails from collectors wanting my blood and accusing me of actually being him.
    If you could please note that I have myself tracked down Mr. Black and his address is as follows :
    Phil Black
    9 Pine Boulevard
    Port Wakefield 5550

    I do not know of an email address for him but I will be in touch with you if I find out, he may be using the same email address he has always used philblack387@hotmail.com .
    I hope that this information will be passed on to other collectors not only for the collectors sake but so I can continue to enjoy my hobby.
    Bill Attwell, Australia.

    On april 14th I got an email from Luca Pezzato who wrote:
    Hello Jan,
    I've seen your last message of 28/03 from Bill Atwell.
    I was been the last victim of Phil Black infact many weeks ago I sent him different and quite rare exotic coasters and after he received my parcel he wrote me that it was all a great fraud.
    Please note this person is called also Trevor Moore and his email-addressess are: label@ausi.com or labcoaster@hotmail.com .
    He told me that his real address is: 9 Pine Boulevard Port Wakefield 5550 SOUTH AUSTRALIA so I and Bill are speaking about the same person.

    On june 14th I got an email from Umit Ugur who wrote:
    Hello Jan,
    Back in May I warned you about a Western Australian label collector named Barry Hall and most of you replied back saying that you believed Phil Black, Bill Attwell and Barry Hall were all the same person. Well, you were right. They were all the same person. He admitted it.
    After I sent my 5 tough labels (3xNorth Korea, 1 each Iraq and Monaco labels) to Barry Hall, he disappeared. About 3-4 weeks later my labels were put on auction on eBay by Bill Attwell, one label every week. I waited until the last label was auctioned and confronted by sending an e-mail to him. He responded back admitting that he was the one and apologised (both e-mails are below).
    In the past some collectors accused Bill Atwell that he was also Phil Black. He denied by saying that Phil Black was his friend who was using his address. Now we know that they are all the same person. I let the Victorian Beer Label Collectors Society know about this guy.
    Bill Atwell is obviously a disturbed person. He may strike again later on hiding behind a different name.
    Be very careful who you deal with and please distribute to other collectors you know.

    The emails are: From: "Umit Ugur"
    To: "bilattwell"
    Bill (aka Barry Hall, Phil Black),
    How can you explain the 5 tough labels (3xNorth Korea, 1 each Iraq and Monaco labels) I sent to that lowly character, con-man Barry Hall ended up with you? I noticed that you put these labels up for auction one by one hoping that I wouldn't notice it. You can't say that it is a coincidence as we are talking about not 1 but 5 labels, not ordinary labels but tough labels. Especially one of the North Korean labels you auctioned has the same nick on the side as mine. I started to suspect Barry Hall was you when you sent me a warning message after I sent the labels to him and my suspicion was deepened when you didn't want me to pursue the matter with police. I now know that Barry Hall was you.
    I have seen your name in at least two black lists prepared by European collectors. In the past I have received numerous e-mails from overseas collectors asking about you and Phil Black, claiming that they are the same person. Lately when I warned them about Barry Hall, they all responded back saying that they believed Bill Atwell, Phil Black and Barry Hall are the same person. I have read your pathetic excuses that Phil Black was not you but your friend using your e-mail and home address etc.
    It is a pity that we have characters like you among fellow label collectors, bringing shame to Australian collectors.

    Umur got back the next mail:

    From: "Bill Attwell"
    To: "Umit Ugur"
    All I can say about this is that I am totally ashamed of my actions. I am resigning from the vblcs. I have never thought what I did was right and never really felt good about it. I no longer collect labels and I have not done for a while for obvious reasons.
    All I can do is offer you my most sincere apologies Umit. I cannot offer any legitimate excuses for what I have done.

Accused by Han Oldemenger

  • Moldavia - Vladimir Popovschi - vova23@mail.ru He also use as an Alias: Vova Wilkes - vova2303@mail.ru

    Han wrote: Vladimir Popovschi lives in Chisinau, Moldavia. In januari I sent him 302 caps he selected from my scans. He hasn't send back the promised caps to me. I have asked him about 10 times to sent me the caps or to give a reaction on my mails I sent every 2 weeks, but he never give a reaction. So don't trade with this person !!!!! (added july 2004)

    October 2004 I got next e-mail from Matjaz Zupan: I found on your black list Vladimir Popovshi from Moldavia. I traded with him (30 caps), than found him on the black list and was worried about my caps. But after 32 days the caps arrived in good condition, there were even some extra caps along.
    Maybe he has bettered his life. If anyone wants to react, please do.

    January 2005 I got next e-mail from Jamal Kashkay: I saw these 2 notes below about Vova Wilkes. I just want to add that I had 1 normal trade with him without a problem.

Accused by Darius Giedraitis

  • Moldavia - Vladimir Popovschi - vova23@mail.ru
    Darius also wrote about Vladimir Popovschi. He never got the coasters he should become.
  • Netherlands - Martijn Burgman - mjburgman@home.nl
    Darius wrote: He is good guy, but says he has no time to send coasters to me from May 2004. (added march 2005)

Accused by Pascal Stark

  • Mercedes Pardo Figueredo - mcdmerche@hotmail.com

    On Feb 9-2004 I have sent Mercedes Pardo Figueredo( C/. Varsovia, 84 Bis, 1є 08041 Barcelona) beercoasters, in april she mailed me she was happy with the coasters. But it's now 2005 and she have never send me coasters back.I have mailed here several times, but no contact. (added march 2005)

Accused by Wolfrid Helio

  • Salah Abraheem - phonecards_fromiraq@yahoo.com

    Be very careful with Saleh Abraheem, he is a con-man.
    Last year in October he sent me an e-mail and offered me 2 Iraqi labels for $1.00 and asked me to send him $50.00 for 100 Iraqi labels. I've got a bit suspicious, however I wanted to take a risk and sent him $15.00 with a registered letter for 30 Iraqi labels (with his agreement of course).
    I didn't hear from him for a while and a month later I questioned about the money and labels. He responded back (in early November) saying that he received the money and he'd send the labels. I've sent him many messages asking about the labels and finally in February this year I received an envelope from him. However instead of 30 Iraqi labels there were 28 common German labels and very bad photocopies of 2 Iraqi labels. I've sent him a message complaining about the labels and asked my money back. I haven't heard from him since then. (added may 2005)
    In October I got a mail from Guiseppe di vincenzo and he wrote:
    Dear Jan, I'm a label- and coaster-collector from italy. I'm sorry but I would like to warn other persons for Salah Abraheem. I have sent him 5 euro to received some beermaterials from Iraq, but till today 11-10-2005 I received only copies of labels by internet. Incredible but this is reality. (added october 2005)

Accused by Julio Cesar Aguirre Gutierrez

  • Pablo Tornatore - losmostrodj@hotmail.com

    There's an Argentine collector who's name is Pablo Tornatore. Several months ago I sent him 12 bolivian empty beer cans and I never got the cans he promissed me. It's a shame that such a person can be a real rip off, I trusted him. Other collectors please be aware of this Argentine bastard. (added october 2005)

Accused by Vegard Johannessen

  • Mindaugas Maminskasi - m.maminskas@centras.lt

    November 2005 I agreed with caps-collector Mindaugas Maminskas to swap 46 caps. I sent mine but never got any from him and he has since not answered my e-mails. Something might have happened to him, but anyway this might be information of interest to other collectors.
    His address is:
    Zvaigzdziu 18-13, LT-5300 Panevezys, Lithuania
    (added February 2006)

Accused by Javier Solero

  • Marlon Daniel Silva - venechapas@yahoo.com.ar

    On March 2006 we agreed to trade 250 crowncaps. He chose from my scans and my page 250 caps and he had to send me 250 caps from venezuela. We traded once before and all was ok, so I did not doubt about him. I sent my caps on April 1. I emailed him three or four times and on April 27 he answered me saying that he had been ill with hepatitis and that he was going to send me 300 caps in return. Until today i have not received any caps and I have wrote him 5 emails with no answer. I asked about him in Davide's crowncaps forum and one person emailed me saying that he also had problems in a trade with him.
    His address is:
    Urbanizacion Ricardo Urriera, Sector#2 Avenida#6 Casa#22, (Valencia Edo.Carabobo), Venezuela.
    (added August 2006)

Accused by Peter Berkvens

  • Philip Calvert - pcalvert@nb.sympatico.ca

    October 2005 I send him 3 set caps (96 caps). In return he would sent me the Keiths Canadian Name set (103 caps). He never did. I mailed him every month after that but I never got a reaction. I have been cheated.
    His address is:
    57 Maple Street
    Moncton, NB E1C 6A2
    (added August 2006)

Accused by Andrew Zub

  • Andre Luiz Planinz - planinz@furb.br

    I had send to Andre 50 beer labels in exchange for 20 coasters. He wrote, that he received my parcel and I am still waiting his coasters since October 2006. He does not answer my emails anymore.
    His address is:
    Rua Henrique Probst, 52 Blumenau-SC 89037-670 BRAZIL.
    (added january 2007)

Accused by Matthias Schupfer

  • Julio Cesar Aguirre Gutierrez - surrapo666@hotmail.com
    The same person who accused above Pablo Tornatore. A cheated cheater??
    I would like to bring to your attention Julio Cesar Aguirre Gutierrez, collector of beer cans from Santa Cruz in Bolivia.
    In September 2005 I agreed with him to make a trade (about 60 different bolivian crown caps in exchage of 2 full beer cans). I sent him immediatly the 2 beer cans and he informed me that he received them. He said also he had sent me the crown caps. Until now I didn't received anything. He informed me that the caps returned to him 2 times and he was trying to resend me the parcel again. 2 months ago he said he sent me the caps again but I have received nothing. I think this collector likes to rip off, he is answering every time at my emails but it looks like he is pulling my legs! (added january 2007)

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