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Kleuren TV Philips Overzicht


Philips PAL color TVs:

(in Eindhoven (Netherlands),
"Goya": 26'', "van Gogh": 22'', "Goya Royal": special edition Goya,
old naming: Dxxyzzz/aa with xx=picture size, y=factory, zzz=type, aa=housing type, "K" in
chassis type stands for "Krefeld",
tubes + semiconductors: Valvo)

chassis types:
K4 (AX53-14 (equivalent to RCA Kinescope), delta CRT, 70, circular 21'', prototype, 1965,
K6 (A63-11X, delta CRT, 90, first commercial PAL TV of Philips, 1967, HV triode shunt
K6N (K6 with electronic tuner, 1968)
K7 (A66-120X, delta CRT, 90, 1969)
K7N (improved K7, 1970)
K8 (A66-140X, delta CRT, 110, 1971, derived from K7 with separate HV generator and
horizontal sweep output drive, "Royal" had sensor buttons)
K9 (A66-140X, A66-410X (improved cathode), delta CRT, switching mode power supply, first
fully transistorized PAL TV of Philips, 1973, "Royal" had ultra sonic remote control + VCR time
constant switch)
K9i (improved K9, A66-500X, A66-510X, inline CRT, 1976, "Royal" had ultra sonic remote
control + voltage synthesized tuning (no PLL) + on-screen display)
K12 (A66-510X, inline CRT, cutoff regulation, 1978, "Royal" had frequency synthesized tuner
K12i (improved K12, A66-540X (inproved gun, self convergent, but often not so reliable as
A66-510X), inline CRT, 1979)
K12z (improved K12i, fully isolated from mains, baseband video I/O, 1981, "Royal" was stereo
K30 (A66-540X, inline CRT, 1982)
K35 (A66-540X, inline CRT, 1982)
K40 (A66-540X, inline CRT, 1985)
2A, 2B, 3A, 3B